CBT Licence at portsmouth

Portsmouth CBT Training

Portsmouth, like other cities along the south coast, is a prime location for CBT training.

Whether you're a complete novice or looking to refresh your skills, our comprehensive Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) courses are tailored to suit riders of all levels. Whether you're a daily commuter seeking efficiency or an adventure enthusiast craving open roads, riding a motorbike in Portsmouth promises an unmatched blend of convenience and thrill.

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How Long Is Training for a CBT and What Does It Involve?

Taking a CBT test in Portsmouth typically takes between 6-8 hours. Despite often being referred to as a test, there is in fact no ‘test’ involved, just training and monitoring. At the end of the day if you have trained safely you will be issued with your CBT certificate by your qualified instructor.

The day itself will consist of 5 parts, 4 of these will be off-road. The final part of the day will be road riding where your instructor will monitor you riding safely.

The five parts of CBT training consist of the following parts, in sequence:

Once your trainer is satisfied that you’ve understood the theory and shown the needed practical skills for each section, you continue onto the next section. Then, having completed all five, you’ll receive your CBT certificate to safely and legally ride around Portsmouth. If the instructor feels you were not at a satisfactory level for any of the 5 training sections, you’ll need to book further training on another day.

What’s the Price of a CBT in Portsmouth?

CBT training in Portsmouth currently costs between £145 - £175 depending which RideTo location you choose. 

When deciding the location for your CBT training, it's important to check what's included in the course price. All of our instructors provide motorcycle or scooter hire, but some require you to bring your own motorcycle helmet, jacket and gloves. 

Can I Book Motorcycle Lessons In Portsmouth?

To book motorcycle lessons in Portsmouth you can browse based on price, location and reviews above. Motorcycle lessons, unlike car learner lessons, are not a long arduous process. The first step for most riders would be taking CBT training.

The one-day training will cover essential skills and safety information including basic controls, manoeuvring, and road awareness. However, for riders who are not road confident and would like an easy introduction to motorcycling, we also offer Introduction to Motorcycling courses . This is a 2-hour lesson with an instructor to take you through the basics of your motorcycle or scooter. 

For riders with a CBT licence already, looking to gain a full motorcycle licence in Portsmouth, we also offer full licence courses locally.

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