Portsmouth CBT Training

Portsmouth despite being a busy and bustling city, it offers many great CBT Training locations. Before jumping on one of the many dual carriageways, hone your skills on quiet residential roads. To get the basics for your CBT training we recommend Gosport or Wickham if you are situated in the North of the city.

We would recommend ensuring that you avoid the centre of town around Gunwharf Quays and building up to heading straight to the nucleus of the city. If you are looking to buy straight away, look no further, 10 motorcycles you can ride on a CBT licence. Remember: RideTo prices all include insurance and bike and helmet hire.

If you are looking to get your journey onto two wheels started, then commence with booking your CBT training near you today, click below or input your postcode above:

What Is A CBT Test In Portsmouth?

Taking a CBT test in Portsmouth couldn't be easier, a CBT Test takes between 6-8 hours on one day. At the end of the day if your instructor believes that you are safe to ride the roads of the UK, you will be issued with your CBT certificate.

A CBT Test despite the name doesn't involve any test, it is in fact CBT Training. Although there is no test your DVSA instructor will ensure that you are fully competent to ride the roads of the UK safely with no posing danger to yourself or any other road user.

Can I Book Motorcycle Lessons In Portsmouth?

To book motorcycle lessons in Portsmouth you can book based on price, location and reviews above. Motorcycle lessons unlike car learner lessons are not a long strenuous process. The first step on to two wheels is to take CBT Training.

CBT Training is the starting point for all motorcycle training and you are required to carry a CBT certificate if you plan to ride on two wheels in the UK. Your CBT certificate will allow you to ride up to a 125cc motorcycle or scooter, always displaying L-plate, not carrying a pillion and not going on to motorways.

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