Newcastle CBT Training

Getting on two wheels can seem like a complicated and daunting process, but here at RideTo, we can provide with all the information you need to get on two wheels, and make the process as quick and easy as possible. The first step to getting on two wheels is taking your CBT Training in Newcastle.

What is a CBT?

CBT stands for Compulsory Basic Training, and it’s the minimum level of training you have to complete to legally ride on the UK’s roads. Although you may hear it commonly referred to as the CBT Test, it is in fact CBT Training. You can take your CBT from the age of 16, and all you’ll need is a provisional licence and a valid UK passport. No previous experience on two wheels is necessary.

The training itself is pretty simple, and it only takes a day. The day will start in the classroom, with your fellow students. Your instructor will talk to you about how motorcycles and scooters work, and how to control them. They’ll also Training you on your basic highway code knowledge, and will run through some basic rules of the road. It’s at this point the instructor will kit you out with you equipment for the day as well. Different schools offer different amounts of riding gear, so check if you need to supply anything before hand. You’ll also take a quick eye test.

Once you’ve completed the classroom learning you’ll head out onto the school’s off-road training area. This is where you’ll get your first taste of two wheels. Your instructor will show you how to push your bike around when it is off the stand, and then will teach you how to handle the bike at slow speeds. There will be a number of set routes and maneuvers to perform. Once your instructor is happy you can control your machine in a safe and confident manner, it will be time to head out onto the road.

You will complete the on-road portion of your training with another student, and you’ll take it in turns to ride ahead of the instructor, so you can both be assessed equally. You’ll be out on the road for a minimum of two hours, and your instructor will be looking for you to put into practice what you learnt earlier in the day, and handle your bike in a confident and safe manner.

Once you’ve completed your on-road training, you’ll return to the training school, where you’ll be handed your CBT certificate. No Test. No stress. Simple

Where can I take my CBT Training in Newcastle?

We have a number of of CBT training centres currently located in and around Newcastle. Greenlight Motorcycle Training are a family-run business located in Gateshead, just a short walk from Heworth Interchange, and just off the A184. They have a good range of 50cc automatic scooters, and 125cc bikes available for you to use during your CBT. Greenlight Motorcycle Training also have another CBT school based in Consett.

Also based in Gateshead, Team Valley Motorcycle Training pride themselves in providing exceptional value for money, with experienced and professional instructors. They’re based just off junction 67 of the A1, so they’re easy to get to from the north or south.

Further south, Ace Motorcycle Training are based in Durham and have over 20 years experience providing motorcycle training to new riders. Since they’re based away from Newcastle, the roads are quieter, and much more suited to new riders.

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