CBT Licence at durham

Durham CBT Training

Take your motorcycle training in Durham, with the essential CBT licence that is required to ride in the UK. Book your CBT Training in Durham within minutes and test out your new skills by the end of the week.

Where is CBT Training in Durham?

CBT Training in Durham can be found North of the city centre past Aykley Heads in the Eldis Business Park. When you hit the road at the end of your CBT course you will practice your road riding skills around Pity Me, Framwellgate Moor, Brasside, Witton Gilbert, Kimblesworth and more.

How much does a CBT cost in Durham?

CBT Training cost in Durham City Centre is £130 which includes everything you need on the day; bike and helmet hire, insurance and your instructor fees. Alternatively, in Bishop Auckland the training cost is £100.

Training costs for motorcycle training range in prices across the UK from £90 to £160, this is due to differing overhead costs for the instructor, such as rental, staff and equipment costs. Every Durham and Newcastle based school is of the highest quality and inspected by RideTo.

What is a CBT Test in Durham?

A CBT is often referred to as a Test, however a CBT is not a Test, it is Compulsory Basic Training. This training takes between 6-8 hours on one day and is the legal requirement set by the DVSA to ride up to a 125cc moped or motorcycle.

What Happens on the Day of Your CBT Training in Durham?

On the day of your training for your CBT bike licence you will arrive early in the morning, ready for your full day of training, which consists of 5 parts. The 5 parts of a CBT have to be taken in order and if the instructors believes that you do not meet the minimum requirement for one of the parts you may be asked to come back for some further training.

The first 4 parts of the day are taken off-road, so that the student can get used to riding a motorcycle in a safe environment. These consist of some very basic eye checks before moving onto practicing maneuvers such as turning, U-Turns and emergency stops.

The final part of your day will be a 2 hour road ride where you will be able to showcase your safe riding on the roads. The top tip here is to ensure that your knowledge of the highway code is of a good standard.

Following the completion of all 5 parts of the day you will be issued a CBT certificate, assuming that the instructor believes that you are safe to ride the roads, not endangering yourself or any other road user in and around the surrounding areas of Durham.

What Bike Can I Ride on a CBT Licence?

Once you have completed your CBT licence you will be able to ride up to a 125cc moped or motorcycle with a few restrictions. These are always riding with L plates, not carrying passengers and not going on the motorway.

If you are interested in pursuing getting these restrictions lifted then you will need to train for your full motorcycle licence. Depending on your age this will be either an A1 licence, A2 licence or full A licence.

Following your CBT licence you will need to take a theory test which is similar to the car licence theory test where you take a multiple choice and a hazard perception test. Following this you can take your full motorcycle training that typically takes between 5-7 days worth of training.

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