CBT Licence at heathrow

Heathrow CBT Training

Taking your CBT Training in Heathrow is where you will find first class locations to take your first steps onto two wheels. CBT Training consists of 5 parts and what is a CBT Test is a question often asked. The CBT is in fact training not a test, taking between 6-8 hours on one day, you will be able to learn the basics of getting on two wheels and driving safely around the surrounding areas of Heathrow and the UK. CBT Training requires a good knowledge of the highway code and a provisional or full driving licence.

CBT Training in Heathrow can be found in Feltham where two excellent RideTo partner locations can be found, one on the North side of the town centre and the other on the South East towards Twickenham. These locations in West London, with a mixture of busy main roads, quiet residential streets and roundabouts to perfect your skills on two wheels and excel in your CBT Training.

Alternatively, further East, CBT Training location Richmond, is a London favourite, being one of the largest schools in the area and beautiful suburban roads to view whilst learning to ride.

What Does The CBT Training Course Involve?

The Motorcycle CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) course is a one-day training session that covers the basics of riding a motorcycle or moped. Here's a quick rundown of what it involves:

  1. Introduction and Eyesight Check: Brief overview and an eyesight test to make sure you can read number plates from a distance.
  2. Elementary Motorcycle Skills: Learn the controls, basic maintenance, and how to mount and dismount the bike.
  3. Off-Road Training: Practice essential skills like clutch control, turning, and emergency stops in a controlled, off-road area.
  4. Road Safety Briefing: Covers the Highway Code, road signs, and safe riding techniques. Discusses potential hazards and how to handle them.
  5. On-Road Experience: A supervised ride on public roads for at least two hours to apply what you've learned.

After completing these modules successfully, you get a CBT certificate, allowing you to ride mopeds or motorcycles up to 125cc. And there you go, you're set to hit the road!

How Much Does Motorcycle CBT Training in Heathrow Cost?

Motorcycle CBT Training course prices in the Heathrow area range from around £140 to £185. Prices can vary based on the training school, whether equipment like helmets and gloves are provided, and if one-on-one training is offered. Check our locations above for the most current rates and what's included in the fee

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