CBT Licence at halesowen

CBT Training Halesowen

Passing your CBT training in Halesowen is simple, we have a number of motorcycle training sites all around the area in Dudley, Cradley Heath, Tipton and Wednesbury.

A CBT test takes a day to complete and although it is called a ‘test’ it is essentially just a motorcycle lesson that lasts a full day consisting of 5 ‘elements’. Element A consists of an introduction to riding a motorbike and an eye test to check you can read road signs at an acceptable distance.

Element B is onsite motorcycle training where you learn the various controls on a motorcycle and how to use them in depth. During Element C you will hop on a bike and will be taught all of the practical skills needed to ride a motorbike such as using both brakes and carrying out U-turns.

Element D is based on the road where you will be taught all the best practices for on road riding and staying safe and visible. The final element of your CBT test will be you demonstrating your ability to ride safely on the road in front of your instructor. If they are happy that you are safe to ride and have understood how to control the bike confidently, they will issue you with a certificate to say you have passed your CBT training and you are then legally able to ride a scooter or motorbike in the UK between 50-125 cc depending on your age.

Cost of a CBT in Halesowen

CBT training prices in Halesowen vary depending on the motorcycle training location however you will be looking to pay between £120 and £130 for a full day motorbike lesson.

Delivery Driver Jobs in Halesowen

If you are looking to pass your CBT test in order to get a delivery job near Halesowen, check out our RideTo jobs board for job positions with well known and local companies.

What motorbike can I ride on a CBT?

If you are booking your CBT test in Halesown, once you have passed you will be able to ride the following type of moped, scooter or motorbike, based on your age.

Limitations and restrictions of a CBT

If you plan to only ever complete a CBT, you will need to renew your motorcycle training every 2 years by completing the full day of training again as the CBT certificate you get after your first CBT training is only valid for 2 years. If you don’t renew you won’t be legal to ride a motorbike on the road anymore after the 2 years are up. You can, at any point after passing your CBT training, upgrade to a full motorcycle licence and then you will never have a motorcycle lesson again.

The restrictions of a CBT, mean you will have to legally display L-plates on your scooter or motorbike at all times. You also won’t be able to drive on motorways and you won’t be allowed to take any passengers on the back of your bike.

Driving a motorbike in Halesowen

Being able to ride a motorbike will give you so much freedom for travelling around the West Midlands. A motorbike will mean you can easily commute into Birimingham, Wolverhampton, Dudley or Redditch avoiding crowded, expensive public transport.

You can also go exploring in your free time to see what the local area offers and it will allow you to find hidden gems you wouldn’t be able to reach by train or bus or get into town and city centres with ease.

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