CBT Licence at derby

Motorbike Lessons in Derby

If you are wanting to learn to ride a motorbike, you’ve come to the right place!

First things first, you will need to pass a CBT. This will enable you to ride a 50-125cc Scooter or Motorbike, age permitting. Check out our infographic of UK licences and laws to find out what you can ride.

If you later want to progress into riding a more powerful bike, ride without a L plate, take a passenger on the back, or ride on motorways you will need to complete a Full Licence motorbike course.

Taking motorbike lessons in Derby or Derbyshire is a great idea as our RideTo CBT Training locations cover the following locations: Alfreton, Ambergate, Belper, Chesterfield, Derby, Duffield, Hulland Ward, Milford, Riddings, Ripley, Mansfield and Matlock.

The closest CBT Training site to Derby city centre is the MCIAC approved Shires Motorcycle Training on the outskirts of Spondon. However, depending on exactly where you are based another great option is LDC Falcon Motorcycle Training in Burton-On-Trent or Shires’ other training site in Long Eaton.

Riding A Motorbike Around Burton Upon Trent

Being so centrally located in the UK, Derby and Burton Upon Trent are great locations to take day trips from on your motorbike.

Once you pass your CBT why not ride to Nottingham which is only 30-40 minutes away or Loughborough which is about a 45 minute ride from Derby.

Just remember that you can’t ride on motorways with a CBT, so be sure to take only A roads or smaller on all of your journeys!

What Actually Is A CBT?

At RideTo, we get a number of queries about CBT Training, we answer a number of these in our blog. Popular blogs that you might find useful include, what is a CBT, how much does it cost to ride a motorcycle and can you take a CBT?

Don't get confused, CBT Training is the first stage of practical motorcycle training when learning to ride a motorcycle. It stands for Compulsory Basic Training and it is technically not a test but a day of instruction with the end goal of making you safe on a motorcycle on the road.

If you do happen to shows signs of being unsafe when controlling a scooter/motorbike or being unsafe when out of the road, your instructor may ask you to come back for an additional day of training. This is to protect yourself and others using the road.

To prevent this from happening make sure you know the Highway Code and how to navigate around Roundabouts, understand Traffic lights and the basic controls on a motorbike before your day of training.

Worried About Failing Your CBT Training?

If you feel like it may take you longer than a day to pass your CBT, look into purchasing our Peace of Mind Policy. It only costs £29.99 and means, should you require further training due to not mastering how to control the bike or completing exercises to the required standard, RideTo will pay for your second day!

This could save you over £130! Giving you peace of mind and helping you to feel relaxed during your motorcycle training without any pressure to master it all in one day.

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