CBT Licence at chichester

Where can I Do CBT Training Near Chichester?

We have a great selection of schools to choose from across the country. The nearest schools to Chichester would be Bognor Regis, Emsworth, Portsmouth, Gosport or Wickham.

Can I Fail CBT Training?

Put simply, No. This is because a CBT isnt exactly a test. That being said the whole idea of the training is to ensure you’re safe enough to get out on the road by yourself. So if the instructor feels you are unable to demonstrate what you have learnt throughout the day then they may decide to end your training early and as that you come back for a further day of CBT training.

What Can I Ride Once I’ve Passed?

Depending on your age you will be able to ride either a 50cc or 125cc machine. Check out our blog on Laws and Licences to get a ful break down on what you can or cannot ride.

A lot of the main manufacturers have recently be turning their eyes to the smaller capacity market so there are plenty of options out there not matter your style or budget. If you’re stuck for ideas have a read through our blog, ‘Top 10 Motorcycles for New Riders - 50cc -125cc.

We always recommend heading out and testing riding the bike you have your sights set on. Try test try as many bikes as you can to really get a good feel for what suits you and what you feel comfortable on.

Buying a second hand bike can be a little more tricky especially if you dont have much knowledge about bikes. To help arm you with some knowledge, you may want to read our guide on Buying a Second Hand Motorcycle or Scooter.

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