CBT Licence at chester

CBT Training Chester

CBT Training in Chester is the first part of your motorcycle journey that you will need to undertake to become legal to ride the roads of the UK. CBT Training takes 1 full day unless you need a second day of training to become safe on the roads in Chester.

You will be able to train in Chester or if you want to train in surrounding areas of Liverpool, Manchester, Stoke then you can book your motorcycle training easily with RideTo.

What can I ride after my CBT?

Following your CBT Training in Chester you will be able to ride up to a 125cc motorcycle or scooter. You will have the following restrictions; you will need to wear L-plates at all points, not ride on motorways or carry pillion passengers.

If you are 16, then you will be able to train and ride a 50cc and then when you are 17 you can ride up to a 125cc. When you do turn 17 you will not need to retake your CBT. However, CBTs do expire every 2 years.

What happens on the day of my CBT Training in Chester?

On the day of your training in Chester that typically takes between 6-8 hours to complete, you will learn the basics of motorcycling and train to a standard to become safe on the roads of the UK. The first 4 parts of the day will be completed off-road in a safe environment away from other road users.

The fifth part of the day is a 2 hour minimum by law road ride that will test all of the skills that you have learnt throughout the day. Following the conclusion of your road ride the instructor will issue you with your CBT certificate assuming that you have trained safely and will be able to ride solo with no danger to yourself or anyone else out on the roads.

What equipment do I need for the CBT?

All RideTo prices include bike and helmet hire and everything that you will need for you CBT. You will not need to worry about buying you own motorbike prior to your CBT and it's actually best to wait after your CBT Training before looking at the different options available to you.

On the day you will be required to wear thick trousers such as jeans and sturdy boots that cover your ankles and don't have steal toe caps in them.

Remember to check the weather forecast on the day of your CBT Training so that the Chester weather doesn't catch you out. Wind chill and rain will make your day out on the roads less fun than if you come prepared. No specific jacket is required however look for something that will protect you from the elements and any potential fall.

How do I book motorcycle lessons in Chester?

To book motorcycle lessons in Chester you have two options. The first is to book an introduction to motorcycling course. This course is typically 2 to 3 hours pre-CBT that gives new riders a taster of what life on two wheels is all about. Alternatively, you can jump straight into the CBT Training as no prior experience is required.

What is a Chester CBT Test?

CBT Test despite the name does not include any test, in fact CBT Test's are actually CBT Training. However often referred to as a CBT Test do not worry about the difference in name between CBT Training and a CBT Test.

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