CBT Licence at chelmsford

Chelmsford CBT Training

You can learn to ride a moped from the age of 16 or a 125cc scooter or motorbike if you’re 17 or older. All you need to do is complete a one-day training course called a CBT- so what’s stopping you from getting on 2 wheels? RideTo has made it really easy to learn to ride a motorbike in Chelmsford, simply enter your postcode in the search box and find the best CBT training school for you based on location, price, facilities or what gear is included. With a CBT Training centre in Chelmsford in the heart of Essex, learning to ride at Probike will offer you a range of roads to learn on. From busy A-roads such as the A414, A12 and A131, giving essential practice for those looking to travel the county or commute into London, as well as quieter town roads where you will learn to ride with caution around pedestrians, parked cars and buses.

Where To Ride A Motorcycle In Chelmsford

RideTo has a number of popular CBT Training schools in Chelmsford such as Probike in Chelmsford itself, ART Rider Training in Basildon or Pass Bike Motorcycle Training in Rochford, Southend On Sea.

What Type Of Motorbike Can I Ride With A CBT?

For your CBT training, you can learn on either an automatic scooter or a manual 125cc motorbike - the choice is yours!

The good thing is that if you are unsure what you will ride in the future, you can do your training on an automatic scooter and if you complete the training and get your CBT certificate, you can legally still own either an automatic or manual motorbike in the future!

It’s easier to learn on an automatic scooter so we would recommend this option especially if you don’t have any experience of motorcycle riding, however, if you do then decide to buy a manual motorbike in the future we advise taking an additional course when you need to, in order to learn how to change gears safely by attending a ‘Gear Conversion Course’.

Nervous About Motorcycle Lessons?

If you’re feeling nervous about doing a CBT course, where you will have just one day to learn how to ride a motorcycle, we can offer 2 ways to help make you feel more confident.
Firstly you could attend an Introduction to Motorcycling Course, before your CBT Training. This is a 2-hour introduction course where you will be taught the core skills of how to ride a motorbike in a more relaxed way. You won’t be able to ride a motorbike on the road afterwards but you will then hopefully find a CBT less daunting as you will already know some of the basics.
Something else RideTo offers to ease your mind is the Peace of Mind Policy. By paying just £29.99, should you not ‘pass’ your CBT due to safety issues such as not mastering balance, clutch control or steering, we will pay for the second day of training for you - saving you over £140! Learn more about the Peace of Mind Policy today!

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