CBT Licence at basildon

CBT Motorcycle Training in Basildon

Learning to ride in Basildon is one of the most enjoyable places to train for your CBT.

Motorbike lessons in Basildon are instructed by friendly and professional instructors that have years of experience on the roads taking the novice and the advanced trainees to the next level!

With two CBT training centres right in the heart of Basildon it couldn’t be easier to get your CBT certificate!

You could train at one of two sites run by our partner school, Art Rider Training. Their Motorcycle training takes place at either Briscoe Primary School or Holy Cross Playing Fields.

Their fleet of new scooters and motorcycles to train on are some of the nicest ones available in the UK.

Get the gear!

When booking your CBT Training, make sure you check what gear is supplied and what you need to bring yourself (if any) as different locations have different requirements.

Once you pass your motorbike lesson you will be legally allowed to ride a bike upto a 125cc automatic or Manual Scooter or Motorbike (depending on your age).

Why not get one step ahead by buying your motorcycle gear before your training, that way you can wear it to your CBT training day and be ready to get on the roads once you pass and as soon as you have a bike!

Legally, when riding in the UK you must wear a helmet that is of the ECE 22.05 standard.

Key things to remember when buying a helmet is making sure it fits correctly. We have written a helpful guide to help beginner motorcyclists buy the right helmet for their needs (and in the correct size too!).

We also stock a huge range of helmets at the RideTo Store in all styles, colours, patterns and brands. Prices start from just as little as £44.99!

Why You Should Learn to Ride a Motorbike in Basildon

Basildon offers great scope to get experience of riding on the busy dual carriageways such as the A127 and the A13 whilst also offering the quiet residential roads of Langdon Hills, North Benfleet, South Benfleet, Fobbing, Herongate and Crays Hill.

These popular areas for CBT Training allow the beginner rider lessons to be taken out in a relaxed environment to ensure that no unnecessary pressure is put on the trainee whilst undertaking CBT Training.

If you want to get to grips with the different parts of the CBT to prepare yourself before your training day, read our blog post that outlines the 5 parts of a CBT.

...and if you still haven’t booked yet - what are you waiting for?? Book CBT training in Basildon now by entering your postcode at the top of this page!

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