CBT Licence at canterbury

Canterbury CBT Training

Want to learn to ride a moped or motorcycle safely on Canterbury's roads? Our CBT training courses in Canterbury and surrounding Kent towns will equip you with everything you need to get started. No matter your experience level, our friendly and qualified instructors will guide you through every step of the process, from mastering essential manoeuvres to navigating real-world traffic situations with confidence. 

Booking a CBT

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How Much Does CBT Training Cost in Canterbury?

CBT training in Canterbury starts from £170, but will depend on the location you choose due to varying training ground rental and equipment costs for the trainers. You can be certain you’re getting a good deal with us, as we offer a best price guarantee -  if you find the same course cheaper somewhere else, we'll match it.

What does CBT training involve?

Taking a CBT test in Canterbury typically takes between 6-8 hours, in one day. Despite often being referred to as a test, there is in fact no ‘test’ involved, just training and monitoring. At the end of the day if you have trained safely you will be issued with your CBT certificate by your qualified instructor.

The day itself will consist of 5 parts, 4 of these will be off-road. The final part of the day will be road riding where your instructor will monitor you riding safely.

The five parts of CBT training consist of the following parts, in sequence:

Once your trainer is satisfied that you’ve understood the theory and shown the needed practical skills for each section, you continue onto the next section. Then, having completed all five, you’ll receive your CBT certificate to safely and legally ride around Canterbury. If the instructor feels you were not at a satisfactory level for any of the 5 training sections, you’ll need to book further training on another day.

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