CBT Licence at blackpool

How to Find CBT Training in Blackpool

If you want to find the nearest CBT training centre to Blackpool, you’ve come to the right place! RideTo is a platform that makes booking CBT training quick and easy so you can learn to ride a motorbike in no time and enjoy the freedom 2 wheels has to offer!

All you need to do is enter your postcode in the search bar and RideTo does the hard work for you! If you are located in Blackpool your closest CBT training site will be in Preston, 11 miles away.

The RideTo partner school in Preston is run by Riverview Motorcycle Rider Training and you can find them at Hesketh bank, an hour's drive from Blackpool. A public transport alternative would be to take the train to Preston and then take the number 2 bus towards Southport followed by a 30-minute walk.

Another CBT training school near Blackpool is Practical Bike Training in Morecambe, Lancaster which actually takes less time to get to via car or public transport than Riverview despite technically being further away!

Whatever school and route you choose to take to get to your CBT training, make sure you plan in advance and allow time for any holds up as you cannot join in late to a CBT training course once it has started- latecomers will have to book another course and pay again.

Price of CBT Training in Blackpool

The closest CBT training sites to Blackpool will cost you around £160 - £185 to attend, or £150 if you are willing to travel further afield to Birkenhead. At the end of the course, if your instructor thinks you are a safe rider, they will issue you with a certificate and you are then legally allowed to ride on roads in the UK.

What bike you can ride depends on your age, check out our useful infographic about motorcycle laws and licences.

How to Pass CBT Training

There are multiple stages of a CBT course and although it’s not technically a test, you will need to prove you can ride safely at each stage to progress onto the next.

Firstly you will need to pass an eyesight test, so make sure you bring glasses or contact lenses if you need them to see well.

You will then spend a while being taught how a motorcycle works, what the controls do and how to safely move and park a bike.

Next will be learning how to ride around obstacles marked out with traffic cones and you will master how to use the clutch and change gears (if learning on a manual 125cc motorbike).

There's lots of time for you to practice until you feel comfortable and confident with controlling a motorcycle, so take your time.

Road riding theory is covered next, you will be shown diagrams of where to position yourself on the road alongside other traffic.

Good knowledge of The Highway Code is essential before you attend your CBT training as this can’t all be covered in just one day of training.

Afterwards you will be taken out onto the roads for a 2 hour road ride. During this time your instructor will ride behind you checking you are riding safely and complying with the rules of the road. If the instructor is satisfied with your riding skills they will ‘pass’ you.

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