CBT Licence at aberdeen

How to book your CBT Training in Aberdeen

Booking CBT Training in Aberdeen couldn’t be easier, we have a brilliant motorcycle training site for you to get your CBT licence. The closest CBT training location to Aberdeen is based in Stirling. After getting booked in we will send you confirmation for your CBT training and you’ll be riding around in no time on one of the top 50cc motorcycles or if you can’t decide which moped, scooter or motorcycle, 50cc vs 125 to get then take your time and make sure that you remember to get insurance.

Motorcycle lessons in Aberdeen cost from £120. To get riding you do not need motorcycle lessons like you would with a driving licence for a car. You are able to take CBT Training straight away with no prior experience of two wheels. If you are unsure about taking your CBT Training straight away then you are able to take an introductory to motorcycling course.

What is a CBT Test?

A CBT Test is not actually a test, it is in fact training. CBT Training takes between 6-8 hours on one day. At the end of your training if you have trained safely you will be able to legally ride the roads of the UK.

Motorcycle Training in Aberdeen

Known as ‘The Granite City’ Aberdeen is the third largest city in Scotland by population and since the early 70’s has been the offshore oil capital of Europe. Aberdeen also offers a great deal as a location for your CBT Training. The coastal town has a very varied road network with lots of quiet streets for you to get your first taste of riding on the road. But lets not forget that it's also a bustling city which will offer you the experience of riding on bigger busier carriageways. You are also blessed with some very scenic countryside surrounding the City in which to broaden your experience. Aberdeen like many coastal towns does have unpredictable weather conditions, which will prepare for whatever mother nature can throw at you.

Once you’ve passed your test you can explore the beautiful countryside surrounding Aberdeen. The A97 which meanders up the coast past Balmedie Beach and on to Slains Castle and beyond is a fantastic stretch of road. Or maybe a little adventure into the Cairngorms with a scenic ride to Braemar via Balmoral Castle. Once you’ve built up some experience, the starting point for one of the best riding routes in the UK is only a couple of hours away. Inverness is the gateway to the North Coast 500, which has to be on every motorcyclists bucket list.

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