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Finding A CBT Bike Test Near Me In Sutton

If you live in Sutton you are lucky to have a CBT test centre pretty much on your doorstep, just up the road in Worcester Park.

The RideTo partner school based here is called Bikewize Motorcycle Training and they offer CBT tests 7 days a week with a team of fully accredited and DVSA approved instructors.

A CBT test only takes one day to complete which is no doubt good to hear - especially if you require a CBT for a job opportunity!

Check the availability of your local test centres by entering your postcode above. If the closest school doesn’t have availability on the day you want to train, there’s bound to be another CBT test centre in London that can fit you in if you are willing to travel slightly further afield.

Cost Of A CBT In Sutton, South London

Depending on which training school you choose to complete your CBT at, prices of CBTs in South London are between £140 and £180.

What Happens During A CBT Test?

A CBT test can be split into 5 different elements, learn more about a CBT test on our course page.

The start of your training day will consist of a brief introduction from your instructor, who will then ask you to complete an eyesight test.

If you cannot read a registration plate with or without glasses/contact lenses from 20.5 metres away you sadly won’t be able to continue with your CBT test.

If you have any concerns that your eyesight might not be good enough we would recommend booking yourself in for an eye test at a local opticians before booking a CBT test rather than risk failing the eyesight test!

The on-site training element of a CBT test is when your instructor will demonstrate how a motorcycle works. This includes showing you how to move, park and control a bike as well as checking the vehicle is in working order and how to maintain it.

Next is on-site riding, where you will use the pad at the training ground to practice everything you have just been taught, you will have lots of time for this so don’t rush yourself.

The following element is where you will be taught how to take these riding skills onto the roads and you will be shown lots of diagrams indicating what you should do in different scenarios involving other traffic and pedestrians.

The final element of a CBT test is the 2 hour road ride. Via an earpiece, your instructor will tell you where to ride and will make sure you are driving in a safe, confident manner.

As long as your instructor is happy with the skills you have learnt you will be given a CBT certificate at the end of the day enabling you to start riding a scooter or motorbike upto 125cc (or a 50cc moped if you’re 16) just make sure you get insurance sorted first!

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