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If you live in Shoreditch in central London, using a motorbike to get around town is a great way to have freedom, save money and avoid public transport!

Is Riding a Motorbike in Shoreditch Safe?

You might be concerned whether riding a moped, scooter or motorbike in and around London is safe or not but as long as you ride carefully, comply with The Highway Code and stay focused, there’s no reason why it’s not as safe as riding anywhere else in the country.

One of the main things to look out for are buses and taxis (including unmarked ones such as Uber drivers ) who will pull over regularly for passenger stops.

Keeping visible to other road users is also important so wearing high visibility clothing especially at night will help you stand out and be seen...

Safety when riding is not the only thing to think about, you will need to keep your bike safe when it’s parked too. This is really important in London and other cities because theft rates are generally higher.

You could use a cover on your bike to make it less noticeable or/and get a strong reliable lock. We sell lots of different styles of locks on our RideTo Store that suit riders with different safety needs.

You might need a small and light enough lock to carry around with you or one that is used for where you park at home that stays attached to a solid structure that is more sturdy.

Read our full blog post on riding a motorcycle safely in London for more tips.

Finding a CBT in Shoreditch

Shoreditch is surrounded by potential locations to take your CBT test. Located closest to Shoreditch is 1 Stop Instruction who are based in Tottenham at the Frederick Knight Sports Ground.

Other options within 8 miles of Shoreditch are Edventure Rider Limited in Chingford, Off The Kerb in Shepherds Bush or Phoenix Motorcycle Training in Crystal Palace.

Can I Ride a Scooter Without a CBT?

Anyone who passed their driving test before February 1st 2001 can legally ride a moped (not a scooter) that has a 50cc engine. They can also take a passenger on the back and they do not have to display an L plate on their bike.

If you passed your driving test after this date, or are yet to pass it, you have to take a days training course called a CBT in order to ride any vehicle whether it’s a moped, scooter or motorbike.

You also have to display an L plate on your bike and you cannot ride on motorways or take passengers. You will be required to retake the CBT test every 2 years if you want to continue to legally ride on the roads, unless you take further motorcycle training called a full licence.

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