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What Will I Learn During a CBT Test In Redditch?

A CBT test can be split down into 5 parts.

To start your CBT test in Redditch your instructor will give an introduction and check your eyesight is adequate to meet the safety guidelines. They will test this by asking you to read a registration plate at a distance of 20.5 metres. If you need glasses or contact lenses to see well, make sure you bring them with you to your test.

The next section aims to teach you how a motorcycle works and you will learn how to move and park a bike and be given a chance to try it yourself.

Next, you will learn how to safely complete manoeuvres, how to brake and how to use the clutch/change gears, even if you choose to complete your CBT test on an automatic scooter.

You will be back in the classroom for the next section of training where you will be taught the theory behind riding on the road. You are required to already know The Highway Code before your CBT test, however, the instructor will show you motorbike specific diagrams on what to do in different scenarios.

The last section of the training day consists of a 2-hour road ride on the roads of Redditch where you will ride in front of the instructor and they will tell you a route to take via an earpiece. This allows them to check you are a safe and competent rider.

What Happens if I Fail My CBT Test?

Despite often being referred to as a CBT ‘test’ the CBT is just a day of training without any test element to it. At the end of the training day, if you show signs of being unsafe, by either not being able to control the bike or not understanding the rules of the road, the instructor has the right and responsibility to ask you to come back for further training, in order to protect other road users.

If this happens you will need to book and pay for a second course. Usually another 6-8 hours is all someone needs to perfect their skills to ride safely.

If the instructor is concerned you might need even more training they may suggest completing another course first, an ITM which stands for Introduction to motorcycling learn more about this course here.

Worried You Might Not Pass Your CBT Test?

If you are at all worried about not ‘passing’ the first time, especially from a finance point of view, RideTo can help with our Peace of Mind Policy’. For an additional £29.99, you can add this policy to your CBT booking and RideTo will cover the cost of the second day of training.

This could save you up to £130 or more and allows you to stay relaxed during your CBT test knowing we’ve got you covered!

To find out more about the Peace of Mind Policy read the terms and conditions, head to policy guide.

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