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Haywards Heath is a town in West Sussex where learning to ride a motorbike is an absolute no-brainer due to its close proximity to other towns and cities in the surrounding areas.

So whether you’re commuting to Brighton (only 14 miles away), Gatwick (a mere 13 miles away) or want to head into the stunning countryside nearby such as the South Downs, Surrey Hills or Ashdown Forest, two wheels is definitely the way to go!

With a training site located right in the heart of Haywards Heath, it couldn't be easier to train and get riding!

Our partner school, Bikesmart have a CBT test site in Haywards Heath near Sainsbury's, that offers Compulsory Basic Training for anyone over the age of 16. Their friendly, passionate instructors make this a great place to learn to ride.

What Happens During a CBT Bike Test

A CBT test lasts a full day, usually anywhere between 6 to 8 hours depending on the size of the group who are training.

You will need to arrive at 8.15am if training at Bikesmart in Haywards Heath (please note that different CBT locations have different start times!) You will have your paperwork checked by your instructor and there’s time for you to settle in and grab a tea/coffee before the training begins!

If you need to check what paperwork you need to take with you, you can find all the details under the ‘Requirement’s heading on our CBT course page. Once you book a CBT test, your confirmation email will also list these requirements.

The first half of your training will be based at the CBT test centre, some of which will happen in the classroom where you will learn about various motorcycle controls and the principles of how to ride. Training will then move out on the pad where you will get to try out what you have learnt.

The second half of your training is based on how to ride a bike on the roads. Again, initially you will be learning from your instructor in the classroom and then after they have taught you what you need to know, you will take a motorbike out on the roads.

Your instructor will always ride behind you to check you are riding safely and they will direct you on which roads to take via radio communication. This part will last for around 2 hours so you get lots of experience of being on roads alongside other traffic.

If your instructor thinks you have got to grips with riding they will issue you with your CBT certificate and you are then legal to ride up to a 125cc scooter or motorbike on UK roads (depending on your age).

Can I Ride a Motorbike Straight After Passing a CBT Test?

Although you are legally allowed to ride certain scooters/motorbikes after a one day CBT test you will need to make sure you have sorted out the required paperwork for yourself and your chosen bike before you actually start to ride!

For yourself, you will need to get insurance to cover you and other road users in the unlikely event of an accident or theft.

You also need to make sure you are wearing protective motorcycle clothing. Although the only legal requirements are to wear a helmet that complies with UK safety standards (find out more in our helmet guide) we highly recommend you also wear CE rated gloves, sturdy boots that cover your ankles, thick trousers and a weather appropriate jacket.

RideTo sells a wide range of motorcycle gear to keep you protected whilst looking stylish on the roads, so if you need to get kitted out why not visit our online store.

Whether you are riding a family or friends old scooter/motorbike or have just purchased a second hand or new bike, you will need to have it’s VRD (Vehicle Registration Document) updated to your own details.

The bike will also need to be taxed, luckily this only costs £17 a year so shouldn’t break the bank! It also needs to have a valid MOT if it’s over 3 years old.

For more in depth information about the paperwork required take a look at our helpful blog post on UK laws.

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