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Learning to Ride a Motorbike in Devon

Devon is an incredible place to ride around on a motorbike, with stunning countryside and coastal roads throughout the County. Nothing beats experiencing the freedom of driving yourself around on 2 wheels- especially on a sunny day!

If you’re considering learning to ride, we would highly recommend it! All it takes is a one-day training course called CBT test which is the ‘Compulsory Basic Training’ required in the UK to get you on the roads on a 50cc moped, automatic scooter or manual 125cc motorbike.

A CBT test is definitely the quickest way to get on the roads and beats the cost of learning to drive! Other perks of riding a motorbike vs a car is that parking is often free and it’s a lot cheaper and environmentally friendly!

To get your CBT test booked in, in Devon, simply enter your postcode above and find your nearest training centre today!

The two closest training sites are likely to be Triumph Training who are based in Marsh Barton in Exeter or Anthonys Motorcycle Training further South in Exmouth.

How Much Will It Cost Me to Learn to Ride in Devon?

Courses vary between £150 and £175 for a full day of training that lasts between 6-8 hours.

Both of the RideTo partner schools in Devon require you to bring your own kit/ gear with you to your training day, however, a bike will be supplied for you to learn on.

This means you will need to bring a suitable helmet with you to your CBT test that is of ECE 22.05 safety standards - there will be a label on or inside the helmet to show this.

This may be the biggest expense you have when learning to ride, however, you will need to have your own to ride after you pass anyway as they are a legal requirement in the UK. Also, we sell helmets on the RideTo Store from £49.99 so they don’t have to break the bank!

Only borrow a friend or family member's helmet if you can ensure they have been treated well and not dropped at any point.

CE approved gloves are also required for your training which is a cost to factor in. Gloves cost from £24.99 on the RideTo Store and come in a range of styles and colours.

You may already own the other pieces of clothing that are required for your CBT test - such as sturdy boots that cover the ankle, jeans or motorcycle trousers and an outdoor coat that is thick and waterproof for protection. Examples of what is and isn’t accepted can be found in our clothing guide.

Those are all of the potential costs involved in training, however, once you have passed and want to get your own bike you of course have that initial cost, whether you choose to buy new or second hand.

Insurance can then set you back around £500 a year however this price changes dramatically depending on where you live, how expensive your bike is and how you store it (either on private property or on the street).

Other considerations are tax which starts from £21 a year for a 125cc motorbike or scooter and if your bike is over 3 years old, a yearly MOT at around £30.

Can I Fail A CBT Test?

A CBT isn’t actually a test or exam despite often being referred to as one, so therefore you cannot fail.

You can however be asked to come back for further training if your instructor doesn’t think you are safe to be riding after one day of training.

If you think you might need more than one day of training, you may want to consider adding the Peace of Mind Policy to order for an additional £29.99.

If you do need more training, RideTo will cover the cost of your second CBT test which could then save you around £130 and will make your first training day go more smoothly without so much pressure.

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