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Top 10 Electric Motorcycles With Stats


James F · June 18, 2019

Ever wondered if riding an electric bike is any good? Motorcycle companies are ever increasing the amount invested into eco-friendly alternatives to the traditional petrol bikes. After you have taken your CBT training the time to get on two wheels and purchase a motorcycle is super exciting. An electric bike in 2019 is a viable and worthy consideration.

At RideTo we discussed why you should consider an electric motorcycle earlier this year. Below, we have highlighted the top 10 electric bikes you should be riding in 2019. Check out the specs and bikes below. Welcome to the future of riding.

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supersoco ts

The Super Soco TS produced by the Chinese manufacturer offers super-affordable, super-approachable electric commuting. Super Soco offer the bare necessities for commuting with a naked looking electric bike that is perfect for cheap urban transport and the TS delivers this so well for an excellent price.

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supersoco tc

The Super Soco TC is the upgraded and improved addition to the range from Chinese manufacturer Super Soco, that previously only comprised of the Super Soco TS. Combining the classic style of a Cafe Racer, with modern technology, it's a fantastic all-rounder to upgrade your morning commute.

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sur-ron x wave

The X-Wave from Chinese manufacturer Sur-ron is the perfect blend of e-bike and e-motorcycle, the X-Wave an upgrade on the Sur-ron original e-bike. Perfect for off-road with 80amps of power (5200 watts) and 45mph top speed making the X wave only legal off the road being 20x more powerful than legally allowed on-road with a CBT Licence.

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niu m series

The M-Series is the perfect inner-city 'nippy' scooter, ideal for moving around town easily and a superb delivery vehicle. Built by NIU, the #1 electric scooter in the world, have sold over 400,000 scooters globally with over 1 Billion kilometers traveled.

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niu u pro

NIU continue to strive towards the ultimate purpose built city electric scooter with the third generation U-Series, following the extremely popular N-Series and M-Series. The U1 created by using modern design and technology is one of the highest quality scooters available today.

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supersoco tc max

The Super Soco TC Max unveiled in 2019, is an upgraded version of its younger family member, the TC. Side by side, they are identical twins, with no visible changes, every change has been made under the seat.

With a top speed of approximately 60mph a significant increase from the original TC top speed of 45mph. A not particularly impressive increase, however, more than fast enough to tackle any motorway (with an A1 licence).

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niu ngt

The second generation upgrade of the successful N Series has produced the NGT. It has double the power (3kw) and better battery supply (two 35ah 60v 2100wh Panasonic batteries) as default included in the price, outputting significantly larger range between 50-100 miles depending on the mode. The NIU NGT also can be charged exceptionally fast at 3.5 charging hours.

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zero s

The Zero S 11kw version is the baby of the Zero electric motorcycle range, suitable for the 'learner rider' and a great fit for the urban rider. A functional electric bike with good performance, coming in at a steep £9190.

The Zero S can be rode on a A1 licence and this makes for an interesting discussion for those that question the suitability of the restrictions and limitations between licence categories. The Zero S handles very well and is significantly lighter than others in the Zero range, weighing 142kg, this is 63kg lighter than others in the range. In comparison to the widely popular petrol engined KTM Duke 125, which has a curb weight of 137kg (dry), the Zero S is remarkably light.

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zero fx

The Zero FX promotes a classic dirt bike appearance that doesn't stand out from the typical off-road profile, however, as soon as you go inside, you will be able to see the true gem that the Zero FX is.

For those looking to get off the line quickly then the Zero FX does this like a rocket. The Zero FX is faster than a 250 gasoline-powered dirt bike, either four-stroke or two-stroke, and is encroaching on 450 territory. Remember, the FX is an electric bike, the e-industry not known for striking performance.

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zero srf

The Zero SR/F is quite simply the future of motorcycling with industry-leading power, control, and connection. Created after 13 years of innovation, the Zero Motorcycles SRF is the first of its kind.

The SRF delivers 190 Nm of torque and 110 horsepower with the simple twist of a throttle thanks to the class-leading performance and efficiency of Zero’s new ZF75-10 motor and ZF14.4 lithium-ion battery. The ZF75-10 motor effortlessly propels the SR/F to a top speed of 200 km/h. Pairing Zero’s renowned internal permanent magnet brushless architecture and a passively air-cooled compact design creates class-leading performance and efficiency.

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