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CBT Licence Bristol - Why You Should Take Your CBT in Bristol


Matt D · August 15, 2017

Bristol is a beautiful city and there are few more scenic places to cruise around on a CBT Licence. I myself lived in Bristol and I can say from first hand experience - getting around isn’t always great. The roads can at times be ridiculously congested. I’m an avid walker too, if anything is delayed by more than 5 minutes I usually make the rash decision to just quickly walk the 4 miles instead of wait. This is tough in Bristol, even if you walk in a circle you could swear you’ve only gone uphill..

Below are the reasons I believe having a CBT licence in Bristol and taking your CBT training is a great idea:

Avoid the congestion in Bristol with a CBT licence:

The traffic in Bristol is terrible. Traffic jams are part of daily life and if you go anywhere near the centre of town, you might as well pull out the popcorn and relax because you’re going nowhere. The Bristol post recently estimated that driving in Bristol adds an extra 148 hours onto your commute each year due to congestion, compared to the average of five days a year. This is where driving on a CBT licence in Bristol may work in your favour:

If you have a CBT licence in Bristol you can avoid a large amount of this congestion. Filtering is a gigantic benefit of riding a motorcycle. Being mobile on a motorcycle in Bristol also means you can navigate down some of the smaller roads and avoid the traffic altogether.

It is also worth mentioning parking. There’s very few free parking spots in Bristol centre. Having a CBT licence in Bristol is a game changer as far as this is concerned. As with most cities, it’s a lot easier to not only park your motorcycle but it’s also cheaper. They’re obviously a lot smaller which helps. As motorcycles are promoted by local councils there are also dedicated motorcycle areas that will often have lots of free spaces.

Bristol suburbs

The terrain - You need either a CBT licence or iron lungs.

One of the best things about Bristol is also sometimes one of the worst things.. It’s extremely hilly. Walking to the shop can feel like climbing everest. It’s uphill to get there, then somehow uphill to get back. I’m not entirely sure of the shape of Bristol but in my head it looks a bit like the Andes.

Having a CBT licence in Bristol means you don’t always have to make these expeditions by foot. Just get on your scooter and zip there in no time. Save yourself the awkwardness of arriving at a party covered in sweat. Whatever your reason for going out, you don’t need to hype yourself up in advance if you have a CBT licence.

Book Your CBT

A CBT Licence means you don’t have to tie yourself down

I didn’t have a CBT licence when I was in Bristol. Although I really wish I had. If you don’t have a CBT licence in Bristol or drive a car you’re pretty much confined to getting buses. There used to be a pretty comprehensive tram line in Bristol. However the bombing during World War II put the lines out of use. Although there has been talks of creating a new “supertram”, there never has been a successful replacement for this loss and it’s starting to show now.

Taking a day to do your CBT course really is the quickest and easiest way to get around. Buses are never reliable at the best of times. I’ve waited half an hour in the rain for buses before and ended up giving up. This is probably one of the reasons more people are driving cars in the city now more than ever. Get your freedom back, and do it on two wheels not four. A motorcycle means you can have your freedom and not be part of the ridiculous congestion problem.

Bristol bridge

It’s easy to take a CBT training course in Bristol

There are a lot of good CBT training schools in Bristol. It’s a hub for motorcycling. This is partly to do with the points mentioned above. It’s become a popular hobby because of the horrible congestion and where there’s supply there’s demand. Schools in Bristol are growing and it’s a great place to learn.

CBT training schools like Universal Motorcycle Training are extremely highly regarded and have been working with us for a long time. Have a look at the search if you want to see what type of training is available for you.

It is also undoubtedly a beautiful place to ride. The rolling hills make it great fun and also means you’re only one bump away from an incredible view. There’s a lot of landmarks in Bristol to cruise by on a road trip and there’s countryside in your backyard if you want some fresh air.

So what are you waiting for?! Get your CBT licence in Bristol today! Never have the daily stress again of shuffling onto the bus and avoid awkward eye contact with the other passengers.

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