Bristol CBT Training

Book your CBT Training in Bristol which takes between 6-8 hours on one day. Compulsory Basic Training is the UK's legal requirement for any rider to get onto the road in Bristol. Compare all locations offering motorcycle lessons in Bristol with RideTo.

What Is a Bristol CBT Test?

Although often referred to as a CBT Test, in fact taking a CBT is a day of training. No test is involved in the day, however if you are unsafe in any of the 5 parts of the day then may be asked to come back another day for further training.

Looking for information on CBT tests and can you take one or the 5 parts of a CBT then head over to our blog to ensure that you up to speed on everything regarding your CBT Training in Bristol. If you are looking for any further reason on why you should take your CBT in Bristol then head over to our guides section.

To take your motorcycle training in Bristol you will need a provisional licence or full driving licence to be able to book your CBT course and train for your CBT certificate.

Where Can I Take CBT Training in Bristol?

Bristol CBT Training locations are ideally located, slightly away from the busy town roads and into the quieter residential roads. After training and passing your CBT test, you may face the busy roads of Victoria street or aim to become a master navigator of the heart of the city, at RideTo we will ensure that you get the best training available in the comfort of nearby quieter streets.

A great place to start is practicing on the roads of Keynsham and Willsbridge where your will find it much easier to practice your U-Turns and emergency stops. Or maybe you would prefer south of the city in the seaside town of Clevedon or near by in Kenn.

If you are looking for a CBT training location near to you then type in your postcode above or click one of the links below: Clifton, Stockwood, Keynsham, Willsbridge, Clevedon, Temple Meads, Totterdown and Leigh Woods

Should I Train on an Automatic or Manual?

Whether you choose to ride on an automatic or manual moped or motorcycle you will ‘legally’ be allowed to ride on either type of bike once you have completed your cbt. However, as the objective of CBT Training is to ride safely then we recommend training on the type of bike you ride once you have your CBT bike licence.

How Much Does a CBT Cost in Bristol?

CBT Training costs vary from location to location. This is due to differing fixed costs for the instructors with regards to rental and purchase of equipment and premises. That’s why at RideTo we make sure that you can compare on price, cost, location, facilities and reviews.

Can I Ride a 500cc on a CBT in Bristol?

On a CBT licence you will be able to ride a 125cc moped, scooter or motorcycle or less, always displaying L plates with no passengers or going on motorways. If you are looking to ride a larger motorcycle then you will need to take your full motorcycle licence in Bristol.

After the completion of your CBT certificate you will need to take your theory test which comprises of a multiple choice and a hazard perception test. Following this, you will need to take training for your A1 licence, A2 licence or full A licence, depending on your age.

How Much are Motorcycle Lessons in Bristol?

Motorcycle lessons in Bristol cost the same as they do everywhere else in the UK. Unlike car licences you do not need extensive motorcycle lessons to get started on your journey on to two wheels. The first step on to two wheels is to take CBT Training, where no prior experience is needed to take the training.

If you are looking to gain some extra training then consider an introduction to motorcycling course which is typically a 2 hour course that can give you a taster to motorcycling. This is very popular for new and young riders.

Motorcycle lessons in Bristol

There are different motorcycle training courses that you can take in Bristol, based on your previous experience. For complete beginners you will need to take a CBT test or maybe even a ITM (introduction to Motorcycling) before your CBT if you have never used a motorbike or driven another vehicle before - this will give you more knowledge and understanding of how a motorbike works and how to control it and is a really useful motorcycle lesson to have under your belt.

A CBT test is only valid for 2 years so you will need to take a CBT Renewal training course every 2 years unless you then choose to complete a Full Motorcycle Licence training course. A CBT renewal is the same as a normal CBT motorcycle lesson and will last the same amount of time despite the fact you have already learnt to ride a motorcycle.

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