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Top 5 Reasons To Ride A Motorcycle


Jake T · April 28, 2023

More and more people are booking their CBT and getting out on the road on two wheels, and there are a good few reasons why.

Below we’ve covered the Top 5 Reasons To Ride A Motorcycle.

1. An Affordable Way To Get Around

With the cost of living continuing to increase, it's no wonder people are exploring other ways to get around. Riding a motorcycle could be a more affordable option if you’re commuting to work. Compared to a car, most scooters and mopeds will come in a good deal cheaper with a lot of manufacturers also offering very good rates on payment plans.
Secondly to tax and insure, even as a young rider, you will be pleased to know again it will be a more affordable than a car.
Lastly, motorcycles are incredibly fuel efficient, with you being able to fill a tank on most bikes for under £15. What's more, if you decide to go for an electric scooter your running costs will be even lower and often the cost of the bike will be subsidised.

2. No Waiting In Traffic

One of the very best parts of riding a motorcycle is the fact you never have to sit and wait in traffic. The ability to filter through traffic is quite simply…. Awesome!
The practical side of it also means you get to where you're going quicker. So if you accidentally slept through that 4th alarm and you’re running a little late to work at least you won't have to worry about sitting in standstill city traffic.

3. They Take Up Less Room

Now this one might seem blindingly obvious but another great part to riding a motorcycle is you can store them much more easily. Whether that's rolling them into the garden shed or simply finding somewhere to park in busy cities. A lot of the major cities in the UK have fantastic facilities for parking your motorcycle, and quite often they’re free to use. Just always remember your security and make sure it's properly locked up.

4. Community

A personal favourite of mine, is the community around motorcycles. Whether you’re riding a scooter or you’re into sports bikes or choppers or classics…. Whatever it is, there is a fantastic, thriving community of people to get involved in. Although motorcyclists might have a certain reputation, you couldn't meet a kinder more welcoming group of people.

If you’re a new rider or you’re thinking of riding, then why not join our community of new riders here.

5. Adventures

Of course, the cherry on top of the cake is the amazing adventures you can have. Whether it's a solo trip or a ride out with friends. Exploring new places on a motorcycle is one of the most enjoyable things you can do (in this humble writer's opinion).
We’ve listed some of our favourite routes to start you off but don't let that limit you from just riding turn by turn and seeing where you end up.

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