Edventure Rider Thurrock

Edventure Rider Thurrock, Cowdray Hall, 560 London Road, , West Thurrock, RM20 3BJ

About Edventure Rider Thurrock

Edventure Rider Limited in West Thurrock offers a comprehensive range of motorcycle training courses for all levels of riders. Whether you're a complete beginner or an experienced rider, their MCIAC-accredited instructors are dedicated to providing you with the knowledge and skills you need to become a safe and confident motorcyclist.

The instructors at Edventure Rider Limited are not only highly qualified, but they are also passionate about motorcycles and take pride in their work. They strive to make your learning experience as enjoyable as possible, while still maintaining a focus on safety and professionalism.

In addition to their CBT training, Edventure Rider Limited offers a range of other courses to suit every rider's needs, whether you're looking to complete CBT training or you're more experienced and want to gain your full licence!

Edventure Rider Limited's fleet of Kawasaki motorcycles is well-maintained and includes a range of options to suit every rider's needs. From 50cc mopeds to 650cc manual motorcycles, they have the right machine for you, no matter your skill level. On the day of your training, they will provide you with a helmet, jacket, and gloves, but remember to bring your own hard-wearing trousers and sturdy boots that cover the ankle.

The West Thurrock location is easily accessible by car, with plenty of onsite parking available. For those using public transport, Chafford Hundred train station is just a short walk away, and several bus routes service the nearby West Thurrock Way bus stop. Training is available 7 days a week, making it easy for riders with even the busiest of schedules.

It's important to note that there are no nearby cafes or food shops, so you should bring your own lunch to keep you fuelled while you learn to ride in West Thurrock.

Edventure Rider Limited in West Thurrock is an excellent choice for anyone looking for high-quality motorcycle training. With their expert instructors, well-maintained fleet of motorcycles, and convenient location, you can be confident that you're receiving the best training available.


Bike Hire: True

Helmet Hire: True

Gloves and jackets Included: False

On site Cafe: False

On Site cafe: True

Indoor Classroom: True


Edventure Rider Thurrock, Cowdray Hall, 560 London Road, , West Thurrock, RM20 3BJ


Cristian Rarinca
Another nice day with Diayn. This person just make you feel so confident and comfortable on the motorcycle! 100% positive feedback! Can’t wait to meet you on the roads👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🏍️🏍️, Many thanks!
Ope Akint
Ian, was a pleasant and patient instructor who gave solid advice and instilled confidence in me for my CBT today. I hope to have Ian again when I take my full license!
Dusko Rupcic
Ian was my instructor today. I very much enjoyed my experience and learned some good new things about riding. I highly recommend this school and it's instructors. May come back for my full license in future,
Cher ET
First ever time on a bike!! Bart was amazing, knowledgeable and reassuring. at the end of the day I felt confident, comfortable and safe. I can’t wait to put my licence to use and have lots of fun! Highly recommended.
David Cliff
I’ve had multiple lessons with Edventure rider and have found all instructors I have worked with to be encouraging and helpful when learning to ride. I went from being able to ride a bicycle as my only experience to fully learning how to ride a 125cc manual and all the fundamental skills and attitudes need to safely ride. Bart was my instructor when I passed and he was incredibly understanding and helped me develop and learn from my mistakes. Equipment was properly maintained and good quality gear was supplied if needed. Overall it was a great experience and Edventure rider Thurrock is a great place to learn how to ride an automatic or manual.
Aaron Morgan
Amazing experience, really friendly, they slowly take you through everything allowing you to take it all in. my instructor Bart made sure we were all safe and had the best experience possible. I really highly recommend. Loved it here.
ben woodhouse
CBT completed today with Bart and from start to finish he was brilliant. Clear and easy to follow instructions with good coaching tips. Looking forward to taking the next steps soon after todays experience. Thank you
Fairus meduvil
It was a very nice experience! Very detailed training and instructor Bart was very helpful . Learnt a lot from this session . So happy with result as well ! Highly recommended if you are not much confident in taking your CBT because instructors are so friendly and helpful 😇
Jack Andrews
Thanks Bart! My first day riding a motorcycle but happy to achieve my CBT at Edventure, it's a challenging day but at all times I was supported and assisted when I needed extra help with any of the elements. Look forward to more training in the future!
Michael Robertson
Fantastic day made easy with a very polite and nice instructor. Training made easy after doing it for a second time. Bart was great to be around if I need to do it again I would happily chose it again.
Peter Khalil
Had a great day of learning with Bart! Safe and clear instructions with lots of time to go through everything. Would highly recommend
kerri flanagan
I completed both my CBT and Full licence with these guys and have to say the support, patience and help given was amazing! I found it incredibly difficult to master a few particular slow skills and yet both Ed and Graham showed nothing other than patience and encouragement, trying to find different ways of explaining what I needed to do in order to help me achieve it. (I was fuming, frustrated and ready to quit! 😂) I was reassured by Ed on more than one occasion and eventually just gave in and did what he said…it worked 😂 They managed to get me through both Mod 1 and Mod 2 first time, within the space of 2 weeks! Can’t thank you guys enough!!
sergiu Lutic
Yes for Bart. He give me good experience, lots of patience, practice and i am very happy. I can feel myself safe on the road
Harvey S
Great experience yesterday with Ed! Having only rode a moped on holiday and being a slow rider, Ed showed a lot of patience with me especially as i went manual. Ed is a great teacher and really drums in the core principles. He's the type of teacher I really respect, very skilled, notices everything and firm when required. The CBT took about 6 hours and the road riding part was the most fun part. Clear instructions from Ed and plenty of excellent advice. Would recommend!
Helen Wilson
I will highly recommend this riding school! I was doing my CBT I am very happy with my experience! I had a friendly instructor, who took us through each step with clear instructions and at an adaptable pace. Support was constant, questions welcomed and if at any point something needed further information or a demonstration it was happily given. The perfect environment to pass and feel confident riding on the road. I will be coming back for my further motorcycle qualifications!!
Emma Noakes
Both instructors were so calm and thorough, and take time to make sure you feel confident and safe on the road. Couldn’t have asked for better instructors definitely recommend doing your CBT here! Especially if you’ve not much experience.
haris zafar
I did my CBT with Ed. Really cool guy. I'm a first time rider and was struggling in the beginning but Ed and the team were very patient. Thank you for the excellent service. Highly recommend Edventure Rider
Sergiu Vicovanu
Terrible customer service. I made the very bad decision to go to this company after initially went to a different one. They are quick to charge the money but make whatever changes they want to bookings and let you down. Mine got cancelled and the said no refund will be given because of T and C. DEFINITELY NOT GOOD FOR FOREIGNERS!!! You will be sent home if any language problems. This happened to my dad!
Started the day anxious to ride out on the roads, and the day ended with me feeling more confident than I ever thought I’d be. Excellent staff, great service and the instructor Graham, was very good at explaining everything and helping my confidence with riding so much. Definitely would recommend to anyone looking to take their cbt. 6/5 stars
Michaela Witney
Phenomenal. The forecast said it was going to rain all day, which I was dreading to be honest, but both Ed and Graham came with good humour and made it a thoroughly enjoyable day. Both were extremely knowledgable and gave just the right balance of seriousness vs patient encouragement. Would highly recommend!
Tara Gill
Very good, nice trainers and efficient training
👌Excellent training, top instructor☝️passed module 1 & 2 first time 🏍️. Ed is a wonderful and calm person the perfect instructor. Don't compromise, get the licence first time, learn from the best 🔥🔥🔥I recommend Edventure Rider💯👍👍👍 1st of September 2020. 🏍️ANDREI🚚🚛👏🥂
miles payling
I did CBT with Graham. Everything was clear and taught in a straightforward manner. Graham was patient when needed and made sure everyone was up to the safest standard and ready to progress pass each stage. Definitely the best training I've received on a bike and I will certainly be returning for the Direct Access licence if possible.
Shaun Atkinson
Mod 2 now passed. All passed 1st time. This was due to the trainers Graham and Ed really know their stuff. Excellent ways of getting it across. My indicator is no longer left on . Lol Cheers guys. Couldn't have done it without you. I would recommend this school to anyone .
Terry Nightingill
Fantastic place for learning to ride. Me and my brother done our CBT there one Sunday and it was a pleasure to be trained by Ed! We will be returning here definitely once we have done our theory tests for Full Motorcycle training. Nice relaxed enjoyable environment. Thanks
Syed Ismail
Hii this is abdul Best place to get your cbt certificate. Edward good man with great explanation u will get to learn good tips for riding bikes and u must learn and go highways codes because it is most important thing to know the rules of the roads and he is a best teachers had an good experience with him if learn the codes and go then he is gonna support you and teach you tips n tricks of riding Thank to Edward sir
Shamail Syed
I passed my full license yesterday and I thank Eduard for his help and assistance through his teaching. He is very keen on doing his job how it should be done. I definitely recommend the school and Him.
Ellese O'Keefe
Really enjoyed riding with Ed and Graham at Edventure Rider. Two very patient, friendly instructors who don’t get easily frustrated and teach you every little detail of how to ride. Passed both mod 1 and mod 2 first time thanks to these guys! Highly recommend for everyone. As a girl, I felt very comfortable at every moment learning with Edventure.
Wissam El Antoury
FANTASTIC! No previous riding experience. Came to Ed and passed both mod 1 & 2 first time. Ed is a great instructor. He is calm, friendly and patient. Highly recommend!! Thank you very much Edventure Rider
Michael Howell
Never ridden a moped before so I was quite nervous and worried about if I'll be able to handle the weight and power of the moped. Graham who is a great instructor was very understanding and helpful. He guided me through every step and I began to build my confidence and most importantly believe myself that I could do it. I really enjoyed getting to know the moped more and practicing different situations and other stuff. Eventually got to go out onto the road and that really motivated me and made me smile because at the beginning I was so timid and now I can actually ride a moped because of Graham's. Graham was great. Thanks I now can ride a moped safely and will be able to buy a moped so I can earn more money and give me more job opportunities. Thank you so much Graham for sharing your knowledge and everything else. Thanks
Ricky Fernando
I would recommend Edventure Rider to anyone in Thurrock and beyond. I personally liked Ed for his cool and calm personality. Learning equipment is all new and clean. He trained me in mod 1 and 2 and I passed First time. Ed is professional and I highly recommend Adventure Rider to anyone. Thanks mate and also to Graham , I'm very happy that I met you guys 👍
michael greenfiled
Attended a CBT course , and found the training fantastic, it really gave me the confidence to ride a bike on the roads. The bikes they use are almost new, and the facility is very well planned giving you the road experience in a safe environment. I will be using them for my full licence very soon.
ron ren
Ed at Edventure rider Training is definitely the best! I had the privilege of training with ED last Saturday & Sunday,past both mod 1 & mod 2 today Wednesday.The experience was great from beginning to end. Ed was attentive, precise and always on the ball - I highly recommend Edventure rider and would return soon for additional training.👍🏾
Savan Vyas
Ed is hands down the best instructor, I have come across. He has very high standards, teaches you more than the basic pass of the exam. Very calm and patient. I did my full driving license straight after my CBT and had no experience of riding bikes. He got me from no experience to passing the both my mod 1&2 exams first time. I would highly recommend him.
Robert Preda
The best place to learn to ride. Best experience and after you finish learning you are good to ride safety. Thank you Edy
anthony buttner
I have ridden dirt bikes for years and the style of riding is completely different to what I’m used to.... a few little tips and I was on my way. Ed is a quality instructor and a really nice fella definitely worth booking with him! See you soon for the full licence buddy.
Asad Malik
Completed my CBT here today. It was easy to book online and pay. Ed, our instructor was brilliant. He was patient, knowledgeable and explained everything well. Highly recommend.
Darren Butson
You can’t help but feel at ease the minute you meet Ed. I went for my free assessment less than two weeks ago and today I now have a full motorcycle license after training with Ed. He is very knowledgable and a real perfectionist when it comes to your riding style and constantly gives constructive feedback which prepares you very well for the actual tests. He is super flexible and works around your schedule ensuring you get the time you need and the assessments at times that suit. I can’t praise him highly enough to be honest, great price, superb training and a genuinely lovely bloke! Thanks mate
richy pp
Can't explain how pleased I am with graham @edventure rider ... From start to finish nothing but helpful.. Done my cbt, mod 1 and mod 2 with the guy and you won't find better.. Real down to earth guy and he knows his stuff. I travelled 1hr 45 mins to get to grays from my home in Kent but it was well worth it. Today is the 10/10/18 and I've just passed my mod1 and mod 2 in the space of 4hrs. I can thank you enough mate.. Good luck for the future👍
Paul Stafford
I had my CBT with Graham who was fantastic on the day, he was extremely patient given that this was my 1st experience being near a motorbike and was both instructive and personable....5 stars and would recommend this place to anyone who is interested in doing it
Dave England
Just completed my CBT with Edventure Rider Graham, nice bloke knows his stuff. I felt very comfortable and at ease, good clear instruction and I would highly recommend them to anyone. Thanks for a good Day.
Gary Carpenter
I highly recommend Edventure Rider, Ed is great teacher who makes the experience interesting and great fun. I had no road riding experience and Ed took me all the way to Mod 2 with no problems in a matter of days. Ed is a very knowledgeable coach who puts together a programme of training that will get you through the test whichever part you are trying to achieve.
Celso Pidlaoan
From my experience Edventure Rider is a great place to learn no matter what level you are at. I have done a few CBT's in my past and Ed is very thorough and will make sure you are safe on the road which at the end of the day is what you need. I will definitely be recommending him in future.
Dan Marshall
Ed managed to squeeze me in for a Mod2 re-test with only a couple of days notice. He was very flexible with the available training time and found me an exam slot almost immediately. All previous training was done over a year ago at another school but Ed quickly got me up to speed and made me feel comfortable enough to pass my Mod2 earlier today in an area completely unknown to me. Thanks very much!
Zaid Hassan
I’ve been today with Ed doing my CBT training for manual motorcycle. I have no experience with riding a bike but just a moped. He has been very friendly, professional, clear and good at what he does. He knows exactly what he is doing and how to approach people with/without experience. Extremely useful and answered every question I had. I will for sure continue be a customer of Edventure all the way to a full A driving license. Thank you for the great experience.
Lee Marron
An excellent experience throughout! Booking the Direct Access Course online couldn't of been simpler and Eduard catered classes around my schedule. Handy reminders of timings are emailed a day prior. Eduard delivered hight quality training and I was able to progress very quickly due to his teaching technique. A great selection of bikes to suit your riding style and a suitable training area. My only regret is that I didn't take my CBT with Eduard, as I had previous inadequate training from a separate company and had picked up some bad habits. I now have the knowledge and confidence to ride safely achieving no minors on my Module 2 and I have Eduard to thank for this.
Will Lyons
Excellent value and friendly, first class training from Ed. Very flexible with scheduling my training/tests, so I you have a busy work/personal life, I am sure he will find a way to make it work. I would recommend to anyone. Thanks again!!
Jesse Arthur Da Silva Rodrigues
I would very much like to thank the instructor Eduard for all his dedication and patience in teaching the right and safe way to driving a motorcycle. I really enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing your knowledge, I'm 100% satisfied with the service provided to me and recommend it to everyone.
Tadas Ne
Had a great day, our instructor friendly, cheerful and knowledgeable. Ed was supportive and full of praise and encouragement when we were doing well, but patient and understanding when we made mistakes. Thanks.
Andrew SidoPhotography
I have done my A1 and A2 at Adventure Rider school. Eduard does really know his stuff and how to pass it on student. Despite I had no riding experience I still found it quite easy to learn some things with the special Eduard,s approach to teaching. All the motorcycles he uses for training are almost new and very well maintained what adds extra fun riding them. I would recommend Adventure Rider school to everyone who wants to deal with real professional.
Adam Reed
Was a brillient day ..gave me all i needed to feel safe and confident on the road ...was a absolutte pleasure 😊😊
Raihmel Pontes
Completed my CBT training today after years of delaying due to life's priorities and couldn't have been any happier with the school I chose to take this important step. If like me, you are unsure about your bike riding skills or need a refresher course then Edventure Rider is the place for you. Ed is a superb teacher, very polite and considerate and to top it all off he makes the day very fun. Had a blast of a time. Thanks very much Ed and it goes without saying that you will have to put up with me again for the full license buddy. Cheers
Kai Griffin
I did my CBT with Ed today and really enjoyed it. He's an excellent teacher and explains everything thoroughly whilst keeping the day fun. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a CBT or motorcycle training!
My Mi
Just completed my CBT at Edventure Rider. Have been doing them for years and this has been by far the best training experience. I can highly recommend. Easy to get to from East London, plenty of free parking, sensibly priced and most importantly high quality training, which was in depth and considered students’ individual needs. And all that in an extremely friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Thanks, Eduard! I’ll definitely be back for my full license soon. Mykola
Kamilla Fernandes
Yesterday I have completed my CBT license. Edo it’s a amazing instructor. I truly recommend Edventure Rider for anyone whom want to learn rider in a safe place with new � and safe equipments. Many thanks Edo.
Jasweener 9005
I highly recommend this place for doing your cbt or any bike training/test! Ed is such a great teacher and makes you feel comfortable and confident!!
marek J
Ed is cool guy, very good and patient instructor. That’s really count even if you don’t have any experience with ridding. I’ve recommended to my friends already. Thank you Ed, I’ll definitely come back again.
John Wheeler
Highly recommended. Ed is friendly and patient. Made it all seem so easy. Thanks again.
Ricky C
Highly recommend Ed for training. Fantastic teacher who is easy going and so friendly. Thanks to Ed I have my license on first attempt!
Milan Limbu
Highly recommended to anyone who wants to start their journey on two wheels. Very friendly guy, and the training was just great. All thanks to Edward (instructor). Had a blast training with Edventure Rider.
Marian Barbu
Made my CBT. Best teacher I've ever head . in the next feature I want to do the A2 license. I'll definitely come black to do with you guys .RECOMMENDED 100%
Ray Corcoran
I passed first time with Edo after previous attempts with other schools. Edo is friendly and patient. He gives you clear and precise instructions without being in your ear all the time . In my case his approach gave me a lot of confidence which was a big factor in passing the test. Obviously I would recommend him as a trainer for anyone doing their Mod1 and mod2 test.
Sean Murray
Very good, Edo had a lot of Patience with myself learning a manual bike. He had very good knowledge. A great teacher!! Highly recommended!!!!
H Haq
Top Class and Skilful Instructors with a Great Customer Service you and I bet you can't go wrong by choosing Edventure Rider! I've already recommended to few of my friends and also would recommend you if you are willing to do your CBT in a completely Friendly Environment... 🤗 Thank you Edventure!!! 5/5 👍
volly vont
Great day. Teaching top quality. Good for novice and more advanced. Glad the sun shone all day too. Many thanks amigo. Robin .
Regina Khan
At first I was nervous but eduard made me feel at ease. He was very friendly and professional at the same time. I enjoyed myself a lot. The 2 hours ride on the road was absolutely amazing and I wasn't scared at all because eduard instructed and guided me so well. I would recommend him. He's brilliant.
Daniel Ichim
Over the moon with the overall experience ,Edo is a amazing guy , focused a lot on safety and all the other details,the bikes are nearly new ,I can not find a single falt , definatly the best place to train for your CBT or Full DSA .I totally recommend
joe west
Really good and friendly great instructor makes the day fly by. Recommend
Vee Li
Absolute brilliant,professional and friendly. Everything covered recommended
Vivien Nadaskay
Really professional school. The instructor (Eduard)was really friendly and professional and went beyond the point to make sure I have the knowledge I need for the practice test and in the future when I'm riding my bike on the road. Highly recommend for everyone who wanna pass the exam at the first time and want to learn from the best professional instructor.
EJB Wines Wine Merchants
Edventure Rider is a superb school to learn with. They managed to get me booked onto my mod 1 and 2 within 1 week with 1 to 1 training with the instructor. I called round so many schools and none of them were willing to help out in the same way. The nc750 bike i trained on was amazing. So easy to ride and great fun, it made the test so much easier. Thank you Ed for all your expert guidance.

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