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KK Rider Training, The Old Coallier Offices, Colliery Rd, Kiveton Park, Sheffield, S26 6LR

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KK Rider Training, The Old Coallier Offices, Colliery Rd, Kiveton Park, Sheffield, S26 6LR


Angel Moxley
I absolutely had the best time. After failing to get my CBT with another company who were rushing and slap dash, I had the opposite experience today with Harley (the person, not the bike) Not only did I get my certificate, I feel confident and in control on the road, which I never expected! Thanks so much and I can't recommend this place enough.
Michael Ajijola
KK Training is amazing! Absolutely would recommend if you want to do your CBT, A1, A2, A3 or whatever. Do it there! I had Harley as my main trainer and he was perfect, he paces the lesson very well and makes sure you feel relaxed through out. Comfortable environment and I picked things up really quickly with Harley. He explains things so simply,. a five year old could understand. The other lads Kyle and Nick were also so helpful and wonderful people. Spot on!
Elcrest Drakenia
The guys are great and helpful, and so are the bikes. Rode a H reg Yamaha 125 and it was beautiful and really helpful in teaching me control of the vehicle. The instructors provide clear instructions and examples on what you need to do on the road and how to do it. They're also very observant and can provide good advice on how to improve riding. Overall great little place and I highly recommend for your CBT course.
Kimberley Ceaser
Finally built up the courage & confidence to do my CBT. The instructor Harley is amazing made me feel at ease and so comfortable. He explained everything clearly and was really helpful when I struggled to grasped some parts of it. When on the road he was encouraging and really helpful to make you feel safe and build your confidence on the road. I would highly recommend anyone who is in questioning whether to do their CBT… DO IT and do it with K K Riders.
Emma Mayo
My son has visited this am with an instructor, didn’t feel the need to share his name with him . From the off he was rude and ignorant towards him , the bike he was provided with was knackered to say the least , it required jump starting on numerous occasions well for the hour he was on it ! The car park was full of pot holes and mud and grass patches. He was supposed to be there until 4 pm he was told he failed at 12 pm without even getting off the patch of concrete? Apparently the couple of emergency stops he tried wasn’t satisfactory! He had no experience before on a bike and this person gave him 60 mins experience? The other client almost fell off the bike more than once and continues on !! How can 1 hour be enough training to fail ? I definitely wouldn’t recommend and will be requesting a refund. Absolute cowboy
Salty McSalt
From being a rider with virtually zero experience to being suitably confident to ride a 125cc on the open road in 8 hours. Haz was very patient with my clutch mishaps but managed to drill it into me eventually. Will be taking further lessons for full license with them when I get my updated work rota :)
Niamh Kelly
Fantastic day spent doing my CBT. Harley was clear, patient, and incredibly helpful throughout. I’ll be coming back soon for my full license for sure.
John Young
This was the third CBT done with KK. No nonsense friendly staff who help you with whatever level you are at and are easy to talk with. Would recomend 👍
Craig Stones
Good training, top guys...cheers Harley and Kyle!
Jordan Atkinson
Couldn't recommend more, Harley the trainer made it a really fun enjoyable day, anyone thinking of booking do it.
Tom Muirhead
Excellent tuition from Harley today, very patiently delivered. Would highly recommend.
Son did CBT training today with Harley and thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. Booking with Kyle was easy and communication was spot on. It’s easy to find and was a pleasant experience from start to finish. He’s just got in from his first solo ride after passing today and is buzzing to be mobile.
N4 Ride
3 weeks calls no answer,no sms replyes,ive triyed also 2 months ago get in contact with them..same.not happy..but happy they show from start what they are and what attitude they have.i find other school, in 4 days i will start..dont go with these lads.not serious at all..1 star for you will be fair , yes? YES!
J Robinson
Excellent service. Took my CBT today and will use same company to go through my test. Thanks guys.
Yukio GamesTv
always busy,,always not answer on sms,,not calling back,,absolute rubbish
Dave Galloway
Absolutely fantastic!!! A great day and a great Instructor. It rained all day long, we got a little wet, but what a fantastic day. Harley, our Instructor, made the day so enjoyable and we learnt so much. Anyone that wants to do either a CBT or their Modules, full bike licence, or any other training, give these guys a call. Thank you for a fantastic day and making us feel at ease and so welcome. If I could give more than 5 stars, I would.
Absolutely phenomenal! Renewed my CBT and did my DAS. Did 2 lessons of Mod 1, then passed with 0 minors. Just one lesson for Mod 2, and once again, flawless pass. Kyle was kind enough to help me find my first bike, and even taught me what to look for when buying a bike. Guys at KK Rider Training really go above and beyond to give you the best training they can. You don't get taught how to pass a test, you get taught how to ride safely in all weather conditions. After that, the tests become just a formality. Good luck to all new riders!
Warren Wrigley
Did my cbt with harley on Sunday he was brill went through everything would defo book with him again .
Jay Kay
Started off good with these guys then after my CBT I got rinsed for loads of 125cc days....went somewhere else and jumped straight on a 650cc....was a few years ago now though so hopefully they have new instructors
Great guys and great service they provide... wouldn’t go anywhere else.
Simon Robinson
Recently passed my test with K K Rider, can't fault the training or instruction given by Kyle and his team. Everything is explained well and they really work on your weaknesses effectively, no wasted lessons just for the sake of charging more etc, no messing round and they know all the best sarnie shops :-). I'll happily recommend K K to anyone who is thinking about taking bike lessons. Cheers, Simon
Simon Vardy
It's taken a little while since passing my test to pop a review on for these guys but I definitely felt I should. I did my DAS training through these guys and they were excellent to work with, patient and a good laugh to boot. They have a logical pathway that you work through from CBT up to your final tests whereby you progress from the 125 up to the bigger bikes for the full license, rather than jumping straight from a 125 to a huge bike. The bikes are well maintained and they have one to suit anyone, whatever size and ability. I started off on one bike which didn't quite suite me, they clocked that and switched me onto another that worked an absolute dream for me. I did all my training from CBT right through DAS with Mick and Kyle and I can't thank them enough for making learning to ride a motorbike a pleasure and making every session something fun to look forward to. I would highly recommend KK to anyone looking to learn to ride.
Jamal Mahroof
Great instructors who make you feel comfortable and love to have a friendly chat to keep the day enjoyable. Would definitely recommend getting training with them above anywhere else.
I had a very professional, knowledgeable and pretty cool instructor. I couldn't of asked for a better experience to renew my cbt. My last cbt didn't go into anywhere near the detail this one did which was nice compared. it helped me alot with him noticing my bad habits to help correct them. Highly recommended!
Richard Keller
Mod 1 & Mod 2 passed both first time, thanks to excellent support and tuition from Big Mick & Kyle. 1st class bikes and equipment, including BMW and Billy Bandit, plus they can provide all the safety gear if you don’t have your own yet. Can’t thank them enough for the quality of the lessons. Mick is really good at building confidence and giving feedback on mistakes. Both Mick and Kyle made this experience enjoyable, not just to get through the test, but real good fun too. When at the test centre saw a lot of other trainers turning up with duff equipment, people sharing bikes and not getting pre test lessons. Don’t waste your money go with a decent crew and give yourself a chance of passing firsts time.
Leroy Johnson
Kyle at KK Rider Training came highly recommend from several different people I know, and I am very pleased that I listened to them. It took me about 2 months to pass my Motorbike test, I had absolutely Zero knowledge or experience prior to this and I managed to Pass both Mod 1 & 2 on my first attempt. I was taught by Mick & Kyle, (depending on who was available on the day) and both are excellent instructors. Like most people at first I was over-excited at the idea of getting my Motorbike license and wanted to get it over and done with asap - I remember asking Kyle about doing an intensive course of some kind, he immediately dismissed it, told me it was not only a bad idea but that it isn't something which they do anyway.. It's a good job really, as I do feel like you need to give yourself time to soak it all in properly, rather than trying to bash it out in a week. An important thing for me (the thing that has put me off taking my motorbike license for a long time) is safety. This is one of the reasons Kyle was so highly recommended - He will teach you to ride properly and teach you how to be safe whilst on the road. A lot of people that I met whilst on my lessons had travelled fair distances to get there, which is obviously testament to KK's reputation. All the equipment is there for you to borrow for the day - I didn't have a single item when I started, but the gear Kyle has is all good stuff, so you won't have to spend a penny. Also, the bikes are brilliant, I spent most my time on a BMW F800R and I absolutely loved it - far far better than what I assumed I would be learning on (and far better than the standard of bikes that other companies use!!) Another thing to note is that when on your lessons there will only ever be a maximum of 2 pupils - A lot of other Schools I've seen often take out 4 at a time! Thanks again Kyle!
Danny xWilsonbed
This company and their trainers are brilliant. They don't try to mess you around with a "Set Price" scheme they charge a set amount for each day. I was told it would be almost impossible to get my license within a month of starting training but thanks to a few cancellations and the amazing instruction from Mick and Kyle I was passed within 1 month and for much cheaper than had I gone for a set price plan with other companies.
Giorgio Fabio De Giuseppe
These guys do it for the pure love of bikes , really friendly and down to earth guys. Very professional, one to one approach, they make sure you are feel confident ti hit thr roads. Go with them and you will get much more then an MOT or full license...but all the tips and reccomandtions you need. Would guarantee satisfaction, you won't regret it and you will save a lot of money too

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