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1st Castle, Challenge Enterprise Centre, Sharps Close, Hilsea, PO3 5RJ

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1st Castle, Challenge Enterprise Centre, Sharps Close, Hilsea, PO3 5RJ


Angelica Ferriby
Completed my CBT with an instructor named Colin. Absolutely stellar instruction, he took his time with each and every student to make sure that they were confident on the bikes. Thoroughly enjoyed the road ride. Honestly, you’re never gonna get a more supportive guy than Colin. Thank you so much for making my day a great one.
James Loew
1st Castle is a phenomenal training school and the instructors are top notch! Me and my girlfriend booked our CBT's with 1st Castle who were very accommodating, professional and knowledgeable. My girlfriend had never ridden before and after a day of their expert instruction she felt confident enough to get straight out on the road. I recently booked and completed a DAS course with 1st Castle and the experience was a pleasure from start to finish. Thanks to the expertise and quality training provided from all the instructors (especially Brian and Pinky) i flew through Mod 1 and (eventually) got through my Mod 2. Once again many thanks to the whole crew, special shout out to Terri for being so accommodating, if you need anything motorcycle training oriented 1st Castle is the only option!
Shin H
I would have gave these guys 5 diamonds if I could! Really was a fantastic experience with the 1st castle of receiving my CBT certificate which allows me to ride 125cc and gain more practices before I return for the full license test. The instructors are friendly, helpful, funny, very patient to answer all levels of questions thoroughly and provide me with the necessary information that I need as a beginner. There was not a single dull moment of participating this CBT training with them. I don't really do reviews but since I highly recommend 1st castle, I would also like to provide an honest, personal experience as aforementioned and hopefully it will help out to narrow down the options when anyone who is passion with motorbikes wants to do a CBT and/or a further trained up with a professional owned training Centre.
Ollie Lambert
There is absolutely no reason to go anywhere else for any motorcycle tuition and test prep!! I used 1st Castle for A1, A2 and my full A. They never fail to impress me and are simply fantastic at what they do. Their prices are very reasonable for the package they provide and the instructors are knowledgeable, approachable and professional. I highly recommend 1st castle to anyone looking to get into the motorcycling world, you simply won’t be disappointed!! Thank you Bryan and Terri and Pinky for all the help you’ve given me over the years!
Jesse Cooper
Shame I can only put 5 stars as these guys deserve more!!! Could not recommend these guys enough! By far the best in the business! It’s a nice and relaxed way of learning how to ride a motorcycle! I’ve done my CBT, MOD 1, MOD 2 training and passed today! Team are behind you all the way!, know the answers to everything you need to know no matter how silly the question it’ll be answered! Honestly these guys are INCREDIBLE! If you want advice, CBT, Training, DAS courses please do not hesitate just contact 1st Castle! You won’t be disappointed! Thanks again Terri and Bryan for the support! You’re both amazing people!
Adam Carpenter
Fantastic training school. Did my two CBT's here. Came back a third time for a DAS course the day I turned 24. My two DAS instructors were Pinky and Andrew, who were fantastic and will make sure you have everything you need in order to pass. They have a good balance of professionalism whilst also keeping things fun. I'm a particularly anxious person and was very nervous about the first DAS day. Of course with their experience, they pick up on that and know how to deal with it and help make you feel more comfortable. With 4 days of training I passed both test's first time with zero faults. Bought my first proper bike, a Honda Hornet 600, the next day. (Sorry I haven't been by to show it off, here's a pic though.) Also a big thanks to Terri. I dislike phone calls and Terri was great at getting my DAS course booked via email. Overall a fantastic experience and would highly recommend, whether it's for your first ever CBT or your full DAS course or anything in between.
Crystal Gale
Just completed a 2 day Back to Bikes course with John and must say a huge thanks to him for his infinite patience and tailored instruction. I was about to give up 1/2 way through the first day but he helped me stick with it and got my confidence and basic skills back up. He could not have been more helpful and encouraging and all this in the rain! Having not ridden for 21 years I am thrilled to now be thinking I can ride again and looking forward to buying my own bike again. I would highly recommend him and 1st Castle overall.
Emma Hickman
I booked my CBT with 1st Castle and they were excellent! Never having ridden a manual before I was extremely nervous but the team were patient, reassuring and clear with their instructions. Highly recommend. Thanks John for building my confidence and for a great afternoon of riding around Portsmouth! I plan to do my big bike test in due course and will be using 1st Castle again!
Ben Morgan
Hugely enjoyable and informative day renewing my CBT - Colin and John were fantastic instructors, very knowledgeable and funny. It was my first time on a geared bike and their patience and sense of humour really boosted my confidence! Absolutely worth the trip down from London!
Charis Thomas
Had a great day doing my CBT with John and Phil, turned up really nervous but ended up having loads of fun! Both were really patient - no mistake too big, no question too stupid, they were happy to answer and assist wherever needed. Put me at ease straight away with their jokes! They knew how nervous we all would be and did everything to calm us down before the road ride. Had two hours riding around Portsmouth which was loads of fun. Will be back for my DAS for sure!
Laurence Miller
I just did my CBT here and it was a brilliant day. My instructors were John and David and they were both very knowledgeable and engaging, so during the technical side of the day it was easy to pay attention. If you want a relaxed place to learn to ride this is it; would highly recommend to people who like to laugh because it was constant banter the whole day. Two thumbs up.
Mellisa Keogh
Had an amazing time when Completed my CBT today with John and Andrew. The morning was four students with two instructors learning the basics. It was my first time using gears and they were both extremely patient and helpful, With lots of knowledge and experience to share. Then I spent the afternoon on the road with John and i was laughing non stop. Loved the banter. Thank you guys. For making me feel at ease. Looking forward to coming back for my big girl licence soon.
Katie Kithakye
I booked a Back to Bike course having not been on a motorbike for 25 years and never having ridden a big bike. I was super nervous when I arrived, not helped by high winds and rain. I just wanted to have gears under my belt by the end of the day. Two of us went to the training pad with 125s and an instructor each. I was terrible with nerves and the weather getting the better of me. All the while my instructor was gently pushing and gently challenging. When we got out onto the road it all came flooding back and he did wonders for my confidence. Before I knew it I'd opted for a much bigger bike, a 500 but my feet could still touch the floor, I was still fully expecting just a bit of town riding as I'd said over and over I'm NOT a speed freak. Well, as all amazing teachers do he supported and he challenged. He built my trust in him and in the bike and by the time we were on our way home from a long and fun ride I was up to national speed limit and having a blast. My only complaint is how much it'll hit me in the pocket buying a 'big girl's bike', thank you John, you rock!
James Davies
I booked for my partner, my partners brother and I to do our CBT, in preparation for moving on to DAS eventually. Our instructors, Colin and John, were both fantastic. Knowledgeable and patient, with good humour and cracking jokes, they kept the pressure on just the right amount. Very safe, very progressive, and they set us up well. We’ll be back.
Samuel Charles Tysoe
Completed my CBT today with John as my instructor. He made the whole process really entertaining, which took the nerves off from learning a geared bike. I am now 100% confident on the road with one. Excellent instructor!
Liam Rogers
Booked easily and quickly via the website. The instructor I had was Colin and an training instructor named Sam. They both had great attitudes and made the whole Experience fun while still learning everything needed. If you messed something up, they joked around to keep your spirits up which was helpful. The final drive was nice and relaxing too with no issues. Thanks for a great experience! Highly recommend!
Alex Wilson
Terri, for one, always keeping on top of things and letting me know as soon as a space was available for booking. Bryan's training throughout was stellar, made sure that my weaker areas were identified and worked on. In the space of a day, went from mucking up corners and observations to passing with minimal faults: a testament to their skill as an instructor. Thanks a tonne!
Would highly recommend 1st Castle. Professional throughout my DAS and very supportive. Special mention for Terri who works hard in the background making sure everyone gets booked in for Mod 1 and 2 and always available when you need information. Great team.
Bridie Baines
If you're thinking about doing your full test with these guys - do it!! Fantastic group if instructors and staff that really do care and put you at ease. Brilliant teachers who got both myself and husband through our DAS courses, as well as 3 other work friends! Highly recommend this team!! 😁👍
Jamie Chalmers
These guys are THE BEST and I cannot stress that enough. Do everything by the books and tell you how it is. If you're doing something wrong they will correct you instantly and make sure you're comfortable with what you're doing. All the instructors are super friendly and really approachable. Special mention to John who loved to give me a bit of banter over my bikes exhaust throughout the day to make it more enjoyable and a good laugh. Would definitely do it again with these guys if I had to.
Nathan Porter
I’d like to say a big thank you to, Pinky for the awesome teaching experience during my A2 licence training and both modules. He pushed me and got me through both tests first time. Also thank you to Terri who put in the hours and was able to name my test dates very quickly after completing my CBT back in April. I would highly recommend the guys and girls here because they are really trying to make you a competent biker and not someone who can just pass a test.
Philip Cook
We had John, Colin and a bearded gentleman who’s name I didn’t catch. They were all excellent, and very patient with the ones who had no previous experience. Couldn’t fault them. Went out of their way to make sure everyone was safe and well prepared to ride on the road. We had John on the road, abs he was a delight. Well down guys, thanks for having us. See you ASAP for my DAS!
Jennifer Easton
These guys were incredible! My instructor Colin was possibly the most patient man on earth, coaching me (someone who can barely ride a bicycle & doesn’t drive) through 3 days of training & nerves, never once making me feel rushed or like I couldn’t do it. He was both fun & professional & knew exactly when to pause the training or push me to keep trying - an amazing teacher! I absolutely don’t think I would have been able to pass the course at any other school. All the instructors pitched in to encourage me, cheer me on & tell me I could do it (despite me taking longer than any other student & being a general liability at the start). They were really helpful with advice on clothing, bikes, incredibly keyed up on safety & keen to bring their own love of motorcycling to their students. An awesome, funny & kind group of true professionals who did the impossible in not just getting me on the roads safely, but so that I actually had a huge amount of fun doing so. Thanks again!!
rachael bryant
All the guys at 1st Castle were brilliant. From a very rocky 1st go, their patience was outstanding. If you're nervous, don't worry, they will get you through it! Special thanks to Colin, Brian, Jimmy and Dan! An exceptional bunch of guys! THANK YOU 1ST CASTLE! Xxx
Kelly Ramsden
My teenager son had his cbt training today and the staff was wonderful! My son came back and said they made him feel so relax and really enjoyed his day,, they also let me rebook his training as I got the days mix up with out no question. Will definitely recommend
Stephen Nugent
I did my CBT yesterday with 1st Castle and I owe a big thank you to Colin, Connor and especially Jimmy, who took us out on the road ride. I've been struggling with ill health for quite some time and (unknown to them) was very anxious about it. Jimmy's teaching skills on the road were first class. He gave my confidence a real boost, making the whole day thoroughly enjoyable. I strongly recommend these guys!
Jake Smith
First castle are absolutely fantastic. The administration side run by Terri is faultless and she does an amazing job of sourcing lessons and tests. The training received is over and above what I expected of a riding school, not only teaching for the test but teaching to be a better rider too. I feel confident in my abilities as a rider after receiving my training with First Castle.
Phil Little
Really enjoyed doing my CBT with the gang here last weekend. Connor, Colin, Simon and Jimmy all shared their knowledge and personal experience to ensure I was confident to get out on the road safely. Can't recommend enough and will definitely be back when ready to move onto big bikes. Colin...no I won't be going to bingo any time soon!
Filip Tanaka
I did my CBT here and it was amazing! I travelled from bristol to here and it was well worth the journey, the team went the extra mile to fit me in, i was nervous at first but the ice was broken by the teams welcoming energy, the theory part was very straight forward and informative and the practical side was very well structured and had me feeling comfortable to learn efficiently, i highly highly recommend this place as they love what they do and they do it very well, i will be coming back here for my full licence one day! thank you to the whole team for an outstanding effort!
Tom Hummerstone
Superb day with Colin and Jimmy. They are obviously two experienced riders who have a passion for sharing their knowledge. Both took me through everything you need to know for you CBT at a good pace. Thanks again for your patience and direction. Will definitely use 1st castle when I go up a bike.
Amarylis Orls
Well where do I start! I had the most amazing experience with 1st castle! Right from the start Mark and Brian were great! I explained to Brian that due to work commitments etc. I couldn't block book lessons, and he was very understanding. This brings me to the next part...... Mark! As soon as I was booked in with Mark I knew I was going to have a great learning experience! Mark is patient, supportive and extremely good at what he does. He made me feel confident and gave me all the help I needed to fine tune my riding ready for completion of Mod 1 and 2. A huge bonus that I got with Mark was the ability to be able to contact him directly for advice, bookings and access to test dates that I didn't have access to myself, this was the icing on the cake for me! I honestly cannot recommend these guys enough! I hope to bump into them from time to time when I am out and about riding. Keep up the great work guys, and thanks again. Aaron Pugh
leslie wallin
Can't say enough good things about First Castle. After riding on L plates for 50 years and at the age of 67, I passed the 'A' unrestricted motorcycle test. So many thanks to Steve, Mark and Jon for giving me such a great time and making the whole experience so much fun.
Adam Burclaff
I used these guys for my CBT last year, and recently for my full license. Can't say good enough things, very professional and high quality training and also the bike was a practically new CB650F which was an excellent ride. Mark was a great guy and a pleasure to ride with, got advice when I needed it but never overbearing, always felt like I was given just the right amount of independence to learn. After my first day out I had my mod1 booked and straight after that my mod2 which says it all really. I will definitely be going out of my way to recommend
Kevin Burgess
Awesome business, turned up with zero bike experience and here I am a few months later cutting about on a 900cc Aprilia at my leisure. These guys really went the extra mile to ensure weaker spots were focused on, I felt totally ready for every test required to become a full access pass. Thanks Steve, Mark & Jon. Top lads & a top business. Kev
Ian Jones
Back to biking refresher - Feb 2019 Got to say a big thank you to Mark for the refresher course, I've been off bikes for just over 12 years and he was very good at settling my nerves with a quick practice on a 125cc around the learner cones in a quiet dedicated area of a local car park, when I was ready we progressed on to a 500cc and a follow my leader around town. He was regularly talking me through various aspects of biking and being supportive when I needed reminding of things I knew but which had slipped to the back of my mind. A trip further afield to build road and bike confidence and we swapped bikes so I was now on a 650cc, much closer to the type of bike I want to buy. I would definitely recommend 1st Castle to anyone wanting a refresher, a down to earth, expert and highly informative team.
Thomas Owen
Highly recommended. Really enjoyed my time training with 1st Castle. Mark and Steve were great and got me through mod1 and 2 from complete novice in no time at all. 1st Castle are very conscious of your time commitments and work around your diary to fit times that suit you and don't pressure you into booking everything all in one go. They are also great at getting you completed on a deadline if this applies. They try to avoid booking mod1 and 2 on the same day or without sufficient time between incase the worst happens and you need to repeat. I met someone who had failed mod1 with another company and had her mod2 that afternoon which would have been a very expensive day, but wouldn't have been with 1st Castle. Can't recommend enough for a great school who will get you through with a good laugh and laid back atmosphere. Thanks Mark and Steve
Anthony Egan
A great big thanks to Mark for a great experience. I passed my bike test back in 1981 and haven't ridden for around 35 years, so I was bit nervous. The refresher course was easy to book and just what I needed. Mark is really passionate about his work and that reflects in the quality of his training. I came away with new information and feel safe to get back on the road. I also asked for advice regarding the types of bike on the market these days. Again Mark's passion shone through and gave me loads to think about before diving in and getting the wrong bike for me. I also met Steve ,who like Mark was friendly and helpful which immediately make me feel welcome and at ease. I would highly recommend the refresher course and it's also extremely good value at £165!!
Will C
Looking for top drawer motorcycle training? Then you really do not need to look anywhere else. These guys not only teach well in excess of the requirements, but are knowledgeable, highly skilled and super friendly. The ethos within this independent businesses is something you rarely see in larger established businesses but it carries a huge amount of value. I sincerely hope Mark, Jon and Steve continue to get the support and recognition they richly deserve. So still looking for top drawer motorcycle instruction? Look no further. Thanks Mark for helping me get my full licence. Your part in this was huge and will not be forgotten you legend!
Brian Collins
I completed my CBT and DAS with 1st Castle between August and December this year, going from a complete novice to completing my Mod 2 just a few days ago. I've left it a few days to write my review as i didn't want it to be skewed by the elation of passing my mod 2. Before deciding on what local school to train with i sent emails out to what seemed to be the most reputable trainers in the area. Jon from 1st Castle was the only person who seemed happy to engage in a conversation about motorcycles from a novices perspective and the process of getting a full motorbike license. It was the fact that they seemed willing to talk and not treat the idea as a straight money for experience exercise that i decided to opt for this 'school'. Over my time with them i trained with both Steve and Mark. Both of these guys had significantly different styles of teaching but i always felt as though the learning was well catered for my particular style and pace. Perhaps the only consideration was that the bike i was on (the fazer) had obviously been through the wars, but in all fairness it never felt unsafe and never gave any problems at all; i can't fault them for that. All in all i had a fantastic experience with these guys and would sincerely recommend them to anyone thinking about going through a similar process. I bought a new bike this weekend (Yamaha Tracer 900), i'll be getting a season or so worth of experience and would definitely consider going back to them for some additional, more advanced, training. Thank you so much to Steve, Mark and Jon. Brian

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