Think Bike Training Nottingham

Think Bike Training Nottingham, Dusk Till Dawn, Boulevard Retail Park, Redfield Way, Nottingham, NG7 2UW

About Think Bike Training Nottingham

Think Bike Training Nottingham are a well establish ATB with over 60 years combined experience of motorcycle training. The team at Think Bike have a passion for things motorcycles and are great place to take your Bike CBT Training in Nottingham.

Their team of dedicated DVSA approved instructors pride themselves on delivering training to a high standard, helping riders be as confident and safe as they can be. Which is how team have gained a reputation for excellent training and great service.

Think Bike are able to offer all types of motorcycle training Nottingham from CBT training for those looking to start their riding journey all the way through to advanced rider courses. For those looking to gain their full licence, you might even be able to do a mock test as they have weekend access to the local DVSA test area, meaning you can be confident that you will be fully prepared for your motorcycle test.

They have a fleet of well maintained Kawasaki motorcycle and automatic scooters for their training courses and are able to provide a lowered bike (subject to availability) on special request for those shorter riders. With 3 separate and unique training grounds, based around Nottingham, they are uniquely able to match students' needs with training facilities available 7 days a week!

Barry and Tracey at Think Bike are well known local figures in the biker community, and are committed to helping new riders achieve their dreams, every CBT or DAS client is important to them, and this is reflected in their reviews and well above average test pass rates.

It's really easy to find and easily accessible by public transport with Nottingham Train Station being less than a 20 minute walk away! For those that are driving you'll there is on-street parking in the local area just ensure you leave plenty of time to find yourself a space.


Bike Hire: True

Helmet Hire: False

Gloves and jackets Included: False

On site Cafe: True

On Site cafe: False

Indoor Classroom: True


Think Bike Training Nottingham, Dusk Till Dawn, Boulevard Retail Park, Redfield Way, Nottingham, NG7 2UW


Theo Rumi
Just finished my CBT under the instruction of Tracey and I had a blast. Very calm and understanding throughout, even though I had no experience prior. I will be going back for extra lessons and hopefully preparations for and big bike license. Would highly recommend.
Will Mallouk
Tracey and Barry are super friendly, professional and want you to pass your mod 1 and mod 2 without milking you for an excessive number of lessons like some schools in Nottingham do! I passed my mod 1 with 0 faults, and mod 2 with one minor fault. They helped me through the process, and it was definitely a fun experience. Just make sure to make it on time to the test centre for each lesson, as if you arrive two minutes late you may be surprised to see that you missed the class with no warning and no refund. Other than that, brilliant, friendly, fun, straight to the point, down to earth team that will take you to your objective
Do It All Dan
I cannot recommend Barry and Tracey enough, They are both extremely professional, very knowledgeable and exceptional instructors. They make you feel at home and relaxed but manage to deliver the training and development you need to progress through your tests with ease. I passed my cbt, theory, mod 1 and mod 2 first time and couldn’t have done it without them. Very highly recommended.
Will Moore
Barry and Tracy are amazing! I passed my CBT with them, and then completed a DAS intensive course, and passed both Mod 1 & 2 first time! They are incredibly professional and safety focused, but make the training engaging, tailored and enjoyable with some good banter, which makes everything a very enjoyable experience. I will also be going back to them to complete an advanced rider training course, and I highly recommend them to anyone that wants to pass any of their bike tests or CBT! Barry also provides driving lessons, and my girlfriend will be looking to pass her driving test with Barry too. Thanks Barry & Tracy! 😁
Clark Stewart
Absolute legends to take training from i done an intensive course which they give me all the tools to pass with. Passed mod 1 with no faults, all though I failed my 1st mod2 which was my own fault for making a silly mistake 10 days later I came back and passed with 0 faults. Such a pleasure taking instruction form Tracey and Barry, highly recommended 👍👍
Irinel Necsulescu
I had a great time learning to get my full bike licence at Think bike. Very friendly and professional, lessons are tailored to you and your skills. Great communication when riding, good feedback at the end of the lessons, overall I felt like I am a part of the family. I would recommend them to anyone
Matt Wel
I've been having lessons with Think Bike Training for the past few months. I had nothing but a positive experience. From never having ridden a motorcycle at the start of the year to doing my CBT and now having completed my A2 licence it's been great! So thanks to Tracey, Barry and Alex!
alex bourdais
Had a great time going through my training here upgrading from A2 to A license. Super supportive and friendly trainers that really helped give me confidence as I haven't ridden in a couple of years. Managed to pass both MOD 1 and MOD 2 first time with their help so really happy. Thanks guys!
Johnny Thompson
Could not recommend more. Very friendly and patient instructors who tried very hard to make sure I felt comfortable. They did extremely well at honing in on my weak areas and really encouraged me to change my habits with safer approaches. Passed Mod1 + Mod2 first time thanks to their flawless instruction!
Hunter Thomson
If you want a first time pass with down to earth instructors then this is the place to go. It doesn't matter what level of skill you possess or how much experience you have, these guys will improve your riding. I wasn't the most confident but still passed both mod 1 and mod 2 first time. I would certainly recommend Barry and Tracey.
Ian Parke
Tracey and Alex put me at ease the moment i walked up encouraged and built my confidence as the day went on I look forward to returning for my full test thanks once again
kevin parke
Brilliant training course, friendly and very helpful. Built my confidence all the way thru the training I will definitely go back to get more advanced training In the future
james nolan
On our planned weekend away I booked my fiance in for her cbt, as I have been riding for years and she really enjoys riding pillion and now wants to progress to getting her own bike , Tracey really knew how to explain the more technical details of riding a bike and showed amazing patience towards her , which is just what a nervous girl needs first time on the road ona motorcycle, also Tracey was really helpful when I needed to change the dates , more than once ,she done everything she could to accommodate our needs , I myself had a good chat with Barry & Alex about all things bike related , all in all a really professional set up and hope to be back for wifey to finish getting her full licence , thanks a lot team " think bike training " 😀 😊 🏍🏍
Stacey Blanchard
My partner had the worst experience with the trainer Tracey. The trainer was none stop shouting and swearing. Appalling behaviour.she even admitted that she was going to pass a lady that had came down from London just because of how far she'd travelled and not on experience.this was within the first hour without even knowing she was capable. Worst behaviour I've ever saw from an instructor. It was like she wanted to get rid of my partner so that she could get off early,and then when my partner confronted her about this she started shouting and had fetched her partner to remove my partner from the course around 12.30. Do not book with these people absolutely appalling behavior to a paying customer
David Carter
Went in for my CBT today... I met 3 people there which was Alex, Barry and Tracy and all were absolutely fantastic - Alex was extremely helpful teaching me all the stuff I needed to know for my CBT, went through everything very carefully, clearly and kept asking if I had any questions to make sure I was ready, genuinely couldn't have asked for a better tutor - while getting ready to go out on the road Tracy explained the best way to book my theory and how to avoid scam sites and such and then I went out with Barry on the road who was very helpful, explanatory and very patient with me - at no point during any of it did I feel anxious, rushed or embarrassed to say I was unsure of something - wasn't sure I'd come back for MOD training and stuff when ready as it was quite a way from where I live, but after today I absolutely will be doing... thanks for all your help guys, see you again soon!
ian goode
Really lovely training school I am currently completing my lessons, and about to complete my final exams. Barry and Tracey are fantastic instructors they mix the serious with the fun side, which makes it a great experience. They have also catered to my really awkward schedules I cannot thank them enough for all their hard work. Barry had a full head of hair when I first started and now he has none after my first few lessons haha. Again thank you both very much.
Char G
If you are looking for a bike school that is, helpful, professional, provides amazing training this is the school for you! I have had a blast learning with Barry and Tracey they have helped me every step of the way and I passed both my mod 1 and mod 2 with no minors! I can't reccomend enough how good they really are 🤩
Michael Ng
I took my CBT with Tracy, Richard and Mark. All instructors were very friendly and built a strong rapport which made me feel comfortable asking questions. Richard is very patient and encouraging. Tracy is hugely knowledgeable, very clearly explained and demonstrated correct riding techniques to me and has a great sense of humor. Everyone was highly attentive and gave very useful feedback which really helped me build my confidence on the bike. They instructed us to ride at a high standard and ensured that we were well prepared before going on the road. You really get out what you put in with this school, and if you engage with the instructors you will certainly have an amazing experience.
Daniel Pick
Did my full bike license with Barry and Tracy and I passed my Module 1 and 2 first time with no riding faults. That’s all thanks to the exceptionally high standards of training they offer. If anyone is thinking of taking any sort or motorcycle training I would highly recommend these guys.
SnobGoblin the third
Tracey and Barry are friendly, supportive great humoured and fantastic in every way. I've done my CBT and now starting my A licence. Great advice and help every step of the way.
Karen Worsley
From the moment I made contact with Think Bike Training Ltd, I have had the best time. I have learnt life riding skills that I will cherish. Barry and Tracey made me feel like a family member and not like a customer. They never miss a trick always watching and not only telling you they show you too. The are best bike school in Nottinghamshire..... could not recommend a better team. Steve Clarke.
Jill Weller
Hi, just completed my CBT with Tracey and Barry and thoroughly enjoyed it. I went from complete novice to already looking to get my own bike. I felt safe and well supported and can definitely recommend Think Bike Training. Thanks.
Beverley Gregory
This school is not worth wasting your money on.if the owners see that you are able to think for yourself and grow on your own, then you are in trouble. Tracey as stated that she dislikes training women and feels it is ok to swear,grab at you during this time of social distance, all in front of another student.
Jordan Henshaw
Highly recommend think bike training! Barry and Tracey are full of knowledge and helped me go from my CBT all the way through to passing my MOD 2 today! Absolutely loved my time here, cannot fault them at all. Always up for a laugh and a joke too which is hard to find in the current environment. All the best guys and hopefully see you soon.
Laurynas Ben
I had CBT, MOD1&2 training with Tracey and Barry and i passed in 1st time. Great team! Wish you all the best !
Phil Wilde
Just had my CBT, not been riding in about a decade. Good humour and best CBT instruction by far out of the 3 I've experienced. Highly recommended, if you're serious about riding you'll want these folks teaching you. I'll hopefully be back after winter to work on getting my license with them.
Lee Gaskin
I can't recommend Think Bike Training highly enough!! Yesterday I passed my motorbike test having completed all of my training with Barry & Tracy - from CBT right the way through to MOD2 and everything in between. They are a brilliant pair of instructors, full of experience which they are eager to share to help you pass your tests as quickly but also safely as possible. The whole process was not only painless, but incredibly enjoyable and tailored around what I needed, when I needed it. If you book with them you can expect to learn a lot in a short space of time and have loads of laughs (usually at your expense, especially if you drive a BMW! Ha ha!) along the way. Thank you guys.
mark steels
Completed my training from CBT to Mod2 with Barry and Tracey. I couldn't of wished for a better pair to learn to ride with. I'd thoroughly recommend Thinkbike training to anyone wanting to have fun, learn and pass there tests.
Josh Stubbs
Couldnt recommend enough! Having no riding experience comming to do by CBT with a few other people who did they made sure I got a bit extra traning till I was to the same level. Tracy and Barry were amazing and was a really good day, thanks again guys!
Great riding school! Passed both modules first time with only 1 fault between them. Would recommend to anybody.
Keith Wignall
I did my DAS motorcycle training with Barry and Tracey. Passed both the Mod 1 and Mod 2 with zero faults. Fantastic instructors and enjoyed every minute. Really appreciate the training during this current COVID-19 crisis and pleased to see them supporting key workers like myself. Highly recommend this exceptional training school.
Tracy Carter
Think Bike Training is brilliant. I have had a few lessons as a trail on a geared 125 for the past 4 weeks then finally took my CBT on Sunday. I have always wanted to learn on a geared bike and they gave me the opportunity to do so. I have always struggled with my confidence but they do have a nack of putting you at ease. (well at least trying to in my case)!!! Barry, Aaron and Tracey are all fantastic instructors and I could not have asked for more from them. Keep up the good work guys.
Cheryl McCluskey
Had an absolute blast last Sunday for my CBT. Tracey is an excellent instructor, and not only showed me the ropes in terms of bike control, but refreshed a lot of information on road usage despite me having been driving for 18 years! Brilliant day and I'd highly coming here for lessons/tests.
I booked my CBT here and Richard was a brilliant instructor throughout the day. I have 0 experience with motorbikes and he was able to ease my way into learning, with a calm and patient demeanor. Everything was explained clearly including how I was to correct the faults.
Ghost Ghost
Show off... talking about their own skills all the time. They might be good with CBTs only.
Skie Garside
Absolutely brilliant, level of knowledge and patience is great....this was my 5th cbt and turns out I had been taught a few bad habits by other schools which were pointed out to me but without me feeling disappointed or having my confidence reduced...I had Tracey and she was great and friendly and supportive and informative...if I could give more stars I would have done
Billy Betts
Have just done my first CBT on Saturday they helped with any problems I had and answers any questions I had and they were extremely friendly and funny which make the day go a lot quicker and I'm going to uses them again for my A1 licence in the future
Internet Information
Having done my CTB with Tracey and Barry I couldn't recommend them highly enough. They are both great instructors who clearly have a love of bikes and are drive. to make sure that you not only feel confident but are safe and aware of those around you. I couldn't think of going anywhere else for my MOD1/2 when the time comes. Tony
Garry Reeve
Barry and Tracey are excellent took me from never having ridden a bike to full licence in a few months. Highly recommended this bike school
Arron Jones
Top quality, both instructors are friendly and clearly care about what they do. Atmosphere is great and makes training fun. Highly recommend.
Tony Powell
After a bad experience elsewhere I decided to give Think Bike a try. Barry, Tracey and Rich were spot on. Really friendly, helpful and professional. I only did my CBT but wil be joining them again to start my full licence as their training is excellent. I Would 100% recommend to all my friends and family.
zxw battrum
I did my direct access license right from CBT to Mod 2 with Think Bike Training. I would thoroughly recommend them. They always gave useful and constructive feedback (both in terms of passing the test modules and general riding advice) and were good at pushing me just enough so that I learned or improved something every week without it being too full on. Everyone I met during my training from Think Bike acted professionally whilst I was out on the bike but was a good laugh off the bike.
Shaq R
Highly Recommend! After completing my CBT with Think Bike, I went back the following year for Mod 1 and 2 training and passed both 1st time. Both Barry and Tracey were very helpful and I couldn’t be happier with the training I received. They made sure I was fully prepared and gave me the confidence I needed to pass. Thanks Guys!
Rebecca Houchin
Did a couple of hours experience ride on a 125 and was really happy with the tuition. Joined the guys last Sunday, regardless of the rain, for my CBT and it was a great day. All the guys are great. Really friendly, helpful and professional. Will be joining them at some point in the future to do my full licence. Would 100% recommend to my friends and family.
Deborah Franks
What a fantastic motorbike school. Barry and Tracey are absolutely fantastic. I went to another motorbike place before this one who were absolutely diabolical so was nearly put off but went to Think Bike and they were so patient and caring that I carried on. Would recommend this training school to anyone, you definitely will not be disappointed.
Abdu Al
Went from getting a CBT on Friday to having a full DAS license by that Monday. Excellent training, very experienced instructors who give great tips and feedback. Theyre also very helpful, patient and supportive. Fully recommended.
Andy Thurman
The best ! i am 52, very poor balance..and not been on a bike for many years. Allways kicked myself,for not doing bike test,when i was young. Now retired,i thought go on have a go. Rang think bike,and told them,my balance was not good.Lost all of it through illness some years back.Learned to walk again.They said come on down,have a go on a moped.Around the carpark. So get there,rather terrified.But within 2 mins,Tracy put me at ease. I told her,even though i had bikes,years ago.I am starting from scratch. Had a hour lesson,Tracy thought i was good enough to do my cbt.But to be honest,i rather enjoyed my hour,on this little moped.So i asked if it was ok for me to have another hour lesson. Today i did my cbt,with Tracy. Brill instructor,very imformative. No rush,all done at out pace.She feeds you information,as you are riding. Fantastic. 5 stars. If your thinking about starting out on a bike. Just go with the best.Go thinkbike. If i can get through it,you people have nothing to worry about lol. Thanks Tracy, your a star
Chris adams
Barry Tracey and Richard great team put my mind at ease definitely a five star service would recommend every time cheers guys and Tracey
Both Barry and Tracey are great instructors. I had Barry who helped me through my Mod1 and Mod2, passing first time. He knew exactly what training I needed, enabling me to ride safely and erase any bad habits. Both of them are fun to be around and have vast amounts of knowlegde, I would highly recommend them to anyone learning to ride and I will deffinatly be back to complete my full A license.
Philip Topham
Just passed and got a full license on my Harley Davidson 1800cc, when a previous instructor had told me he could not instruct me anymore as he said i was a danger to myself and everyone else. Very deflating. I phoned Barry & Tracey and told them my situation. Barry took me out on a 125cc for a lesson and afterwards then said he could teach me to ride safely and get a full license. If you not quite generic Barry & Tracey are excellent teachers. If you are generic they are good instructors. In short they have made an old man very happy. Plus the location is great because as soon as you come out from there base you are on a test route, so you get more bucks for your money. They are both great genuine people. Once again thanks so much : ) Kinds regards Phil

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