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Motorcycle Licence Birmingham

If you’re looking to gain your full motorcycle licence in Birmingham it may seem like a complicated process, but we’re here to make completing your motorcycle training as easy as possible. Don’t worry, it’s really not as complicated as it might appear. We have several training schools in Birmingham and the surrounding area that will help you gain your full motorcycle licence in no time.

The Quickest Way to Two Wheels

The quickest and easiest way to get on two wheels is by completing the CBT test, otherwise known as Compulsory Basic Training, which you can do from the age of 16. You don’t need any previous experience riding motorcycle or scooters, and you don’t need to pass your theory and hazard perception tests. The CBT only takes a day, and once completed will last two years, after which point you will need to retake the CBT or take the full motorcycle test. Since the CBT is only a basic level of training you will have to display L-plates on your machine and you won’t be allowed to carry passengers of ride on motorways. At 16 you’ll be restricted to a 50cc bike with a top speed of 28mph. At 17 you’ll be able to move up to a 125cc machine.

The Full Motorcycle Test

If the CBT isn’t enough for you or you’re ready to move up a level then you’ll want to take your full motorcycle test in Birmingham, but first you’ll have to complete the theory and hazard perception tests. There is only one practical test you need to take, comprised of two elements; Module 1 and Module 2, but the age at which you take your test determines which licence you will be eligible for, and thus what you will be allowed to ride.

You can actually take your full test from the age of 16, but the only things you’ll gain are the abilities to carry a passenger and ride on motorways while also shedding your L-plates. Take your test between the ages of 19 and 23 and you will be allowed to ride a bike with a maximum power output of 35kW. You will be restricted to this power output for two years, but once those two years are up you’ll be able to hop straight onto any bike you like. There are two ways to deal with this restriction. You can purchase a bike that only makes 35kW as standard, or you can go for a bike that makes more power, and then restrict the power it makes. If you go for the latter option you will end up with a heavier bike that may not be quite as exciting due to the lack of power, but once those two years are up you will be able to remove the restrictor. If you choose to go for a 35kW bike then you’ll have to buy a new bike once the restriction period is up.

If you pass your test at 24 or older then you will be allowed to ride any motorcycle straight away. This is what’s known as the Direct Access Scheme (DAS).

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