Moto-Technique Manchester

Moto-Technique Manchester, Units 1 & 2 Millgate, Dantzic Street, , Manchester, M4 4JW

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Moto-Technique Manchester, Units 1 & 2 Millgate, Dantzic Street, , Manchester, M4 4JW


radu rodvan
I’ve had an amazing experience doing my Direct Access with Moto-Technique. They are very knowledgeable and supportive which makes learning easier. Would definitely recommend moto-technique to those who want to learn how to ride safe on the road.
Engr. Umer Farooq
Best Training so far. I really enjoyed today although I couldn’t pass my CBT in first attempt as i am new in UK but i am satisfied as for them safety is the first priority. Thankyou for your step by step guidance
Sarah Evans
Absolutely amazing! The instructors are all really patient and let you take everything at a pace you're comfortable with. Took me 3 attempts to get my CBT because I was so nervous about going on the road. Special thanks to Mark for taking so much time to help me build my confidence. Wouldn't consider going anywhere else after going to moto.
Josh Carter
Short Review: These guys are the best of the best, if you're looking for a two-wheeled qualification from mopeds to SuperSports why would you ever go anywhere else? These are friendly professionals who know their stuff, but are approachable and kind enough for even the most clueless beginner (i.e. me). They charge very fair prices and teach with safety as their number one priority. Go here, you will not regret it. Long Review: 6 months ago I knew nothing about motorbikes except that I wanted to ride one. Now I have an unrestricted license and ride a VFR800 (kindly recommended by Mick) to work each day. It's only been possible due to the simply fantastic guys at Moto-Technique. For me, the biggest barrier to learning to ride was the culture. The idea of entering this world was intimidating enough to put me off- if this is how you feel, please book in with Moto-Technique. The guys were patient, kind and friendly from the off. They aren't interested in who you are or why you're there, only that you have a desire to learn. Their teaching puts safety first, so they won't let you move more quickly than you're comfortable. The lessons are always great value for money and Andy was keen to understand my financial situation and show me all possible options, working out the cheapest possible route to a license but one that doesn't come at the expense of adequate training. Most importantly, I ride now knowing that the skills I learned here will keep me safe on the roads for a lifetime. I can't say the same about other companies in the city. I think learning to ride a motorbike is one of the best things I've ever done, and I can't imagine going through that process with anyone else. Google will not let me rate 6 stars, but if I could I would. Now stop reading this, take the plunge and book in with Moto-Technique. You will not regret it.
Tomos Cooper
I recently did my CBT course at Moto technique. From start to finish it was a great experience. The pace of tuition was spot on, the team of guys they have there are absolutely great and they make you feel comfortable throughout. They bent over backwards to accommodate for us. I would highly recommend doing any bike tuition here!
Matthew Arabian
On the way to my CBT renewal and I get a puncture. Start panicking and I call to explain I can’t make it. Andy reassured me, got me to his site and let me use one his bikes for free to complete my renewal. He also hand pumped my tyre twice and measured it to see how much would go down so he could gauge how much air to put in so I could get home. He also gave me excellent advice and I learned a lot with Andy. The instruction from Mark was superb and I learned more from him in this course with Moto-Technique than I did in my previous two cbt courses with another company. Highly recommend these guys! Review written two weeks ago when booking course with Andy. Excellent customer service via email and telephone. Had a problem booking online and Andy was kindly enough to take my order the old fashioned way (manually)
jamie fowler
Honestly can not express my gratitude enough to these guys for helping over the final hurdle of my MOD2. They were so welcoming and understanding from the start. Despite already having had several lessons and passed my MOD1 with another school, I did not feel confident in my own skill of handling a bike. These guys took it back to basics, delivered advice in a way that was simple and constructive, without making you feel like a idiot, they are patient and supportive, all in a relaxed and friendly environment. I am actually glad I failed my MOD1 prompting me to look for another school, otherwise I would never had the pleasure of seeing these chaps every Saturday morning and becoming a better rider for it! If you are in any doubt, let this review be the reassurance you need, you won’t regret it.
Excellent riding school that taught me alot and made me feel welcome. I'd highly recommend using their service
Rob K
Moto Technique got me through my Mod 1 and Mod 2 progressive access with no dramas, both instructors who I had were professional and taught good riding skills. Andy was very flexible in helping me book lessons and tests around my work schedule. Can't recommend these lads enough for motorcycle training, they really do inspire confidence. Many thanks fellas, Rob K.
Great set of guys with plenty of experience and good humour, guided me towards my CBT within a few hours! Would definitely recommend if your in Manchester +++
Harry G
Excellent company, can’t do enough for you and provide professional and down-to-earth guidance. They even gave me a lift after a lesson to pick my car up from the garage which was about an hours walk away. Would recommend this place to anyone after completing my CBT and then DAS here in Summer last year and gave me the confidence to start riding my 1100 Pan European. Great guys massive thanks to Andy and Mick
Simon Poole
hi guys i pass my CBT test today well helpful there team better 100% i go bk there in 2yeah
Jim Hunter
Had a great day learning, all the staff friendly and now bought the first bike. Had enough confidence to ride it back from Barnsley over Woodhead Pass, now need more power, a slippery slope they warned me about. First class & highly recommended
Peter Taylor
Great set of guys there put your mind at ease A1
L Flaherty
I arrived for my CBT as a bundle of nerves and left calm and confident that I could continue my journey as a new learner driver. The training ground used is excellent with lots of space to practice manoeuvres without worrying about getting too close to other trainees. The road training gave me a good grounding in the basics including how to deal with sharing the highway with other road users. All instruction on and off the bike was delivered in a clear, confident, and friendly way putting me straight at ease and letting me know I was in good hands.
Qasim Zaidi
Had a great experience to clear CBT with them great and kind instructors and management. Must join them x
Very patient, friendly and extremely knowledgeable team. Know how to give constructive feedback whilst keeping you confident in yourself. Easily recommend to anyone
jon drive
Great day of learning to ride a manual bike. CBT done, thank you.
Tania Tyson
Thankyou to the team at Moto Technique for your time and understanding with my autistic son today. So proud of him for passing his CBT training.
Ziad Labib
I came to Moto-Technique for my Mod 2 training, the staff were very helpful and I learned a lot in a short period, passed my mod 2 now. I highly recommend Moto-Technique
Stuart Simpson
Wonderful and really knowledgable team, extremely friendly and genuinely interested in helping you pass and ride safely! Cannot recommend enough!
amarpal singh
I got my test passed today Thanks to moto techniqe Thanks guys
Kashif Khan
Top guys at moto technique really helpful they really care about riders safety I learned a lot from my training looking forward to do my full license training with you guys .thank you
Jan Janyzz
Just holding my MOD2 certificate and thinking how great experience it was at Moto-Technique. These guys have the skill and know very well how to pass it on to you. Great friendly atmosphere. They make you feel very comfortable and confident on the road, no pressure at all. Special thanks to Mick for letting me touch his GS and "mess" with the centre stand. I am glad it was not part of the test :) I will see you again thank you so much! You are good people and fantastic instructors. 👍🏍
Rick Fox
Second time for CBT Renewal and fantastic place, will be doing full license lessons here and highly recommend.
Matthew Holbrook
Couldn't recommend Moto-Technique enough. The whole team are knowledgeable, down to earth, practical and have an amazing approach to helping learners progress and improve through each lesson. I went from CBT through to MOD2, so even with very little experience, Moto-Technique managed the program in a way which corrected the negative aspects of my riding, whilst maintaining the positive side - resulting in a confident final test, and a much relieved pass. Other reviewers have it spot on - they'll teach you how to ride for life rather than just how to pass. Absolutely 5 Star service and beyond. Massive appreciation to Andy, Del and Mick for all of the support, can't thank you all enough!!
Laurence Day
Moto Technique did a fantastic job at teaching me to ride, passing both mod 1 and mod 2 with no retakes with their standard package on the website. You will get taught to ride properly with skills for life, rather than just ticking the boxes for a test. Great prices and great instructors, everyone is super friendly and supportive. Andy has always been very helpful, efficient and flexible with times for lessons and booking tests. I highly recommend that you choose moto technique over other schools in Manchester!
Guy Parker
The team at Moto-Technique are spectacular. Amazing expertise and genuinely care about their customers. You'll notice all the thank you cards on the wall when you walk in. If you want to learn how to ride properly with a down to earth and practical approach. This is the place.
peter richardson
Highly recommend Moto-Technique. Thanks to the team for a most enjoyable and successful day, CBT achieved. Will be looking forward to further lessons soon.
Yonni Gatoff
I needed to renew my CBT as the 2 years is up and found myself here. The instructor was really helpful she understood that I had a lot of road experience already and sped up the course allowing me to do all he necessary parts. Even though I am a more experienced rider the instructors still had some great feedback on how I could cretique some of the bad habits I have picked up over time. Thanks will return her if/when I decide to get a full license.
Danny Clayton
I passed with these guys they are very good. I highly recommend
David Lawson
I have completed my CBT with Moto-Technique and I have now started to ride the bigger bikes in preparation for my test. The staff are all extremely friendly and ensure that you are confident on the road taking things step-by-step. I would highly recommend using them for your CBT or lessons to prep you for your test!
Faiz Qadir
All the team at Moto_Technique is very professional and friendly. I was trained by Mark, Mick and Adle for my Mod 1 and Mod 2 tests. Really enjoyed my Lessons with then. Riding school owner Andy gave me some good tips too on manual handing of the heavy bikes. Cheers for all your help and I'll be recommending your school to my family and friends too. 👍🙂
donna f
Excellent staff. I was very nervous. Made me feel relaxed and confident. Thankyou Mark B. Enjoyed learning with you guys today.
Filippos Perdikos
Experienced professionals who know what they are doing. I never felt unsafe when under their supervision. I did the CBT and lessons with them and passed the mod 1 and mod 2 tests. Highly recommended!
Ai 456
If you want to get a motorbike driving license, this is where you want to go. I did the CBT exactly 12 months ago, did my practice, and now succesfully passed all the exams. Passed theory, and practical tests (Mod 1 and Mod 2). I rode an average of 2 lessons per week. Andy in Moto-Technique has always been very very helpful, exhaustive in his explanations, availble and very communicative. I found the instructors and all the staff to be very very excellent. They are meticolous in teaching you everything you need and you won't find online, they are attentive to your safety, they train you on all the essential aspects to successfully pass your exams. After you get your driving license, the CBT is essential to be able to practice on the road. Back in January 2018, on a saturday all day CBT course, I've been taught the basics of a motorbike, taken to practice in a safe area to get the initial knowledge and feel with a 125, and then in the afternoon, out on the road for a ride with Adele and Mark (apologies if I got a wrong spelling). In september 2018, I passed the theory test. I got for 12 quids a 7 day access to DVSA online learning and mock test material. It proved to be very good material (5 stars to DVSA for this) and at the exam day, I found questions and many video clips to be the same as the material I studied on. In november, I contacted back Andy. I did an assessment on a 125 and then started the proper training for Mod1 and Mod2. I began with 2-3 lessons again on the 125, to get practice with the throttle and on the brakes. It is essential to learn to use properly brakes and throttle as you don't want to fall. On this side, Moto Technique is excellent. The different instructors will make you practice and tell you how to get better and ready to avoid common mistakes on bigger bikes. I was then moved onto a a Kawasaki ER 6n, which turned out to be perfect to learn. All lessons involve a ride on the road and fundamental manouvering exercise where the teachers will spot and tell you how perfection your driving skills. The first lesson on the Kawasaki I was taught all the main differencese between the 125 and a bigger bike, and was taken out for a ride to get used to it. Have to say that the way Moto Technique trained me on the 125 made feel very safe and comfortable later on the Kawasaki. After 2 more lessons, I was trained for the Mod 1 test and by that time. There are many videos online, go and watch what you will have to do before the mod 1 training lessons, so you will be ready. Passed the mod 1 test on a very rainy day at test centre in Atherton, but nonethe less, Adele apparently trained me so well I passed with just one rider fault (as I stopped a bit too slow in the emergency stop). Went then out for another training ride on the road before the exam. On the Mod 2 test day, the examiner asked me some basic motorbike questions, for which I was taught and trained in advance by Moto-Technique. Went then out on the road. I had to many pull on the side, and start again. Never forget your basic checks. Check before indicating. Practice on your motorbike, so get used to it and you can pay attention to all the enviroment around you, like you would do in the video clips in the theory test. Drive safely and conscious of your bike and all the people on the road, and with Moto-Technique you'll end up with a new driving license and extremely satisfied. Call up Andy and arrange your lessons!
Gary Perkins
I did my CBT, Mod 1 & 2 and passed them quite easily, first time, thanks to the help and guidance given by the team of instructors at Moto-Technique. They're honest, friendly people who exhibit a high degree of professionalism. I really cannot fault them at all. If you want people you can trust to train you on all aspects of motorcycle riding and to give you the knowledge to keep you safe on the road then Moto-Technique are the people to go to. Cannot recommend highly enough. :)
Nadeem Naseem
Just passed mod 1 & 2 first time with Moto-Technique. They're a bunch of friendly guys who provide top notch training! Would recommend them to anyone wanting to learn how to ride bikes.
david patterson
I am 50 years old and wanted my bike licence, I now have it because of the guys at Moto technique, I found them very understandable and patient and would recommend them to anyone over all the bike riding schools out there. Thanks Andy and Mick.
Si Lawless
Great place, excellent training and staff couldn't be happier passed Mod 1 Mod 2 and now have my full license
I've just passed my Mod 2 today with no faults! I found Andy and all of the staff to be friendly, down to earth, professional and very experienced. The training provided for the CBT, MOD 1 and MOD 2 is all strengths based with the learner receiving lots of positive comments on what they are doing well in addition to areas where further development is required. I had a fantastic learning experience here and I cannot rate this company highly enough :)
Dariusz Manchester
Friendly and patient staff with profesional attitude. I had no experience on motorbikes, but thanks to them I passed my CBT in one day by the first time on manual geared motorbike. Also, they advise what to do after passing CBT very acurately. They have over 40 years of experience in driving and they are reliable even in freezing weather. I can recomend them honestly. Dariusz.
Michal Dybowski
Thanks of these folks I'm a happy Rider now in my 2nd full season !!!
Did my CBT at moto-technique great place with really nice instructors passed first time and will be back to do full test soon.

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