Shires Motorcycle Training Leicester

Shires Motorcycle Training Leicester, Beaumont Sports Complex, , Leicester, LE4 1DS

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Shires Motorcycle Training Leicester, Beaumont Sports Complex, , Leicester, LE4 1DS


Allyson Clinton
I can honestly recommend Shires Motorcycle Training 10/10 stars ⭐️ My son River had his CBT. The kindness, thoughtful, very professional,knowledgeable, considerate staff are truly amazing! I would highly recommend and would not bother to enquire elsewhere! We did this and ended up being so disappointed! They made my son feel at ease. Teresa you are fantastic and a huge thank you for all of your help. All the trainers are excellent. 100% Thank you from a happy mother and son, Allison Clinton and River Clinton ⭐️
Muhammad Alam
A great place to gain experience, training and necessary skills to ride all sorts of bikes. Each and every member of the team is extremely friendly. You feel one of them, the moment you walk in. They make you feel very comfortable and their teaching style is comparable to any high standard educational institution in the world. I was struggling with few things and the training team focused on those points until I gained expertise to perform those manoeuvres. Special thanks to Andy the Ace, Gary the Great one and Gary the Genius one and only Teresa the Top lady. Guys thank you so much and keep up the good work. You are all doing an amazing job. I only named those whom I interacted with but I saw other instructors dealing with other learners in the same fashion and they seemed as good as the names aforementioned - that must be norm there, I believe. Shires is the place to go for your motorbike training and 100% pass unless you mess it up yourselves.
Super Storm
Have just taken my full test training with the shires. The best instructors who fill you with confidence and really make you believe you can do it! Massive shout out to Ian and Andy who I had, both were amazing and taught me so many different things about the bike I was riding. Pleased to say I passed both modules with only 1 minor on each. I even got my module 2 test brought forwards, the whole team is so so helpful. Amazing people and can't wait to ride over on my new bike to catch up with you all. Would 1000% recommend.
V Naran
I had no riding experience. The instructors here are fantastic and able to show you various techniques based on your abilities. Passed mod 1 and 2 with no faults at all and it's all down to training Shires provided. Highly recommended choosing this training centre if you want good quality training and overall experience.
Rareş Bîrzu
I’ve taken my CBT with them in 2020 then my full motorbike licence in summer of 2022. I absolutely enjoyed the process. I had had a bit of nerves at beginning, they were friendly and motivated me to get through at ease. I still remember when I first jumped from 125cc to 650cc I was so afraid I said I would probably kill myself but Dan chatted with me a bit about the difference in stability between the two bikes and made my mind so I jumped on the big bike without any issues whatsoever. He’s a legend. I’ve also been trained by the other instructors which are as good as him. Lovely people. Also, Teresa is doing brilliant in office, she managed to set up my training dates the best she could to suit me. I will always recommend Shires motorcycle training to friends, they are the best at what they do.
Joseph Watts
Sorry for this delayed review, my only excuse is that I’ve been enjoying motorcycling too much! This is in no small part due to the team at Shires. The training, advice and friendly approach from them was 1st Class. I would (and have done already) recommend them if you’re thinking of passing your test, but more so in learning motorcycling skills for life. It was such a brilliant start to this new found passion. Particular mention to Tommy, Chris, Dan and Teresa for being so friendly, encouraging and enthusiastic. Thanks so much. Joe
James Cooper
I did my CBT renewal, mod 1 and mod 2 with Tom and Andy, every part was great and educational. Friendly, professional and an amazing team. Tom was superb, couldn’t thank him enough, Andy my mod 2 instructor was brilliant, teaching me at any chance he could. I would highly recommend for any best tests ! :)
Richard Ford
Would really like to thank everyone at Shires for getting me through the test and the re-take I had to do. Chris, Dan, Andy in fact all there are brilliant and give great advice. Can't fault them and highly recommend using them. Meant I could get my Rocket which I now love to ride. Thanks to Teresa for getting the tests sorted.
William Roberts
Had a great day today doing my CBT training. Was instructed by Chris. I arrived early and watched a poor chap drop his bike on the floor the instructors didn’t make a fuss, and reassured the lad to give it another go. On my training Chris was really patient, easy going and gave clear concise instructions whilst out on the roads. Made the whole experience amazing. I wasn’t looking forward to it to be honest, but at the end of training felt like I learnt a lot and Chris made it all dead easy. I can now ride my chicken chaser around safer. I had no desire to do my bike bike license but shires made the learning process of the cbt so easy I might give it to now! And I will definitely be doing it with Shires! (And hopefully Chris!!)
Arshad Bhoyroo
Simply amazing motorbike training school. Instructors are very knowledgeable and very patient with all learners. The team are extremely professional and take extra care and attention to help you pass at your own learning pace. I was super impressed with how respectful the instructors were towards everyone and treated everyone equally and fairly without any prejudice. Keep up the great work!
Richard Parker
I’ve just completed my DAS training here and can’t recommend or praise them enough. Really helpful and friendly bunch that have a bit of laugh with you to help your nerves. The instruction from both Danny and Ian was brilliant, a huge thanks to them both. They both gave constant feedback to help you improve and build your confidence. I’ll be heading back soon to book in on the advanced riders course! Thanks again to all the staff
ADV Travelbug
My girlfriend Fiona switched to Shires after a disappointing experience with Circuit based Training. At first we were nervous as she would have to get used to a different bike she was previously training on. But it was well worth it. The training was great! I then joined her today for the enhanced rider scheme which I recommend to everybody as it’s subsidised by the council and teaches you how to ride safer and position yourself properly. Despite having 10 years riding experience I felt I learnt a lot from this experience and Fiona as a new rider gained more confidence. Thank you everyone at Shires ☺️🙏🏻
Steven Beeson
Instructors Dan and Chris both superb in different ways. Excellent knowledge, tuition and Mod 1 and 2 training paced correctly with a 2 to 1 ratio. All done with a bit of ‘grown up’ humour that created a few laughs throughout the few days. Passed both tests first time thanks to the instructors dedication.
Jet Mistry
Chris and the team were great from start to finish. You felt they all wanted you to enjoy the day and succeed with a healthy emphasis on your safety.
Andy Hall
I'm 32 and had no previous experience at all with motorbikes. I went for my CBT with another company and had an absolute nightmare. Deciding to give it one more try I emailed Shires and explained my situation - they were immediately very understanding and encouraging. On my visit both instructors could tell I was nervous and therefore took the time to help me relax. Ian is clearly incredibly knowledgeable and was able to break down each aspect of the maneuvers so a novice could understand. They gave me extra time on the pad and gave constant encouragement. Tom took just myself out on the road section and I couldn't have asked for a better instructor. Clear directions at all times, constant encouragement and gentle reminders of things I should be doing. Tom would demonstrate and then allow me to practice, all at my pace. He had the perfect mix of professionalism and humour and tailored the ride to what I hoped my future riding experiences would be. After my first experience I thought riding would never be for me, but I really enjoyed my CBT day and that's thanks to the Shires instructors. Literally can't recommend high enough. Complete professionals.
Eszter Goncz
They are the absolute best!! Thank You so much, I have learned a tremendous amount from You, thanks for all the patience and support after I technically became a mod2 'regular', big shout out for Teresa!! :) Loved every bit of training with both Toms, Chris and Dan! I am the happiest rider there is! I ll be back for the advanced rider course once settled in with my own Z650 :)
mohammed hussain
5* all around. All the instructors were amazing. They really do want you to pass and with their knowledge and expertise you certainly will. Special thanks to Chris for the invaluable tuition on the 650 bike. I owe you a burger 😂
ben bass
Top people. Picked up up my mod 2 after a big break due to covid, wished I did all my training with them. Amazing place, can't recommend enough.
Ahmed Rafiq
Had Ian and Chris training us and were both a joy to be around, made the experience as good as it can be and we're very helpful. Definitely recommend 👍
Greg Smith
I'm 25 and decided to do my direct access course for full powered bikes. I had looked around at other companies but decided to go with Shires as their price was competitive and they looked more professional than some of the others in the area. I had emailed, as I had had zero experience on a motorbike and was a little confused about what course I had to take but Theresa explained everything to me. Over the whole course of the training I had various instructors, whom were all professional and taught in their own ways, which gave me other ways of looking/doing so I could find what I found best. Their equipment looked fairly new and well looked after. I passed all my tests first time and that's with a couple months off the bikes due to Covid, so only shows even more the level of training. Overall, I was extremely happy with my experience with Shires, and strongly recommend them to anyone wanting to go for their bike license. Also just want to mention a special thank you to Ian, Tom and Theresa!
Jake Harman
Andy was brilliant. All very professional and came away feeling confident about what to look out for and how to do thing to make life easier. Top marks and thank you
kemal orhan
The trainer Garry and all the staff are very friendly and professional, we had a great time, we had fun while learning. The staff loves their job. It's the perfect place to learn how to ride a motorcycle.
Sean Hughes
Thank you guys for all that you have done to get me through my mod 1 and mod 2 I am truly great full special thanks to Chris and Dan for Wednesday and Thursday (2nd & 3rd December 2020) for your knowledge and answering the questions I had regarding my mod 2. Brilliant company I do highly recommend shires for they dedicated team of instructors and the reasonable prices they have. Thanks again guys
Shell Holton
Absolutely fantastic experience with the Shires’s from start to finish. I was very well looked after and supported all the way through. What a great team. I managed to obtain a full license within 6 months and considering I’d never ridden a bike before until this year. And under the circumstances with the pandemic they did a fantastic job. I couldn’t thank you all enough. Thank you.
Dominic Keymer
I have already and would recommend shires again to anyone wanting motorcycle training. All off the instructors I had were very professional. See you soon for my advanced course. Thanks again shires!
Wayne Hill
Did my CBT with Shires (Ian). Really good. Very informative and professional. Was a bit anxious to begin with but I was made to feel at ease with no pressure and by the end of the day was more confident than I thought I could be. Great atmosphere
Andrew Brennan
Went for CBT renewal this morning. Chris the instructor was fantastic. Fully recommend these guys. Cheers Chris.
Stephen Radford
My partner booked a CBT renewal prior to lockdown and when government restrictions were in place it was unable to go ahead. Despite multiple attempts we were unable to get through to Shires and so, through no fault of our own, were forced to go with a different training company to remain on the road. After lockdown ended, Shires made zero attempt to contact my partner to re-book the missed training. When we finally were able to request a refund for the £30 deposit paid, my partner was told it was subject to an outrageous “administration“ fee of £5 - 17% of the original payment! This “administration” fee is not listed anywhere in the terms & conditions on Shires’ website. It was never mentioned when we made the phone booking and it feels like the agent on the phone made it up on the spot in an attempt to recuperate some of the lost revenue. This fee feels like extortion. There was no way my partner could have gone on the course or given notice to cancel because it was impossible to get through during lockdown. Now we’re out of pocket because our money was being held ransom due to this bogus fee. When asked what it was for we were told it was to cover costs from the bank/card merchant provider. No merchant provider I know of charges 16%. My partner asked if we could get a refund in cash instead and would be willing to pick it up so Shires could avoid fees but for some reason that wasn’t an option either. If you’re going to book with Shires beware of these hidden fees because who knows where else they trip their loyal customers up.
A Pawa
Did my cbt here today. Had an amazing experience, they helped me learn how to ride at my own pace, and when I wasnt getting it the same way as the others Dan pulled me aside and explained the technique in a different way and it just clicked. Extremely patient, made it fun I would 100% recommend, will definitely be back for the next step with my licence. Dan was an excellent instructor!
Chris SMith
Brilliant company, went there for my DAS training/tests in August this year after having attempted my A2 licence 4 years or so ago elsewhere and having had a bad experience. I can say the difference is night and day. They gave me the confidence and skills to pass and I'm glad to say with their help I passed both Mod1 and Mod2 first time! They have top notch bikes/gear and trainers. We got plenty of training in before the Mod1 test, along with a day spent training at the actual test centre. So when I went for the actual test I knew it in and out and all I had to do was repeat what I'd already done. Having done the tests on Kawasaki 650's with ABS it made me feel confident I had good equipment beneath me so I could apply all my focus on the ride. All in all a great place to go to, would recommend to anyone looking to learn or train, or even just for a nice ride.
Shane Babington
The team here were brilliant, made me feel comfortable and gradually built up my confidence. I had never rode a bike before I went for the CBT so I was really nervous at first but once they got started they made me feel relaxed on the bike. Very highly recommend.
A good team on site that let's you learn and ride at your own pace. I completed my cbt, cbt enhanced, then did my theory and hazard perception. All through shires motorcycle training. Flew through the mod 1 then took the mod 2. Failed Mod 2. Did it again after 2 weeks and passed today. 24.7.19 Just want to say thank you so much for the training and support. Especially Dan, Dan, Pete, Roger, Ian, and above all Teresa for doing the admin and Tom for taking my hard earned money. Looking forward to completing my enhanced riders course soon. I highly recommend em!
Sylvie Carter
Learnt to ride with these guys several years ago, had a break from riding and then recently did a couple of refresher courses before I took to the roads alone again! I learnt masses at each stage without feeling as though my head was spinning with too much info. I left buzzing after each session! I would thoroughly recommend training here, I have been taught by several of the instructors and they were all fab.
Angela Brown
Fantastic team! Dedicated and fab at what they do. If not for them I wouldn't have passed my mod 2, very highly recommended.
Wolf James
Brilliant bunch of guys here. I felt very comfortable with all instructors. Over 5 years I completed my full bike test. Would 100 % recommend anyone wishing to obtain either a Full bike license or CBT these guys are the best.
lee andrews
The shires motorcycle training in my opinion is the best and only choice for were you should train to ride a motorcycle I have used them every time and there staff are amazing the training is unbeatable the teach you all you need to know about road safety maintenance of your motorcycle and everything in between anyone and everyone who wants to ride should train with this amazing group of instructors
Ismaeel Aadam
I just did my CBT and DAS here. I have to say the level of training really exceeded my expectations. I had previously owned a bike on a CBT and these guys (Dan The Man) really improved my slow control and my pet hate, figure of 8s. I passed everything first time with my MOD 2 having only two minors (both of which I knew what I had done wrong at the time). The price might be high, but I would really recommend to anybody looking to do their full license. I am planning on going back to do my Enhanced Rider course that's how much I think I can learn from the guys. Shires: This review does not do justice to how grateful I am to your professional and flexible approach to meet my own personal commitments! Regards, Ish :)
Matthew Wilson
Great, friendly staff. Always willing to help and they know what they're talking about, 100% would recommend
Tony M
Just back from a day spent on the enhanced rider scheme run by the Leicester branch of Shires Motorcycle Training at Beaumont Leys. The training I received was excellent in all respects and suited my requirements perfectly as a "mature" person returning to motorcycling.. I must thank Ian, Teresa and "big" Dan for putting me at ease whilst on the premises. The one to one pursuit and comprehensive recap, carried out by Ian, was extremely thorough and highlighted both the good and bad aspects of my riding abilities but more importantly, the areas which need attention. The day spent with Ian also provided an invaluable Q and A session to clear up any "grey areas" you may have. The whole experience was very well organised and professionally executed but never intimidating. I found all the staff and instructors friendly, supportive and extremely helpful. Thank you once again and I look forward to another refresher session in due course. Best regards, Tony M.
Dill Sagoo
Had my CBT today @ Shires with Dan. Absolutely fantastic. Dan was patient, and passionate about getting me through successfully. Thank you Dan and Shires!
Dafydd Prichard
Professional, courteous and very, very patient - no wonder Shires have been around so long. I recently completed my CBT with Shires and am now progressing through my DAS. Tom and the Team are hugely supportively, and nothing is too much bother. If you’ve ever fancied giving biking a go, don’t hesitate in contacting Shires.
Tech ReleaseUK
The best ever riding training center. Dan and Andy made sure it was the best ever experience riding. The guys have the absolute best ever service and they help you so much Shires Motorcycle Training is the best. I would never ever go anywhere else then them if I were you. They have helmets gear gloves great bikes awesome constant advice. You can actually ask questions while you are out on the road with the two way bluetooth headsets. I am absolutely amazed and wish you all to experience this amazing experience with them. Great service guys. Can't thank you enough.
Shannon Stodd
Fantastic training experience with brilliant instructors. Couldn't ask for more. Very good at putting everyone at ease whether you have experience or not. Special thanks to Dan, Gareth and Andy for taking me through CBT, CBT+ and Mod 1 (so far!) Update. Passed MOD1 and MOD2 with 0 minors. They managed to fit me in early which was awesome. Will be doing advanced training come spring.
Richard Cleaver
Did my CBT and DAS with these guys. Highly professional but also a great laugh. The bikes for learning on are all well maintained and modern. Great experience and shall be doing my advanced riders course with these people soon!

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