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Ideal Motorcycle Training, 14 Midland Street, Anlaby Road, Hull, HU1 2RB

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Ideal Motorcycle Training, 14 Midland Street, Anlaby Road, Hull, HU1 2RB


JJ Jiminey
Went here for MOD1 and 2 training and test and I could have chosen a better place to do it. As a female rider it was already daunting regarding the thought of booking this but Neil and Kristina were brilliant. The service was very supporting and efficient and I managed to pass first time for both MODS :) Would definitely recommend here for bike training and not only for those that live local. I have friends that recommended Ideal who don't live in the area and used Ideal because they had a such a good reputation. Thanks guys much appreciated. Tiff
Jack Brogan
Passed my test here last month, did both the mod 1 & 2 with no minors which I am very pleased with. I would say I started the course expecting to fail because I struggled with u turns, but the instructors were very good, professional and patient. They will keep at you to make sure you nail all manouvers in training which is what I needed to pass. Cheers lads.
Nathan Reynolds
Good outfit. Knowledgeable staff and I enjoyed the training. Got me through first attempt 👍
As an older learner I have found Neil to be super patient... Good content in the sessions and clear direction in advance of attending the test centre. I've not passed as yet but I'm confident Neil will get me there🙂
rob shaylor
Cannot recommend this amazing company enough! Took my DAS with them and the training is second to none! Friendly, welcoming and the training was a pleasure not a worry! Don't think of going elsewhere. Just book with them!
Connor Aldridge
Thanks to the team at ideal I was able to pass both MOD 1 and MOD 2 first time! Really good group of people who know their stuff. Would highly recommend going with ideal if you are thinking of doing your DAS.
Lisa Cooper
Would highly recommend Ideal to anyone wanting to pass their full bike license... and I recommend them to everyone! The trainers are professional, friendly and patient which helps keep you calm and relaxed. I was so nervous and didn't believe I could pass but the guys at Ideal believed in me and I did it!! I am now a full bike license holder and it's the best thing I ever did with the best trainers ever.
Catalin Cirje
Brilliant!! This is the only word that can describe Neil and his team at Ideal Driver and Rider Training. The way that they teach,calm and patience, focusing on what you need to pass Mod1 and Mod2 at first time. Thanks Neil and Craig for your help to get my dream come true: Full A licence. I definitely recommend this great team!
Raivis Mikens
Passed my Mod2. Team is superb and very friendly always look after you and making sure you are ready for your test. They are the best in this industry for sure 💯
I h
Clear instruction from a friendly bunch of all weather bikers. Can't fault them at all. Despite my nerves I passed my CBT, the mod1 and mod2. Thanks guys.
Derek Brimble (ScooterMan)
trained with Ideal for my motorbike tests and recently passed MOD 1 & 2. From booking to physical training on the bikes the team have been fantastic. Neil and team take time to make you feel comfortable and ride safely and proficiently. I honestly can't thank them enough. I would recommend them to anyone considering motorbike training.
Thanks Neill and team! Was gifted a full package for Christmas having never ridden a bike before, had to get the theory test out of the way and called Kristina at Ideal to get booked in and started. They weren't phased that I hadn't ridden before and got some dates sorted out, 2 weeks later and around 15 hours on a bike and here I am with a full bike licence! I found the training to be patient, professional and to the point, teaching good habits to last a lifetime. Anyone thinking of taking their bike test should definitely give Ideal a call, they're good at what they do and their bikes are modern and well looked after which can only help.
andy mcewan
Passed mod 1 and mod 2 first time, never used a bike before starting with ideal and don't have my own to practice on. Started in September and today I've passed mod 2. Really knowledgeable trainers who are also good lads that make the training fun. Money well spent , and I'm very grateful to them for their expertise.
Absolutely brilliant! The instructors are second to none and Kris in the office is brilliant in her organisation and communication! Thanks to these guys, I passed both mod 1 and mod 2 first time with clean sheets. I can't recommend Ideal highly enough!
James Clarkson
Ideal were spot on. Strongly recommended them to anyone. 10/10
Craig Redmile
Amazing company. Very helpful polite and encouraging
Mark Gee Hockney
Highly recommended!!!! Neil and his Team are absolute legends real good set of lads, I've really enjoyed the time with them doing my cbt mod 1 and then my mod 2 bike test! Thank you Ideal 🏍 😊
Nicola Lodge
Passed my CBT with their young instructor Danny,he was under added pressure as he was also being assessed by DVLA,He did a fantastic job,clear and precise, didn't feel under pressure as he explained all the good points and ways to correct the not so good (my donut emergency stops!) And he's a lovely friendly lad to boot. Definitely recommend training with Ideal
Waqas Tariq
5 star training and very nice people.
Scott Bridges
Great guys great training can't recomend enough.
Katie Frew
My first day was terrible, I was very nervous and the room I was in to begin with was freezing. The training to begin with was OK, I at that point never been on a geared motorbike before and felt very pressured to keep up with the group who had previous experience. I wasn't able to change my gears on my first practice run so the instructor came and said you'll have to go on a twist and go if you don't get it soon. I had only tried ones since been told how to change gear which I thought strange. Then after the training in car park we was brought out on the road. At this point I was frozen and didn't feel comfortable with what I had learned. Also in the group was another girl and she'd mention the instructors staring at her making her feel uncomfortable and made me feel uncomfortable too. During our outing I was made to go first and didn't feel confident at all doing this. The instructor was in the middle of me and another girl who was behind. I was doing OK until I took a wrong turn and the instructor kinda put me of getting frustrated with me. I then lost it and wanted to stop because made me feel I couldn't do it. Then because of that I couldn't ride at all. Then the instructor pulled me over in front of the learners and basically made me look stupid. Said look it's unfair to carry on with you because the other girl isn't able to learn and she's paid money to learn , which I said I have paid to learn too. And then the instructor replied yes but your dangerous on the road. I replied well I wasn't 100% on going out l. He said well I asked you if you was OK about it. Then he said look let's stick you on a twist and go you'll pass on that and then it's your choice to go on your geared bike at home. I replied no I've come to learn how to ride a geared bike safely not just pass on any bike. I also said I don't mind coming back I'd be happy to. The way the instructor at the time went about it was not very professional in my eyes. Should of just simply asked me nicely to come back another day. I did however go back and the instructor that day was much better more experienced and I had learnt alot more that day then the first. I actually felt like could ride the bike. Took his time and made me feel comfortable. I still didn't pass that day but that was down to me and practicing about road signs. If I'd had this instructor on my first day I'd probably passed on my second. Also I'd be putting a 5 star. But because of my first encounter with the other instructors it's 2 star. I felt like they cared more about pass rate unfortunately.
Liquasound Store Ireland
Great school. Top class instructors and gear.
James Armstrong
Excellent staff, well instructed and very safety wise.
Reece Knight
Excellent motorcycle training. The instructors are knowledgable, friendly and professional. I passed both modules first time, starting with almost no experience- so that speaks for itself! The bikes are also very nice for a beginner and are well kept.
Steven Rouse
I just wanted to say a big thank you to all of you who got me trained and through the direct access course. You’ve all been fantastic and couldn’t recommend you enough for the handling of the training at this difficult time. A special mention to yourself kris for reacting quickly and getting me in for my test as soon as you could. Neil for his good tuition and riding pointers. And Prit ( think that’s right ) for his professional manner and advice to get me through my mod 2.
Mark Bell
Use Ideal for your training! I rang around and after speaking to Kristina, it was decided that this was the school for me. We're currently in the midst of COVID so these are difficult times for training schools, but these guys did everything they could and made my training easy. The training machines are decent kit. I used a 68 plate Kawasaki z650 and a 64 plate ER650. Both well maintained and easy to ride. I had training with Neil, Prits and Pete. All down to earth, easy-going and good at what they do. I enjoyed my training! I went for my D.A.S, I needed to start right at the beginning and I passed everything on the first attempt. I can't thank these guys enough, and I recommend that anyone looking for DVSA training contact Ideal!
Danny Whiteley
Fantastic instructor and very professiona thanks you cbt review
Mark Carter
Fantastic Training Centre, Very Friendly Service, Very Good Advice...5 Star!
Luke Abram
Would like to publicly thank everyone with helping me from being a complete novice with bikes, to now having passed my CBT, Mod 1 & Mod 2 and now out and about on my own 650! Cannot praise the staff enough, from Kristina getting me booked in onto training and tests, to Neil, Prit and all the other staff who supported me to get it done. The training was fun but professional, was taught at a good pace and was thorough. Well priced, easy to communicate with and fun to do. Couldn't be happier and really was a 5 star experience. I recommend to all. Will be back to do my advanced riders course!
Ollie Snowden
Firstly, everything was going well. all booked and planned with ease and the person over email was very helpful. However, come to the actual training day all goes sideways. The person emailing me to book the test wrote everything in a table to clearly explain when the dates are and when to pay. The table I got was clearly stated that I would pay everything after my MOD 2 test. This was clearly stated in the table provided but for some reason the woman at the front desk didnt seem to understand it, when I showed her it. Apparently nobody else has ever interpreted it that way before. Her words were "if you ordered a takeaway, you wouldn't eat it and then pay for it, you pay for it before." This is fantastic customer service but would like to point out, when you eat in a restaurant you eat and then pay! I had planned for days off work and everything to do these dates but no come to it, it's all fallen through! Very not happy with the business and the way they runs things. One person runs it one way and the others don't follow. Will not be going back and wouldn't recommend it to anyone.
Jo Holloway
Training was fantastic , instructors were brilliant ,we had plenty of laughs on the journey to me passing my bike test ,I would highly reccomend Neil and his team to everyone ,now looking forward to doing my advance test with these guys ,only problem I really had was Neil's a fu###n tight arse who don't buy you a coffee ,other than that the family business he and his lovely wife runs is the very best I'd say you'll get ,
david mawe
Well I did my direct access some time ago now but I could not have had a better experience. I did it in cold wet weather mostly heavy rain but the team were fantastic fully supporting me. Professional throughout. Most used comment was if you enjoy it in this wait til summer! I got advice on all aspects of biking I could not have been happier. There were a couple of occasions when I nearly got mopped up by cars and vans but the instructor talked me round after the minor set backs. If you want to do any training involving 2 wheels use these guys!
Nathan Shepherd
For someone who hardly leaves reviews I feel obliged to take the time to leave one. Absolutely first class service, amazing team of instructors and an amazing and supportive environment. I would recommend using this business to anyone. I never felt uncomfortable or rushed in any form during the duration of my experience. Don’t waste your time looking elsewhere because you cannot get better than this. Outstanding work guys I really appreciate your time and effort. 10/10
jane biglin
Fantastic family run company with such a personal touch ! Neill and his wife Kristina couldn’t be more helpful and supportive . The whole experience from taking my CBT in January to passing my MOD 1 and 2 today has been seemless. What a great team, I would recommend them to any budding bikers. Thanks
brandon paton
Johns a legend, got My Cbt quickly, a very good teacher.
Robert Kammer
Ideal guys make the actual exam day easy! Very friendly atmosphere and patient instructions. Passed my license first time 😊 Highly recommended!
Adam Meekin
I decided to go with Ideal after I had lost count of the number of people who recommended them. Really friendly instructors offering excellent quality structured training programs, supportive and encouraging throughout. Honest about the areas I needed to improve on and it really worked... as a complete novice having never been on a bike on the road before, I passed everything first time, with just one minor fault on my mod2 (still kicking myself!) Facilities are great, good quality well maintained bikes too. Really appreciate the support you've given me over the last couple of months, and would recommend to anyone who's serious about getting into bikes. Looking forward to coming back to do the ERS!

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