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Fatboy Motorcycle Training, Kings Community Church, , Hedge End, SO30 4BZ

About Fatboy Motorcycle Training

Fatboy Motorcycle Training is a reputable motorcycle training centre located in Hedge End. The training centre has been providing comprehensive motorcycle training courses for over 15 years and is well known for its high-quality training and excellent customer service.

The school offers a range of courses to suit riders of all levels, from complete beginners looking to do their CBT training to advanced riders looking to enhance their skills and advance to their full licence training.

The training centre has a team of experienced and friendly instructors who are dedicated to helping riders achieve their goals. They provide one-to-one training to ensure that each rider receives the individual attention they need to develop their skills and confidence.

Fatboy Motorcycle Training also offers a range of motorcycles for riders to use during their training, including 125cc and 600cc motorcycles, depending on the course you're looking to take. All motorcycles are well-maintained and regularly serviced to ensure they are safe and reliable.

Based at Kings Community Church, there are plenty of public transport routes with St Catherines View bus stop located just a 5-minute walk from the training centre. The closest station is Hedge End and it's a 40-minute walk from there to the school. For those arriving by car, the school is just off the M27 and there is plenty of onsite parking available.

If you've forgotten lunch for the day, there are shops along the route from the station, but there are no shops nearby to the school. To be on the safe side, why not bring your own lunch to ensure you're fully fuelled for a training-filled day?

Fatboy Motorcycle Training is a fantastic choice for anyone looking to learn how to ride a motorcycle or improve their riding skills. With experienced instructors, a range of courses to suit all levels, and well-maintained motorcycles, you can be confident that you will receive high-quality training and excellent customer service.


Bike Hire: True

Helmet Hire: False

Gloves and jackets Included: False

On site Cafe: False

On Site cafe: False

Indoor Classroom: True


Fatboy Motorcycle Training, Kings Community Church, , Hedge End, SO30 4BZ


Douglas Foxworth-Young
Done my CBT at the Hedge end site on Saturday and by far it was the best CBT I’ve done, the instructor Rachael was fantastic she put us at ease and gave good instruction makings easy to understand. I look forward to doing my DAS course with them in the near future. I would highly recommend going to Fatboy motorcycle training.
Marley Brooks
I have invested almost £400 into only getting my CBT. My first lesson was in April and i still had not completed it by late june. It seems nobody passes the CBT first time (especially for if you want to learn manual). Organization is terrible and emails sometimes don't get sent and calls don't get returned so i had to wait even longer to even book another session. Safe to say that i have booked my CBT with Pheonix Motorcycle training in Fareham as I have heard great things. They were lovely people but organization and the money that I had to invest to NOT complete my CBT was terrible.
Completed my CBT with Rachel, she was a fantastic instructor. I'd never ridden before, everything was explained well and geared towards the students' levels, and she was very encouraging and confidence boosting. I'm sure I'll be returning for my big bike licence at some point.
Sean Davis
Passed my CBT test with Rachel back in June 2021. She was fantastic. Got my theory done and then tried booking in December 2021 got a reply when I replied to the email got no reply. Then I followed up with a phone call. Then got told they would contact me in April or when a slot came up back in January 2022 last year, never heard from no one then tried booking a couple of more times with there website got a reply I replied then no further replies then tried Facebook messenger a couple of times no replies on there either. Hopefully I can find somewhere else before my CBT runs out. Shame really as I enjoyed doing my CBT with these guys. Don't want to be to negative as these guys do provide a brilliant experience with riding. Just wished it was easier to get a response.
Dave Clitheroe
Completed my CBT course today with Adey. Fantastic all round experience, friendly and knowledgeable staff, and a relaxed atmosphere to learn in. I'm gonna go back there when it's time to do my training for bigger bikes.
Presh Prasad
Just successfully passed my MOD 1 and MOD 2 after completing my 5 day DAS course. Jack was friendly, a great teacher and lots of good laughs! He made sure that I was always comfortable and confident and was very specific and helpful on any mistakes I was making or even had the chance to make. Even the other staff such as Rachael were helpful even though they were not training me as she left the cones out for me after she ran CBT training so that I could have one last practice for my MOD 1. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone.
Joel John
Really friendly and great bunch. Thorough CBT training for beginners to experienced riders.
dave pitcher
Not impressed with this place at all. Left them outside in the cold in the morning. Not enough time on the road and didn't give the boy a chance to go buy his lunch. Spent my money elsewhere and he had a much better experience. If you are thinking of booking I would advise using the local competition based at the submarine museum. Do your research, im not the only one who has this opinion...
Karolina Deák
My training went well, i really enjoyed it, eventhough i was a bit scared and not confident at all that i am able to complete the course. My trainer, Jake/Jack Peackock was really understanding and helpful, he gave me confidence and his instructions were very clear, he was very patient throughout the whole day, and didn't give up on me. 😅 I can only thank him the time he spent to convince me I'm capable 😀 If i will get enough confidence to do DAS training, i would be happy to come to Fatboy team 😊
Rik “Headless eggless cook” Cit
I had a CBT at Croydon many years ago and they rushed me through, I did not feel I was ready to hit the road after the test. I decided to do a new CBT and found Fatboy motorcycle training. I had Angie as my trainer at Hedge End, she was just great in her teaching methods. I left with confidence and felt happy to ride on the roads on a motorcycle. The course venue had no toilet, so the bushes had to do. Not great for women. Plus no food at the venue, there is a McDonald not too far away and other food outlets near by. On our road ride we did stop at a coop. The venue car park area was rather good and lots of room to practice on, with a small hill to practice hill starts. I can’t fault Fatboy training in anyway. Very good from start to finish with friendly trainers who are happy to give you advice and Angie my actual trainer on the day, she explained what you did not do correctly and praised you when you got it right, she also made the course fun. Well done Fatboy and thank you Angie. Regards Richard
Martin Storey
4 brilliant days spent training leading to mod1 and mod2 full licence passes. Great group of expert instructors who are always willing to provide the training required, and happy to help wherever they’re asked. Special thanks to Steve, great character and experienced instructor who gave me my success, nothing was too much and always happy to share a joke or two which really helps. Thanks Steve 👍
angie todd
Had a great day. Instructors very patient and knowledgeable.
chris Rc bash
Great bunch of guys that make teaching fun the time flew by ,and you will learn more if having a laugh, serious about training but light hearted good humour Many thanks guys all the best
Ike E
Amazing people very friendly helpful up for a banter with the training great to get along with well worth the time with them well done to all the staff
Adam Taylor
As a first time rider I initially had my struggles getting to grips with the clutch control. Fatboy MCT really helped me to understand the bike, and allowed me to successfully and safely pass my CBT. Many thanks to both Angie and Rachel for their great instruction. I’ll be back for my A2!
Gavin Jones
Did My CBT With Mike, top class instructor managed to pass first time, starting as a complete Novice rider can't fault these guys at all bring on the next Course for the full licence.
Richard Peacock
what a wet and wild day we had yesterday had fun and passed couldent of asked for better instructor thanks guys
Glenn Butt (Glenn)
Fantastic, eclectic and knowledgeable. A bunch of the best guys to see you through you mc training. Their approach is totally without niceties.....which is exactly what I needed. Quick to correct and quick to praise correctness. 👍
T Haines
Poor behaviour witnessed by this company today (12 Dec 2020 at approx. 13:15pm). I can't comment on the business itself, but today experienced dangerous and threatening behaviour as the front of the 3 motorcycle sped around a corner into a side road that I was already SAFELY crossing (and over half way crossed). The front motorcyclist (supposedly the student) came very close to me and shouted abuse towards me. I suggest your company revises Rule 170 of the Highway Code, and if this was a student (which I appreciate is likely) or member of your team that you have a good look at yourself, as do any potential future customers. Not impressed guys with the shock today, but as mentioned, may have been outside the teachers control - but wanted to flag. Thanks.
Trey “Bigman90” Narsi
Absolutely amazing friendly staff and great help did my CBT last year passed with flying colours and then my DAS last month and was very helpful many thanks Steve and Adey
Conrad Fraser
I completed my CBT with Fatboy and in all honesty it was the best experience ever I'm so glad I chose Fatboy I was trained By a lovely lady called Rachael who was really Bubbly and nice everyone who works there are really nice and made the day really fun and I have picked up some new skills and learned alot for a person who is new to bikes as long as you listen and take on board everything you'll have the best day ever highly recommend Fatboy motorcycle training will definitely be back in two years time to retake the cbt thank you guys for all your help and preparing me and giving me the toolbox to add onto.
Becky Jones
⚠️⚠️Avoid at all costs apsolute rip off merchants, will keep you 5+ hours then say your not competent or getting tired ask you to come back another day at an extra cost of £95.00! You can not fail a CBT it measures compantancy but they fail to finish the course! My son went with another comoany days later with an instructor that was a police officer and guess what got his certificate! This company are con artists and I will tell everyone I speak to discraceful! ⚠️⚠️
Mike Ferrett
At 55 I thought I was told old but in the safe hands of Rachel and giving confendence in my ear piece it was a good day highly recommended to anyone else
Daniel Winter-bates
Just did my CBT with Steve this morning. Honestly was a great experience.... even for people just to feel what it’s like to ride a bike. Super relaxed but thorough training environment, finishing off with a 2 hour beautiful ride. I hadn’t ever been on a bike prior and have driven for 12 years ... this has made me want to ride more and more now
Ruth Restall
Highly recommended. Steve was honest, encouraging and so very patient in helping me achieve my CBT today. I started out quite nervous but ended up having so much fun! Thank you 😊
Ian Anthony
Really enjoyed the day and passed my CBT. Great service friendly and professional I would recommend
Alec Martin
Great experience on DAS, Steve did an half our assessment with me and advised a 3 day course Day 1 maneuvering, Day 2 Mod 1 test, Day 3 Mod 2 test. Steve was an excellent trainer patient, supportive and very happy to tailor course and training to my needs. This was not my first DAS and did it with another company a 18 months ago which was no where near as good as this course which i could not fault and was a totally different experience, no pressure no sarcasm and no audience of tutting know-it-all's. It was like going for a ride with a mate and getting trained while you rode. Completely removed my U-Turn fear and smashed it on the day no problem. Mod 2 was a breeze with the training and confidence i was given. Massive Thanks to Steve and everyone else at Fat Boy. Could not be happier but the I did pass my DAS so I should be. Steve Thank You. I will be recommending you to my friends and family.
Ross Helliwell
My Wife did her CBT here and the training was good and she had a good experience. Due to lack of time she didn't get to go out on the road and the agreement with them was to email as it is the best form of communication for them. My wife emailed them twice to complete her training but has had no response. We will now go to a company with better customer relations. Update: My wife completed the training with them and was very happy with the training and the experience overall. She said she will use them to do her DAS which I never thought I would get her to do.
Tom Anderson
After only one previous CBT and not riding since passed Mod 1 and 2 first time thanks to Jim and Fatboy Motorcycle training. Would recommend to anyone!
Ricardo Atherton
An incredible motorcycle experience, attentive staff, my instructor Mr.Mike a spectacular guy !!!!
Jean Clarke
I had a fantastic trainer in Adey. Would recomend Fatboy to anyone young and old.
I used this company 18months ago. I passed first time without a single fault on both tests. I had not rode before until I met these guys. Credit to them. I recommend them.
Aleksandr Jalunin
“Excellent CBT training! Highly recommend to anyone who is searching for professional and caring instructors. Despite I was very nervous due to my past accident, Adey made me believe in myself and l managed to overcome my fears. Under his supervision I felt relaxed, confident, most importantly not rushed. I am very grateful to you Adey!”
Callum George
Passed my cbt today, was very nervous but the instructor made me feel really comfortable and at ease, would reccomed 100%. not only did I feel safe it was a fun experience
sally hendrix
After 25 years off bikes, I completed my CBT training yesterday. I had a brilliant day. Great instruction, lots of laughs, i felt totally at ease. I'm looking forward to completing the rest of the training and with their support, I feel confident about passing my bike test.. Thanks so much peeps
Mercedes Robinson
Lee and adey were absolutely fantastic kept me calm and taught me to pass the test in the correct way. I'm very happy with their training skills and knowledge. They are very trusting, friendly and knowledgeable instructors who make you feel calm confident and ready to pass thankyou guys from stephen coleman.
alan waters
Fantastic. Never has one word better summed up something. The instructors go above and beyond to not only help you learn but also, and to me more importantly, help you enjoy it. I’d recommend these guys and girls as the best on the south coast.
Firstly, a massive thanks to Ade and Lee at Fatboy MCT. Over last few weeks they've taken me from CBT to passing Mod 1 and 2 tests at the first attempt. A friendly and very relaxed environment to be in. Highly professional tuition with constructive critique at all stages of progression but they are also quick to point to your successes and what you do well. Overall, i'd recommend these guys to anyone who wants to learn to ride. All the best, Greg
Lee Marriner
Very disappointed, not as competent as you think! My daughter went for her CBT and was given a 125cc bike to ride the course then stopped 4hrs later and told she was on the wrong bike! She was then given a twist and go instead of a manual bike and then was messed about again shortly after as they realised this to was the wrong bike. Time ran out for her to go out on the road and told to rebook another day to complete. After numerous emails and calls we finally received an email stating that it would cost a further £90 to take her test? Obviously we questioned this and was spun one yarn after another of which not one was the same. So we have decided to book another test with another highly recommended company as We have been ripped off once and will not be doing it again!
Simon Browning
Will recommend these guys to anyone wanting to do motorcycle training. Fat Boy is set up to be a fun, friendly, relaxed yet ultimately highly professional motorcycle training experience. Myself and a mate did the direct access course and even though the weather was wet for 4 days out of 5 Adey and Lee made the experience very enjoyable with us both successfully passing our CBT / Mod 1 & Mod 2 within 5 days training. As important as getting the skills to pass the test you get a lot of additional tips to ride safe and enjoy motorcycling. You also get lots of tea breaks to digest the information and lots of road practice too. The motorbike I rode was brand new from Crescent Honda to which they are affiliated. Trust me if you want bike training - see these guys. Pictured is the bike I rode and my daft happy mug shot after passing.

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