Harley's Rider Training

Harley's Rider Training, 2 Glenburn Road, East Kilbride, Glasgow, G74 5BA

About Harley's Rider Training

Harley's Rider Training Glasgow has been providing top-quality motorcycle training for more than 20 years since it was established in 1997. With their extensive range of courses, including CBT training, full motorcycle licence training and advanced rider training courses, they are dedicated to producing highly skilled bikers.

As a DSA and Diamond Advanced qualified training school, they are committed to providing exceptional training for all their students. Their training programs are designed to teach riders the necessary skills to ride safely on the road, while also providing an exciting and enjoyable experience.

Located in East Kilbride, Harley's Rider Training is conveniently accessible to riders from the local area to Glasgow. The school's on-road riding routes provide a scenic view of the small towns and picturesque countryside roads towards Strathaven. The off-road training area is spacious, allowing beginners to ride the brand-new Sinnis motorcycles.

The instructors at Harley's Rider Training are fully qualified and experienced, with their training techniques widely used across Scotland. In fact, they also train instructors for other motorcycle schools. The indoor classroom is fully equipped, and all necessary gear hire, including motorcycle helmets, jackets, and gloves, is included in the course price. However, students are advised to wear hard-wearing trousers and sturdy boots that support their ankle on the day.

The school is conveniently located just a short 20-minute walk from Hairmyres station for those travelling via public transport. For those driving, the school is located just off Queensway, and parking is available nearby. Though, students are recommended to bring lunch to ensure they are fully fuelled and ready for the day. But, in case they forget lunch, a nearby McDonald's restaurant is just a short stroll away.

Harley's Rider Training is a highly reputable motorcycle training school that offers exceptional training services for all skill levels in a safe and supportive environment. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider, Harley's Rider Training has the expertise and facilities to help you achieve your goals.


Bike Hire: True

Helmet Hire: True

Gloves and jackets Included: True

On site Cafe: False

On Site cafe: False

Indoor Classroom: True


Harley's Rider Training, 2 Glenburn Road, East Kilbride, Glasgow, G74 5BA


Khan McCaffrey
Recently completed my CBT with Harley's Rider Training, great experience, the instructor Kenny was very informative and made the experience very easy going and was patient with me getting to grips with riding a motorbike. I would highly recommend for anyone wanting to do their CBT. Get it Booked!
Nathan Knickelbein
I booked my cbt here as it was recommended by a friend and it was the best decision to choose Harley's. Mr Callagher was super passionate about motorcycles and patient with the learners. He never made us feel nervous nor pressured in any situation, making the course alot more enjoyable than others. All the staff are friendly and fun to be around.
Sean Mcrobert
I have had a few lessons now and have my cbt booked and feel totally ready for it. Thank you so much to the best instructor ever, trigger he was so helpful and he congratulated me wen I did something perfectly. 100% recommend
Filimon GEBRE
I completed CBT last month and I must say she was very guiding and patient throughout the day🙏🙏, she explained everything in a nice and easy way. The rest of the staff were very friendly and happy. I can't thank them all enough for answering any questions, giving me the confidence to get out on the bike trail, I will definitely be back in the future to upgrade to a full license.
Jake Sanders
Done my CBT with these guys. It was a fantastic day and they taught everything you need to pass. They take their time and show everyone all the basics needed for CBT. Staff are great and price is competitive. They're also great for more advanced lessons and helped me to get my first ever shot on a larger bike which I loved, even though I decided myself it wasn't for me. All the staff are great and will help you in any way they can, they worked around my schedule to fit in multiple lessons at once and are calm and patient with people not sure of the roads. Highly recommended
Wicked Adonis
I passed my MOD 2 test and owe a big thanks to the fab team of instructors. Des and Kenny were great instructors and taught me the correct techniques to ride safely. Kenny has an amazing sense of humour and I appreciate his advice on how to become a better rider. I'd highly recommend Harleys to anyone who wants training on motorcycles. Cheers!
JP Johnston
Did my CBT with Harleys back in Dec 2020 then passed mod1 and mod2 in May and June this year. The guys are all brilliant at what they do, experienced and very knowledgeable with a hint of lightheartedness and fun thrown in. Thanks to Des, Jim and Kenny for sharing your wisdom and support throughout. Really great experience.!
Alex Ranken
Passed my CBT today and nothing but positive things to say for any of the staff. Had a really fun day and felt like I got to grips with a lot of the basics and feel confident now to get out on the road myself. Special shout-out to Owen was a great instructor.
Josh Burnett
I was in last Thursday for a free lesson and again yesterday for my CBT which I passed! Both the free lesson and the road ride part of the CBT were done with Stuart who was just amazing from start to finish, he made everything so clear and easy to understand which is exactly what I needed as I had never been on a motorcycle prior to my free lesson! I couldn’t recommend Harley’s or all of the staff more, everyone was so friendly and welcoming which made it a fantastic experience all round. I’ll definitely be back for my full license!
Shalabh Gupta
Just Avoid. The called me 2 times to come for training some other day , just giving 2 days notice. I was nice to them and accommodated their request but I had a court hearing in the morning, so I called again to change my booking to which I was told that I need to give 10 days notice by a rude lady, Abigael. My concern is 10 day notice applies to only customers why not you? You could have given me some other date but you were more keen on stating that I will loose £100 pounds deposit. Just keep stealing and be happy. See email below where they did not answer my question. Have to go somewhere else now. Please don't accommodate their request because you won't get a chance and your money will be gone. Hi there, I have not been able to fill your space for the lesson tomorrow so if you are not able to attend you will unfortunately lose the payment. Regards, Abigael On Wed 15 Jun 2022 at 15:05 Mr wrote: Hi All You called me on 13 June to request me to come in the morning at 9am. You mentioned about 10 day notice. It's fine if this is how you want to deal with people. I have 2 times already accommodated your request on short notice to change date and time in the past . Will wait for your email for your update Thanks
Bianca Bae
Passed my cbt yesterday and for a person that gets in her head too much and overthinks every mistake, I couldn't ask for a better instructor. I don't have a car license and never drove on the road before with anything. Ben is extremely patient and his sense of humor and realistic comparisons is definitely what made me pass. He even stayed 2 extra hours to make sure we all were where we meant to be safety wise and general driving.. They really good with responding to emails and general communication.. 5 stars because honestly you guys deserve more than that. I'm not one to write reviews but this needs recognition and credit.
blair mclean
big thanks to "TRIGGER" and "OWEN", great instructors, would recommend to anyone! 😎
Colin Pettigrew
Passed my cbt today but if it wasn’t for my instructor Hollie I wouldn’t have been able to do it made things so easy and simple explained everything perfect and a really good laugh. I can’t thank use enough for today it was amazing
Gardner Hamilton
These guys put me through my CBT and moving forward through Mod1 Mod2 with them. Brilliant bunch of people. Highly knowledgeable in their field and deliver information in a very understandable way. I had an excellent experience with all instructors and highly recommend not only using this ride school but taking full advantage of the willingness of all the team to share vast amounts of quality information. Great service...great product..great value. Thanks all. Ride safe every1
Jason Wilson
Experience was great had good even with the rain, Hollie & Steve made the day entertaining which put me at ease.
Darren MacIntyre
I'd highly recommend anyone doing their CBT in or around the Glasgow area to go to this training facility. I had the pleasure of being taught by Hollie from being a complete novice to having the confidence to go out on the road and really enjoy it without fear. Exceptional instructor, patient but also straight to the point if you're doing something you shouldn't be. I'll be going back to do my whole lessons here.
Decided to take the leap and signed myself up for the Free Lesson that they offer. I was introduced to Ben, one of the instructors who was awesome and really helped you gain confidence. It definitely worked as I have now put my name down for another lesson! I highly recommend giving Harleys Rider Training a go and if it's not for you, you don't lose anything! You've just had a great day out :)
Surya Narayana Reddy Kovvuri
I just got my CBT today, fantastic training centre surrounded with fabulous people. Would rate it 5 star for sure! Thanks Harley’s Rider Training!
Andrew Scott
I’ve just completed my CBT today after only my second time on a bike. The instructors are top drawer, very knowledgeable and you can tell they’re passionate about what they do. They put you at ease (when they get your name right) and talk you through the process of learning to ride. And when you’re out on the roads they’re always in your ear giving you feedback on how you’re riding and how you can improve. The office staff book everything you need, email you the dates and what you need to bring and the whole process is seamless. I can’t recommend them highly enough. So much so, I’ve booked further lessons.
Scott Mackay
I cannot recommend this place enough. I have had few lessons and the staff are amazing and very helpful. Big shout out to Hollie and Ben . They were brilliant explained everything very clearly and took time to help when needed .
Paul Hamilton
I recently completed my CBT to DAS with Harleys. I mainly had Des and Kenny as Instructors. Had a few challeneges along the way in regards to Lockdowns causing rescheduling Lessons etc I thoroughly recommend them, the guys are knowledgeable and have a very calming influence. I had a few days were nerves were getting the better of me at the start but they soon had me forgetting all about it and enjoying my ride. Thanks Guys.
Matt Frost
Chose Harleys over other schools based on their friendly service and actually showing interested when I called to inquire about training, which other schools did not. Ben was my instructor today, he is friendly and really puts any nerves you have at ease, have booked another lesson in. I would highly recommend for all your biking lesson needs.
Mark Christie
Best training service around, very friendly and understanding, tailor courses and lessons to your needs. Even for the inexperienced rider with little confidence harleys got me through. Would and have highly recommend them to friends and family.
Cammy Bell
Did my CBT at Harley’s on Saturday and can confirm it’s a great place with great guys. I was made to feel really comfortable all day and nothing felt rushed. Looking forward to booking my lessons to progress to my test. Cheers again Jim & Kenny!
Christopher Mayle
A massive thanks to all the team at Harley’s. If you want to learn how to ride a bike these guys know what they are doing!!! I highly recommend this training centre 👍
Ali Templeman
Jim and the team are so patient. I would highly recommend harleys to anyone wanting to learn. Best decision I've made
David Mcintyrw
Brilliant day training with jim for mod 1. Highly recommended first class instructor. Davie mc
Harleys is the best one around, very nice and friendly staff and instructors. Highly recommended.
The Cragol
Bike training; Go to these guys! What a friendly bunch! And the training is top notch. Well paced and well informed. Vast amount of experience encourages instead of intimidates new riders. They are there, not ti judge but, to help you through your rider training. I gained so much from my first day. Des really helped me understand what thr bike was doing and what to expect out on the road. 👍🏼😁
pj smith
Sat my CBT thru these guys and they were very professional and curteous at all times,fully explaining the course details and helping me out. Once i passed my CBT, then passed my Theory test i opted for the DAS, so far so good,fingers crossed .
Anna Gilchrist
Without using foul language (unlike Harley's staff) they were a nightmare! Constant sexist remarks and unprofessional beyond belief. Also gave me a kick start that kept dying. Horrible experience. Would not recommend especially if you are a female. Regarding your reply- yes it was 2017, I reported my concerns to the receptionist at the time but it just made matters worse. I hope things have improved since then.
Andrew Bennett
Done my cbt here and can’t fault them Great place and very friendly staff made me feel at ease would highly recommend
Stephen Swindon
All instructors were welcoming and friendly from the start. They were willing to spend time during the breaks answering all our questions and giving advice even though they must get the same questions daily. I brought my own bike and experienced a fault and they repaired it free of charge so that it would be safe for me to ride home after. Very well paced so we could learn each step and reflect before going back out and there was constant individual feedback so we could all improve where we needed to so we could be confident and safe on the road. I'd highly recommend Harley's to anyone willing to learn seriously or to those looking for a fun day out to try riding a bike to see if its for them. Communication leading up to it was excellent. Super fast response when contacted even though they were closed at the time and they sent out some hints and tips with the email.
Maureen Clements
Have had a great experience with Harley's so far. I booked a free trial lesson which was great as I'd never ridden a motorbike, only ever been pillion so would highly recommend this especially if you have no experience as many other facilities don't offer this as an option. This free lesson provided a good opportunity to cover basics and get a feeling for riding a motorbike in a safe and supervised environment. Excellent instruction from Lindsay and then I followed this up later with a pre-CBT session with Des who was also excellent. Both instructors were extremely patient, supportive and certainly helped me with building my confidence. I then completed my CBT with Des and Lindsay. Again they were highly professional, knowledgeable, patient and supportive. Lindsay supervised me on the road and offered great support and guidance to ensure I was safe. He gave constructive feedback throughout and helpful tips to improve my learning, understanding, confidence and safety. Highly experienced and friendly staff who made me feel very welcome. I'm looking forward to learning more and hopefully progressing to direct access. Thank you all x
Alex Fitzpatrick
If your looking to do your CBT this is the place to go. Instructors are patient and really friendly. Had a great time thanks again guy.
Kevin Reilly
was more of a bike experience thing for me as the CBT was a gift. Gary our instructor was calm and patient, overall great experience. id never been on a geared bike, CBT cert at the end of the day. cheers guys.
Velizar Ventsislavov
Excellent place to learn! They made very useful and easy my CBT, Both instructors involved was calm , knowledgable and polite. I really learn a lot with no pressure. Not to mention half price compare to some places. Thanks
Graeme Baird
Really helpful staff great service .
Izam Chaudry
Hi, I would like to personally thank you and the full team full team at Harley’s Rider Training for getting me through my CBT, Theory (advice in studying techniques) and Direct Access Scheme. I fully appreciate all the advice, training, belief and support you gave me throughout the process. Gary, Jim and the team are truly great in your own rights. The sheer amount of experience and knowledge you all have is phenomenal and was passed down to us as pupils and qualified riders. I will certainly be carrying this forward continuously. I have no reservations in recommending Harley’s Rider Training and strongly suggest anyone who is considering riding – do give these guys a call. I wholeheartedly thank you all and wish us all safe riding…
Roy Marshall
Was originaly booked for 6 hours but due to tjere own needs i forfeited 3 hours to accomodate them only for them to give me £50 refund but under the condition that i followed up with £125 and carry out a test and so called lesson . I had specifically asked not to get the instructor only to be confronted with this bomdastic man just in hope and to keep the peace but je did the same thing shouting through the ONE WAY INTERCOM . This instructor is a danger. The boss comes over as a nice guy but i think he is flannerer. I would suggest not encouraging the so called business.
Ewan Robertson
Excellent instruction, friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Would highly recommend! I took up the offer of free lesson before the cbt which was invaluable and helped gain some confidence. Passed the cbt and intend to progress to the DAS. I'll def be going back to Harley's for this even though it's a bit out of my way. Huge thanks to the Harleys team
Stuart Duffy
Shameless cowboys Shameless cowboys who kept £700 of my money and refused to refund me. We made the mistake of booking £1k of lessons in advance with them. After a few lessons, during an actual lesson I came off the bike and annihilated my left wrist, almost losing the use of my left hand and smashed my right elbow. We indicated to Harley’s that I no longer wished to continue with the lessons as physically and mentally I couldn’t get on a bike again and could they refund the £600-£700 balance that was left from what we had pre-paid. We chased a number of times and eventually after 2 weeks were told no they were keeping the money. Absolutely immoral and disgusting way to treat people. There are other schools that won’t treat you this way I recommend you go elsewhere.
Scott Neil
Great team of instructors who deliver patient and tailored lessons. Really chuffed to get a fist time pass thanks to these guys. The wider team of staff were brilliant to, helping to create a warm and friendly environment to arrive in. Highly recommend.

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