Phoenix Motorcycle Training Crystal Palace

Phoenix Motorcycle Training Crystal Palace, Crystal Palace National Sports Centre, Ledrington Road, London, SE19 2GA

About Phoenix Motorcycle Training Crystal Palace

Phoenix Motorcycle Training Crystal Palace is the first MCIAC gold standard training school in the UK and are a nationally recognised motorcycle training school. This training site offers motorcycle training for total beginners looking to complete Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) all the way through to advanced riders.

The instructors always stride for the upmost professionalism and have been recognised for their high quality training, customer service and the equipment used during training.

The training centre is based at the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre with access to brilliant facilities including an indoor classroom, toilets, on site cafe and even free tea and coffee! The training pad itself is very spacious which is Driving Vehicle Standard Agency (DVSA) approved making this ideal for CBT training for beginners and big enough for Module 1 practical tests for those undergoing their full licence training (DAS).

The training site is open 7 days a week making this extremely accessible no matter what your schedule is. Phoenix Motorcycle Training Crystal Palace can be found with ease thanks to the abundance of public transport links. Crystal Palace & Penge West train stations as well as several bus stops are less than a 10 minute walk from the site which you'll find centrally located within Crystal Palace Park.

Rest assured their fleet of bikes and scooters are well maintained and checked regularly to ensure they can continue to uphold their well known reputation. The local roads around Crystal Palace provide learners with excellent opportunity to learn how to deal with London traffic, without being too distracting.

By train, turn right as you exit the station and follow the path and go through the first set of bollards across the gravel yard through the second set of bollards and cross the road into the park. Follow the sign for the Sports Centre and the Lodge (NOT the Jubilee stand) and you will come to a road, follow the road and turn right into the car park where you will see the entrance to the stadium. Go to the right hand set of gates and follow the signs for Phoenix. If you're travelling to the site by car please allow plenty of time to find a space and luckily there is onsite parking at this location.

The school is a favourite training destination for a variety of riders using this location as they are a reliable school for training and have a demonstrated success record, Phoenix has a modern approach to teaching, excellent facilities and fully trained instructors!


Bike Hire: True

Helmet Hire: True

Gloves and jackets Included: True

On site Cafe: True

On Site cafe: False

Indoor Classroom: True


Phoenix Motorcycle Training Crystal Palace, Crystal Palace National Sports Centre, Ledrington Road, London, SE19 2GA


Donovan Miller
As i said, i would give 100 stars if i could. Every team member i met was amazing and kind and especially helpfull throughout the day. Sam, Karen and Steve… hands down too you all for the amazing training you gave me and i highly respect you and will be greatly looking forward do be doing my A2 very soon. Thank you for the work you have done ❤️🫡
Sayem Rahman
Thanks to all the absolute legends at Crystal Palace who got me from a scared CBT rookie to a confident rider. Amazing instructors who take the time to help you ride like a pro and very much individual focused. So happy to have worked with you all and see you on the road soon.
Raif H.
Had an amazing day doing my CBT with Phoenix and my teacher Wynne. He was absolutely fantastic, really patient and very supportive throughout the whole day. He has a very flexible way of teaching and even if you're a novice like me, you'll be fine in his hands. Amazing experience - thank you very much! I'll be coming back soon for the manual conversion!
Martin Gunter
Came here today (08/08/23) for my mod 2 test and am very pleased to say I passed first time with just 1 rider fault. I can't thank Phoenix motorcycle training for all their help from the office staff booking the lessons/tests to the on site staff. I did my CBT, MOD1 & MOD2 training with Phoenix and highly recommend them if you are thinking about rider training. Thank you all again for all your help and guidance that helped me to pass my test today.
Alina Tereshenko
Fantastic experience, couldn't be happier and more grateful to the guys at Phoenix. Having come from a traumatic start to my biking journey, they totally wiped all trauma off and gave me all the right tools and techniques to pass both my Mod1 and Mod2 first time, having a great time in the process. Amazing, super knowledgeable team, all with different personalities and teaching techniques. I was very fortunate to work with different instructors, which in the end resulted in a perfect blend of advice and approaches. Already sent my boyfriend to do his CBT with them and get his first bike; he had a super fun day and now we ride together :) thank you Phoenix! Look forward to coming back for some advanced training.
Thomas Edwards
I booked onto the fast track 3-day course with two full days of training in module 1 and module 2 then the tests back to back on the third day. MARK was my instructor. Simply put I couldn't recommend him or the school any more highly. His delivery of coaching myself and the other person I was with was exceptional. Not only was he looking for a 'pass' standard but constantly picking out points of our ride we could continue to work and fine tune and improve on. One of the best decisions of my life was to ride a motorcycle and second to that going to the right training school. Phoenix motorcycles at crystal palace are top notch and if you fancy getting any level of training trust them to do right by you. I passed my test and now have a full license and only had ever ridden a 650cc motorcycle on an assessment that lasted 15 minutes and then the two days prior to my test. Do the math. Book the course. Enjoy, ride safe and good luck!
Craig Fairbrass
Just completed my Fast Track course with Wynne at Phoenix and couldn’t be happier! Group of only 2 meaning we had every opportunity to learn, make mistakes and correct those. Wynn was very calm, helpful and educating when going through the course. Would recommend anyone looking to get on two wheels to give phoenix a call!
Hugh Stirling
Excellent service all round - instructors are all great, highly qualified, always supportive and very knowledgeable. Admin service also very efficient and always go the extra mile to help out, especially when re-booking tests short notice(!) Have had training with other providers in the past and nothing comes close to Phoenix! Will be going back for advanced training - which they also provide! Honestly, can't recommend highly enough.
Lewis O
Excellent training. I did the fast-track Big Bike full licence course and sat the Mod 1 + Mod 2 on the same day. I had second thoughts about if I had done the right thing booking this but once I started my training with Steve Hutt and Wynne Pritchard I settled down and my confidence started to build. They gave me plenty of practice and put a lot of emphasis on control with the clutch and rear brake. I passed both first time! They are both great instructors and I highly recommend them. I shall be returning to Phoenix to do Advance Training
M Iu
Whole day training before Module 2 test day with Mark this week. Amazing man! Really patient and considerate. Worked within my capability. Spent the day going over how to ride safe. Rode around all the test centre's routes so nothing was a surprise. Went through the show me tell me questions. Everything was covered and not left to chance. The Phoenix team really is everything a rider can hope for if they want to learn and get their licence sorted (I passed by the way). They got me through CBT, Module 1 and 2. Would recommend them to anyone! Really important.....they also make the training days fun! Thanks again to everyone from Phoenix motorcycle training at Crystal Palace (including the admin team of course)!
Benjamin Hicks
I'd highly recommend Phoenix. My instructor Mark was friendly and professional throughout and extremely supportive. The team on the phone are always really friendly. I have ADHD and when I told Mark this he gave me brilliant additional advice and support. Brilliant stuff, thanks Phoenix.
Will Fox
I have just completed my full motorcycle license training and tests successfully first time. From the initial assessment through to the Mod 2 test every member of the Phoenix team I have come into contact with has been so kind, approachable and encouraging. Particular kudos needs to go to the main trainers I had the pleasure of learning with at Crystal Palace. Sam was there from day one, a genuinely cool guy and insightful rider with gems of advice! Keith, who delivered my Mod 1 training, had such a calm and methodical style, it felt he only had to tell you once to let you understand! Steve gave me a day of Mod 2 training and hammered the final nails of wisdom to bring me to the road test. My final day I was lead out by Mark who instilled the confidence to carry me through the test. Money well spent and I am so grateful to all of you to getting me rolling!
Ben Hodgson
Big love to Stuart, Ken, Peter, Wynne, and the rest of the team. I booked in for my CBT mainly out of lockdown boredom and curiosity, having some friends who ride but never having sat on one myself, and fully caught the bug during the road ride that afternoon. 7 months later I was back for my DAS Mod 1 & 2, both of which I passed first time. Calm, straightforward instruction, with usable feedback, and all really easy to chat to about what you want and need to work on. They’re clearly all passionate bikers who care about giving you the skills and knowledge you need to be a safe rider, pass the test, and get on the road. Office staff were great to deal with too, always a pleasure to chat to on the phone. After the CBT it had been suggested I’d need to do the improver day before my DAS, but when calling up to book later in the year they recommended I took the Big Bike Assessment to assess where my skill level was. £10 to spend 30 minutes doing some Mod 1 basics (slow control, slalom, etc.) on a 650cc that ultimately ended up saving me around £200, as they decided I didn’t need the extra day. Good honest service. Couldn’t have picked a better place to learn, and I expect I’ll be back for some of the advanced training in the future. Thank you!
dani garcia
I have had my cbt training this Saturday, honestly I love the welcoming atmosphere and also I felt that I knew them from long time ago. I would definitely recommend phoenix school with no doubt, and also to Steve that guide my extremely nice trough all the training and made feel secure and safe behind the wheels. Thank you
Bunge Adedeji
I had a fabulous day with an incredibly knowledgeable and humorous instructor called Joe/Jose who put us all at ease. He instilled confidence through his clear communication making instructions easy to follow. Loads of fun, would thoroughly recommend. Having done my CBT repeatedly, this day finally convinced me to plan for further training with a view to getting my licence in full in the next year or so. ALSO, big ups to the back room staff who I spoke to about booking and securing a cancellation. Super friendly and warm on the phone, making Phoenix my training centre of choice…
Can only recommend! Passed Mod 1 and Mod 2 first time. Everybody was super nice, the instructors are really helpful and always calm. They prepare you really well. Great bikes to ride on, all pretty new and in good conditions.
I did my CBT, being in my 50's I was a bit anxious learning the new skill. They put me at ease even allowing me, when we went out the road to go first on quieter roads first then I was up and down hills on the main road with the buses. Loved it. Highly recommend this palace very professional. SANDRA
Kathleen Jablonska
Cannot recommend Phoenix enough! Thank you Steve B for getting my confidence up on the bike bike improver course, it was brilliant and you were very patient, you're a great teacher! Thank you also to Steve H who helped me immensely with my Mod 2, you were very supportive and encouraging, really helped me :) also to Keith B, very gentle and supportive with my Mod 1 manoeuvres, thank you! I have been a nervous and unpredictable student at times and all the support from Phoenix has allowed me to walk away with a Cat A licence, couldn't be happier! A huge thank you to Mark, Helen and Steve, they have always made my awkward military scheduling issues work for bookings and re-takes. Plus I am small so always needed a lowered bike, they always happily assisted me with this. They have all been super supportive and encouraging when booking- especially Steve! You are a sensational asset to the company and I can't thank you enough for your help :) Thank you all, I shall spread the word!
Just passed my mod1/2 with these guys and honestly couldn’t of asked for better. Very informative and gave good clear instructions. Answered all the questions I asked them and cleared everything up for me. At no point did they give up or seem like they didn’t enjoy it as much as the trainee was. Have already recommended you to my cousin who is going for his full test and will continue to do it when others ask. Thank you so much Phoenix for the experience I was hoping for.
Sheetal Tiwari
Amazing instructors - Highly recommend Phoenix Motorcycle Training I had very helpful, polite and knowledgeable instructors. The bikes and facilities were of a good standard to ensure that you are learning in a safe environment. I had lot of fun and feel confident on a moped now. Look forward to do full license training from them in future.
Harvey Jepps
Highly recommend, worth the money. All the team were helpful and I couldn’t have passed my a2 without them. I took three days of training and my mod1 and mod2 with the team at Crystal Palace. Massive thanks to Steve, Wynne and Stuart, all of which were genuinely friendly and professional. Can’t recommend them enough. I’ll be back in two years for my A class license and am looking forward to doing so! Cheers lads
Jamie Sims
I cannot recommend the guts at Phoenix enough. I did my training for both CBT, Mod 1 and Mod 2 with them and the instructors where great. Very thorough instructions / tuition, well paced, great quality bikes to train on and brilliant management at the test center. Would highly recommend them to anyone looking to get on a bike! Cheers chaps!
Darren McCarthy
Great school / training. Really on point and helpful throughout. Listened to me when needed with was good as I got tired at points. Equipment was perfect. Will be using them for my advanced training, already booked. They do the job. Happy to recommend them to anyone
It was a great experience. Great atmosphere, professional instructors with “we know You can do it” attitude. I would like to say big Thank You to Joe for his very engaging and interesting time on a yard, and I would like to say big Thank You to Vince for his patients, nerves of steel and courage when we were out on a public road. Great guys, great place, great experience.
Just made my CBT there. Very friendly and professional atmosphere. Recommend to everyone and for sure I am coming back soon for full driving licence course! Thank you!
Ahmad Akhtar
The trainers are thorough. They have good bikes to train on. It started on time and they spend equal and sufficient time on each candidate. Prices are reasonable as well. Highly recommend them
Sasha Y
I did my DAS training with Phoenix. I didn't have any riding experience and don't even know how to drive a manual transmission car, hence had a lot of hard work ahead of me. Phoenix instructors are very professional and most importantly patient. I managed to finally get my A license, despite struggling with Mod 2 a few times. After all the instruction I feel very confident and safe on the road. Despite not passing Mod 2 a few times the additional training has really benefited me in becoming a better rider. My only comment (and this is a personal preference) is to have the option to have the same instructor throughout the entire training and take you to the exam. On one occasion I had a different instructor for 2 days of training for Mod 2 and a different instructor took me to the exam. Not a real issue but given how nerve-wracking the exam for Mod 2 I personally felt this would have put more more at ease.
Silvia Beirão
After doing my first CBT in New Addington over 2years ago i decided to do it again,this time Crystal Palace ,i Had Stuart as instructor ,what a professional, patient and makes it so clear,so easy to understand ,so happy and can’t wait to do my full licence,recommend Phoenix from admin people to instructors .
Marc Redl
Stuart was an excellent instructor - clear, concise and patient. A little nervous at first, but quickly felt comfortable under his guidance. Would definitely recommend Phoenix Training to anyone looking to do a CBT or further their bike training.
Roxane Suggars
I'm a very happy returning customer to this company. Every experience with the instructor's 3 times now has been excellent. They provide customized communication to you to ensure you understand the principles of all assessments, offer supportive/advice to ensure to give the best chance of passing & all staff including the office staff are extremely polite & helpful. I really couldn't ask for a better service & experience. I felt extremely safe with all instructor's who go above & beyond to help you feel comfortable. This is a genuine review.
Clifford Valentine
Fantastic experience .friendly. money well spent. Would recommend to friends
Mohsin Raza
Really nice staff halpful all star I rocmmend *****💯🌹
Darrin des Vignes
Had a great session with Steve, very patient and encouraging. I felt very comfortable and confident learning on the manual and that's down to his coaching. Definitely recommend for anyone wanting to enter the world of motorised two wheelers and a new sense of freedom on the roads. 😊🏍🛵
Fred Tschepp
Thorough and professional training, every mistake was spotted and good advice and demonstrations given. Highly recommend!
Nickolas Blackburn
I did my CBT, Mod 1 and Mod 2 tests with Phoenix and could not have asked for better service. All of the instructors are welcoming, authentic and cater your training for you. The in-house team on the phone/e-mail are also great. All in all, a great bunch of people who love what they do and are great at it! 10/10 Nick
dezzzziee .
I had a great experience training under Phoenix all the trainers make you feel welcome and open for any questions you chuck at them. All I can say they gave me confidence to pass the first time massive thumbs up.
Shaun Remekie
Training went well. Though we were a bid nervous and made a handful of mistakes. Our instructor Stuart corrected us at every turn and was patient with us. Instructions were clear and precise, Stuart made sure we understood all the techniques being taught and how to apply them. He also gave us sufficient time to build our confidence with each new manoeuvre Overall it was a great session and will potentially continue my Motorcycle journey with the same school. Recommended!!!
Ben Turnbull
Excellent day of tuition at Phoenix Motorcycle Training. Our instructor Roy was great - he delivered a good pace of learning and was clearly very knowledgable and experienced. Road ride went smoothly with a good briefing and very clear communication over the radios during the ride. Highly recommend.
nhgilbert .
Fantastic, experienced and well-informed teaching staff as well as friendly and efficient customer service. Throughout my training it felt like everyone knew who I was and was invested in my success. I really enjoyed the sessions and appreciated the support and encouragement. I can't recommend Phoenix highly enough.
Great training centre with great instructors and staff. I completed both my CBT and full license (Category A - mods 1 and 2) with Phoenix Motorcycle at Crystal Palace. After my CBT I booked a Getting on a Bigger Bike session where the instructor recommended me for the three day fast track course, which I completed and passed first time. The two days leading up to the big test day were great fun and we did a LOT of riding. They were intense days and definitely worth it. The bikes, PPE and facilities are clean and well kept and the instructors and staff very friendly, approachable, accommodating and certainly put you through your paces. I highly recommend Phoenix Motorcycle Training Crystal Palace. I'm looking for the next course I can do with them.
Terry Caulfield
Instructors are brilliant and make you relaxed. Done the fast track course and passed thanks to winnie and phoenix. He knew exactly what we had to do and made us do it over and over again till it was second nature. Thanks again
Dunstan Hawk
I completed some 121 training with Phoenix after I passed my CBT and then went on to do my Mod 1 and 2 training at Crystal Palace. I’ve been really impressed with all of the instructors there. A good mix of friendliness, experience and sternness when required! Now I have my full license, I will likely use Phoenix to do some further training once I’ve purchased my first big bike. I also found the training to be very sociable. Met some great guys and there was a real sense of camaraderie. For those who didn’t make it first time, hope you pass soon!
I felt so relaxed and at ease with the instructors and the training was taught with precision. I would highly recommend booking here for anyone thinking about riding a motorcycle. Great staff great company. Passed with flying colours. Thanks to all the instructors and staff over at phoenix motorcycle. Love the friendly atmosphere. Keep up the great work guys.
Frankie A
I've not been on a geared motor bike for nearly 30 years. The instructors had every confidence that I would not have forgotten and that my instincts would see me through. They were all correct. I would like to thank you all very much. Brilliant experience. Kindest regards Francis
Sergio De Souza
Recommended by a friend to try the big bike taster. Greeted by lovely tutors who were very happy to answer any questions which I had. Just over an hour of riding I felt extremely confident and was recommended to do the 3 day course. Need to get my theory out the way and I'll be back for my test! Lovely helpful staff even at head office. Prior to the booking I had a great chat with one of the guys in the bookings. An experience rider himself reassured me that the bigger bikes are nothing to be worried about and that they're actually easier to ride than the smaller 125CC bikes To my amazement they are actually so much easier to ride!
Ceylan Jay Stone
Amazing service from booking, all the way through to the training and getting my certificate. These guys are awesome. There’s all the kit you need and the instructions are really clear about what you need to prep for beforehand and what you should bring with you. Martin, the trainer, was absolutely fantastic; really patient, explains the process clearly and is able to manage people working at all different levels well. He does all this with great humour and a huge amount of knowledge and expertise. My husband was allowed to sit on the side and Martin even offered him a cup of tea and place to keep warm. I would highly recommend this place.
Joe Eyton Cole
Did my CBT here recently, and had a great experience, in a friendly atmosphere, and received excellent, clear and well-structured tuition. Was taught by Greg and Mike who gave us good tips and a very good road session where we were given some time on the road. Equipment is provided and everything is straight forward, so can’t recommend it highly enough. The practice area is large so it gives you good space to get a feel for how the bikes handle.
Steve Kenney
I would highly recommend the Phoenix team. Everyone from the office through to the trainers are extremely polite, friendly and patient. Any enquires were dealt with promptly and nothing is too much trouble. Big thanks to Stephen for seeing my training through..
Feras Hathaf
These guys are amazing at what they do! Such a helpful, friendly and accommodating school. I had a lot of issues with my previous instructor in which he ended up taking my money and leaving for Spain! Phoenix gave me some free assessment time to see where my riding experience was, even during this assessment I felt a huge difference between my last school and phoenix. The instructors have so much presence and awareness of what the students are doing. They're able to spot your mistakes a mile away (slight exaggeration I don't think they have hawk eyes) and can iron them all out before your tests. I was recommended the 3 day fast track DAS course but I wasn't confident in my ability and paid extra to have a longer training course and with the tests on separate days. Turns out the 3 days would've been enough with their training but I'm happy enough to pay extra for the amazing service I got from all the instructors and the office people. The training days were quite long and tiring, as training should be, but they really drill it into your head and muscles how to be in control of the machine in a safe manner. Passing your test isn't the top priority, your skill and safety is, once you achieve that passing the tests is simple. I hope to continue seeing them during some advanced training in the future and some social rides. I really cannot recommend these guys enough!
Alonso Hernandez
Very happy with the results! Good advice, very professional and funny too. Massive thank you to Steve and the rest of the team. Pay attention to their advices, very useful to improve your riding and obviously to pass the test. Thank you all! Alonso
Caroline Allinson
The grounds are bigger than most center’s at Crystal Palace. Plenty of room for monouvers. I did a 4 day split course and passed mod 1 and mod 2 first time. Peter was my instructor. He was patient and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Phoenix Motorcycle Training to anyone. Some of the bikes have been lowered so if your short like me you will be fine
Joseph Sunderraj
Affordable. Friendly staff. Adequate space for training. Close to train station or bus stop. Car park available
Kirk Alexander
Highly recommended!!! I did my CBT test at the Crystal Palace centre yesterday and couldn't be happier with the whole experience. The instructors on the day Sam and Dan were great! Really friendly, patient and professional. Its been 17 years since ive been on a bike so was a little nervous to start but they both made me feel comfortable and relaxed the whole time and I passed with ease! Thanks again guys! Kirk
Svea Williams
The most patient instructors in the world. Very informative and thorough. I felt confident that I learnt what I needed to.
Lee Cooper
They are a great school. Knowledgeable, experienced, patient, reasonably priced. Highly recommended.
James Wray
After being in contact with a very helpful lady called Helen, I Visited Phoenix Motorcycle Training Centre this morning at 8:00 am sharp to carry out my full license motorcycle assessment with a gentleman called Steve. Well what can I say? Rode a well kept CB650F in a controlled area, Steve was brilliant! very calm, polite and informative. I was so chuffed after my assessment. I cannot wait to book my DAS with the guys. the FREE full motorcycle assessment is a brilliant idea and give you an insight/taste into riding a bigger which leaves you wanting more! Highly recommended motorcycle training centre for all types of licenses from CBT to DAS. Happy riding! :).
Samuel Currie-Smith
I did my CBT through Phoenix and found them to be excellent. Very friendly guys, good equipment and great instructors. Would recommend to anyone and everyone. There was no rushing around and I always felt calm and in control. I would challenge anyone who gives Phoenix a bad review as everyone I met were all genuinely lovely and great teachers. Thank you Phoenix.
Mack Galus
First go and both module 1 and 2 passed today. Thanks to Phoenix I learned how to drive motorbike safely even in a difficult weather condition and I get prepared in professional manner to my test. Been trough the coldness (2C’), tiredness and waking up at 5am, but thesame time I have been through the one of the best 3 days of my life! I meet great people, learned a lot, and passed my practical test in first go! You can’t ask for more on this one! Thank you all for your time and patience! Best wishes! Mack.
TK Ryder
Just completed my progression from an A2 licence to the full category A unrestricted, offered me a nice 2 day package, first day including a brush up training for both mod 1 and 2 and the second morning having both the test back to back, only training who was able to give me these dates in a week and a half in advance. Training was good and informative, straight to the point and no wasting time, instructors are friendly and very helpful, a nice space to practice a mod1 mock test and also good knowledge regarding test routes for the mod2 which I was able to ride through before hand, all in all definitely recommend to anyone, added bonus it was also one of the cheaper quotes than I was offered from other schools
andrew truzzi
I have done my CBT, Module 1 and just completed my Module 2 today all done with Phoenix. These guys are by far the best out there nothing is to much trouble, great coaching from start to finish from Nick with my Mod 1 and Mark with mod 2 I've gone from complete novice to a confident safe rider in no time with their help All the best guys
Rafe Clutton
Great service from start to finish from the guys at Crystal Palace & New Addington. Took me from never having ridden to full licence and I felt totally comfortable all the way through. They build your confidence and make sure you aren't rushed if there's something you're struggling with. Can highly recommend all of the instructors.
Adam Clifton
I have just passed my test via DAS thanks to Phoenix and couldn't have been more impressed with their training. I had been looking to do this for a while and looked into a number of schools and none had convinced me they were worth the investment. Phoenix were in a totally different class from the start: professional, organised and focused on providing fun but thorough training. Their administration team were very helpful and everything was properly organised. The training centre itself is huge, far bigger than any other one saw which means they can set out a full replica of the module 1 test to work on. I was trained by 3 different trainers and all were excellent. The training was demanding and focused on turning out good riders and in the process getting through the test easily, rather than just training for the test. Everyone went the extra mile, even staying late to give extra coaching if people were struggling. I did the majority of the training one to one. The bikes were brand new and all the kit was in excellent condition. I cannot recommend these guys enough and will be back for advanced rider training.
Philipp Ammon
I completed my CBT with Phoenix, and was very pleased with the experience. I think the structure of the course was well laid out and had me going from zero motorcycle experience to riding on the streets with relative confidence. I really appreciated the patient approach they took to teaching us how to ride. Can't recommend these guys enough if you are thinking about going for it.

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