CBT Licence at warwick

Warwick CBT training

Warwick is a great place to learn to ride a motorcycle, to book your CBT training or full motorcycle licence lessons. Just a few miles away from Coventry and Birmingham, it makes a great location to learn how to ride a motorcycle.

During the CBT course you will be taught the basics of how to safely operate and ride a motorcycle or scooter up to 125cc. After completing your motorcycle training CBT (short for Compulsory Basic Training) you will be allowed to ride a motorcycle or scooter up to 125cc on the road, providing that you do not take passengers, display L plates and do not ride on the motorway.

What is a CBT test in Warwick?

The CBT test in Warwick is a 5 part course (not a test) which takes between 6-8 hours. The first 4 elements of the CBT course are conducted in a controlled, safe motorcycle training environment with no outside distractions such as traffic or pedestrians. The 5th element of the motorbike lesson is a minimum of 2 hours of road motorcycle or scooter riding supervised by your motorcycle instructor. You will learn the basics such as balance, motorcycle control, emergency and controlled braking, u turns, manual handling and some basic highway code and theory related to riding a motorbike on the Warwick roads.

Why should I take a CBT test in Warwick?

Although the Warwick CBT is not a test, it is a legal requirement that all riders undertake the Compulsory Basic Training in order to ride a motorcycle in Warwick and the UK. The CBT is the first step to obtaining your motorcycle licence and your passport to motorbike freedom.

At RideTo we have plenty of resources available to help you in your journey to finding the motorcycle licence for you, including our detailed guide to the motorcycle licence. Once you have your CBT you will be able to ride with confidence and be able to enjoy the local Warwick landmarks from a whole new perspective, the Eastgate, Warwick Castle and the city centre looks a lot nicer by motorbike!

How much does a CBT in Warwick cost ?

The course itself costs between £110 and £140, the varying price is contributed to by multiple factors such as rent, local taxes, fuel costs and instructors setting their own prices. We do offer a unique Peace of Mind Policy which costs £29.99, buying this will ensure that if you fail to successfully complete the training, you will be covered for the cost of booking another course in most cases.

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