CBT Licence at luton

Luton CBT Training

CBT Training in Luton can be found off the M1 in Barton-le-Clay and off the A1 in Letchworth Garden City. CBT Training in Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire are two of the best locations in the UK for your CBT Training. With a mixture of quiet country and residential roads with busy town centres, allowing for riders to grasp the hard parts of CBT Training in a comfortable environment with the highest quality instructors with collectively over 40 years experience. CBT Training Luton cover areas such as Hitchin, Dunstable, Stevenage, Bedford, Houghton Regis and Toddington.

RideTo has over 100 locations in the UK, and alternatively to taking your CBT Training in Luton, nearby locations include; Milton Keynes, Hatfield, Watford and North London and North West London locations.

CBT Training Barton-le-Clay offers one of the most beautiful locations to start your riding journey with access to Barton Hills Nature Reserve. Alternatively, CBT Training Letchworth offers a mixture of residential roads to master U-Turns, roundabouts, turns and acceleration control. If you are unsure whether you can take a CBT or what is a CBT or if you are looking for more information then refer to our guide section or CBT Training home page.

What is a CBT Test in Luton?

CBT Test in Luton and the UK consists of typically a 6-8 hour day in which you will complete the 5 parts of the CBT. The first 4 parts of the day will be taken off-road in a safe environment for new riders so that you can pick up the basics skills essential for riding a motorcycle in the UK.

Despite the name you will not undertake any test, the CBT is in fact CBT Training. This means that the instructor is there to make you the best rider possible in the limited time available on the one day. They will ensure that you are safe to ride the roads solo and will not likely cause any danger to yourself or any other road user.

To get started with your CBT Test you can select one of the options above or type in your postcode for the closest training to you and you can then choose the best location for you depending on availability, price, distance and reviews.

Taking Motorcycle Lessons in Luton

To take motorcycle lessons in Luton you need to book CBT Training. Motorcycle lessons are not like car driving lessons where you buy dozens of lessons before a test and theory. The first step on to two wheels is by taking the one day CBT, followed by a motorcycle specific theory test. Once you have completed these you will need to take some motorcycle lessons to get you through the Module 1 and Module 2 exams.

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