CBT training sites near Letchworth

Are you looking for CBT training or Full Motorbike Licence training in Letchworth? For those of you living in Hertfordshire we have Motorcycle training sites in St Albans, Hatfield, Watford and Milton Keynes.

Learning to Ride a Motorbike in Letchworth Garden City

The great news is that it’s easier than you may think to get on 2 wheels in the UK - all you need to do is attend a one day motorcycle lesson where you will be taught how to control a scooter/motorbike and learn how to safely ride on the road. You will need prior knowledge of the Highway Code so you can understand road signs and road rules.

By the end of the motorcycle training, if you’re showing signs that you are confident and safe on the bike, the instructor will give you a certificate to say you have passed your CBT test and you will be able to ride on the roads of the UK.

Buying a motorbike in Letchworth Garden City

Have you got your eyes on a motorbike? Depending on your age and skill level you may or may not be eligible to ride it just yet. To ride any scooter or motorbike you will need to have completed a CBT training course. This needs to be renewed every 2 years to stay valid, or you can upgrade to your Full Motorbike License so that you don’t have to re-do the CBT test again and again. A Full Licence allows you to ride a larger, more powerful motorbike, without L-plates and carry a passenger on the back. There are some restrictions with age on what motorbike you can ride even after doing a full licence training course. We have put together a useful infographic to explain what type of motorbike you can ride. If you are interested to know how much it costs to learn, buy and run a motorbike we have some information about how much it costs to ride a motorbike.

Riding a Motorbike in Letchworth

Letchworth Garden City is situated in the middle of London, Cambridge, Milton Keynes and Chelmsford so it is an awesome location to take day trips from on your scooter or motorbike once you pass your CBT training. Riding a bike is such a good way to get around towns and cities- especially ones with narrows roads or busy rush hours with queuing traffic.

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