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CBT Training Hull

Taking your motorcycle training in Hull is the perfect place to start your journey on to two wheels. Hull CBT Training can be found in the city centre minutes away from the Hull Paragon Rail Station.

What is CBT Training in Hull?

CBT Training or Compulsory Basic Training is the legal requirement for all new riders in the UK. It usually takes between 6-8 hours and at the end of the day, if you have trained safely, the instructor will issue you with a CBT certificate.

The CBT certificate is valid for 2 years and allows riders depending on their age to ride up to a 125cc motorcycle, displaying L plates at all times with no riding on motorways or carrying passengers.

CBT Training in Hull

Ideal Rider Training is an ideally located motorcycle training school to get your CBT licence, situated next to Hull Old Town. Riding the local Hull residential roads to experience residential riding, speed bumps and one-way systems.

In the North of Hull City, you will be able to train between Newland and Stoneferry at MSM Rider Driver Training. CBT training routes take you around Stoneferry, Sutton-on-Hill, Garden Village and Southcoates. With easy access to the training centre via the A1165, Hull CBT training is the best place to start.

What Do I Need to Take my CBT Training in Hull?

To take your CBT Training in Hull you will need the correct licence. The correct licence is one of the following; UK Provisional Licence, UK Full Driving Licence or EU Licence with UK D9 Counterpart. You will also need your National Insurance number. This enables the instructor to carry about vital licence checks required by the DVSA.

Additionally, you will need to wear suitable clothing on the day which includes thick trousers and sturdy footwear such as jeans and boots. Read our guide of what to wear here.

What Is a CBT Test in Hull?

A CBT Test is in fact, compulsory basic training. There is no test during your CBT, it is a single day of training. However, if you are unsafe during your CBT Training in Hull then you will need to take the second day of training to improve your skills the second time around.

The CBT Test or CBT Training in Hull is designed to take you from beginner or novice rider to being competent on two wheels and overall to ride safely. Unlike, your driving test, getting your first road-legal licence can be completed in 5 steps in one day.

The first 4 steps of your CBT Training consist of off-road training where you will go through some basic manoeuvres such as turning, figure of eights and emergency stops. The last part of the day is to complete a two-hour road riding session around the roads of Hull.

Where Is the Best Place to Ride in Hull?

Once you pass your CBT Training, you will be ready to get on the roads as long as you have insurance and a road legal bike. If you are unsure where to go riding then enjoy the roads of Beverley, Brough, Cottingham, Hessle, Hornsea, Hull, North Ferriby and Withernsea.

What Can I Ride On a CBT Licence in Hull?

After you have completed your cbt course then you will want to know which moped or motorcycle you can jump onto and enjoy the roads of Hull. At RideTo, we have put together our top 10 motorcycles you can ride on a CBT licence.

How Can I Ride a 500cc Bike in Hull?

To ride a motorcycle of a larger size than 125cc then you will need to gain an A1 licence, A2 licence or full A licence. The difference in these bike licences depends on your age. If you are 24 years of age you can get a full unrestricted A licence.

Following your CBT Training and gaining your CBT certificate you will need to take a theory test which is £23 through the gov.uk website. This theory test consists of a multiple-choice and hazard perception section.

In summary, the first step to unrestricted road riding is to book your CBT, then to book your theory test and finally to book your full motorcycle test and training. After, these three steps you will have your motorbike licence to enjoy the roads in Hull.

Do I Need Motorcycle Lessons Before Taking a CBT?

There is no prior experience needed to undertake CBT training and therefore you do not need to take motorcycle lessons before your CBT. Motorcycle Lessons for the first step on to two wheels don't exist. There is an option to take a taster session which is an Introduction To Motorcycling Course.

Learning to ride a motorbike is much different to learning to drive a car in Hull and the UK. You have no need to spend large amounts on motorcycle lessons before being able to hit the tarmac of the roads of Hull.

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