CBT Licence at falkirk

Getting your CBT in Falkirk

Falkirk, located between Edinburgh and Glasgow in Scotland is a great place to ride a motorbike or scooter, whether you’re looking to commute into one of the cities or ride around the beautiful Scottish countryside in your free time!
RideTo have two exceptional CBT training schools near Falkirk, in Stirling and Airdrie as well as two other sites around the outskirts of Glasgow.
Cameron Bike Training school in Stirling has an exceptional reputation in the world of motorbikes. Alongside training, they organise ride outs and have an on-site garage, shop and chill-out lounge.
Route 66 in Airdire is a friendly motorcycle school, with a team of instructors who are passionate about teaching others to ride. The CBT training site has a large indoor classroom where you will do parts of your training and an onsite cafe to keep you fueled throughout the day!
The school is located near a variety of road types so you can get a range of riding experience when out on the road in the last part of your training day.

What to wear at your CBT Training

Scotland is notorious for being wet and cold so you want to make sure you are fully prepared for all weather conditions for your day of training and also once you have your CBT certificate.

Both of the CBT training sites near Falkirk currently ask you to bring your own kit with you so make sure you bring everything you need.
This includes sturdy boots that cover your ankles, thick trousers such as jeans (these can’t have any rips in) and a protective jacket. To see examples of what is and what isn’t allowed check our our clothing guide.
Gloves and helmets must be of a certain safety standard. Gloves must display a CE Rated label (read more here) and helmets must be of ECE 22.05 standard to be legal for use on public UK roads, you can find lots of handy tips about buying a helmet in our Beginners Guide to Helmets.

CBT Training Requirements in Falkirk, Scotland

The requirements for CBT training in Scotland is the same as in England.
When you book your training, you will be asked to confirm that you can ride an adult sized bicycle - this will mean you understand how to balance on something with 2 wheels making you safe to ride a scooter/motorbike.
Something else you must confirm when booking is that you also must speak and understand English to a good level.
On the day of your course you must bring your physical UK driving, UK provisional or EU licence with UK counterpart licence number. Also bring your National Insurance number in case of a licence check.
You will need to turn up wearing the correct gear and protective clothing, as mentioned above. If you aren’t wearing the correct items you may be turned away from training.

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