CBT Licence at colchester

Colchester CBT Training

Looking to take a motorcycle CBT course in Colchester? You've come to the right place. Pop your postcode in on our website to find your nearest motorcycle training location in Colchester as well as areas near by including; Chelmsford, Basildon or Southend-On-Sea and get your CBT training course booked so you can soon experience the joy of riding a motorcycle! The CBT course is a one day motorcycle lesson consisting of multiple sections where you will learn how to control a motorcycle or scooter, what maintenance checks are needed on to keep your bike safe and how to safely ride on the roads alongside other vehicles.

If you can show you have excellent knowledge of the Highway Code and can manage to learn to ride a motorbike safely over the course of the motorcycle lesson, your instructor will give you a CBT certificate to confirm you have passed your CBT test. You are then legally allowed to ride on UK roads with L-plates on a 50cc moped if you are 16 or up to a 125cc scooter or motorbike if you are 17 or over.

What license do I need to ride a motorbike?

In order to ride any scooter or motorbike in Colchester you will need to have passed your CBT test which is valid for 2 years. After 2 years you will need to repeat the CBT training course in full, in order to still be legal to ride on UK roads.

If you want to upgrade to a larger, more powerful bike, or be able to take passengers and ride on motorways, you will then need to complete your full Motorcycle licence, either an A, A1, A2 or AM (the course you take is dependent on your age). This is a multi-day course which once completed, is for life. You will never need to resit this motorcycle test once you pass, so we would definitely recommend working your way up to this!

How expensive is the CBT test in Colchester?

A CBT test near Colchester will cost you between £125 and £150 and varies depending on where you choose to complete your motorcycle training. The motorcycle lesson lasts for 6-8 hours and the price includes protective gear to wear on the day including a helmet and motorcycle gloves (unless otherwise stated in your booking confirmation email) and a high visibility vest. You can by all means bring your own motorcycle clothing to your motorcycle training, but they will need to be to BSI, CE or ECE standards.

The price does not include general protective clothing so you will need to come wearing sturdy boots, heavy duty denim trousers and a protective, weatherproof jacket.

For additional advice and information on what licence you will need to bring with you, check out our blog post about what to prepare for your CBT training.

Riding a motorbike in Colchester

Colchester is a bustling town and a hive of cultural activity including museums, galleries, heritage sites and historic buildings such as its famous castle. Once you pass your CBT training you can enjoy free parking in many of the dedicated bays making a motorcycle the cheapest way to get around the city centre! So go get your motorcycle licence now!

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