CBT Licence at christchurch

Christchurch CBT Training

Christchurch is a convenient place to undertake your CBT motorcycle test, the peaceful nature of the area and the relatively calm local and nearby roads will help you to build confidence once you complete the CBT test course. During the motorcycle lessons you will learn how to safely operate a motorcycle or scooter up to 125cc and keep yourself safe while having fun beginning your journey to two wheels.

Christchurch has great local access and easy public transport links, there are local links with Bournemouth and Poole using the A35 and A338 A roads. After training you will have easy access to the sandy beaches in Bournemouth and will be able to take a trip whenever you want!

What do I need to take my Christchurch Motorcycle Training CBT test?

You will need the following:

What happens during my CBT in Christchurch

The CBT training course usually takes between 6-8 hours and is carried out by a qualified instructor, it is a mix of practical and theory learning, ending in a minimum 2 hour road ride.

The course is broken down into 5 “elements”

1. Introduction and eye test - A quick chat about what to expect and an eye test to make sure you can read a number plate from 20.5 metres away.

2. Onsite training - The instructors will show you where all the controls on your motorcycle or scooter are and some brief motorcycle maintenance and safety tips.

3. Onsite riding - Practising basic motorcycle and scooter maneuvers such as slalom, figure of 8, emergency braking and controlled riding

4. On-road training - A quick lesson to make sure you are up to speed with the highway code, how to use roundabouts and make sure you will be safe when you progress to the 5th element:

5. On-road riding - A 2 hour on road ride, with your instructor talking to you through a headset earpiece. You will be taken through various hazards and features such as roundabouts, zebra crossings and traffic lights to make sure you’re driving safely.

What’s next after a CBT in Christchurch?

After your CBT you will be able to ride for up to 2 years on any motorcycle or scooter up to 125cc, if you’d like to progress onto a larger motorcycle you can take one of the following licences.

A1 Licence (age 17+) - this licence which will allow you to ride up to 125cc but allows you to remove your L plates, drive on the motorway and carry passengers.

A2 Licence (age 19+) - we call this a “medium motorcycle” licence and allows you to ride a large selection of small to average size motorcycles with a maximum power of 47bhp

A licence (age 24+) - we call this an “unrestricted motorcycle” licence, this allows you to ride any motorcycle regardless of the engine size.

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