CBT Licence at birkenhead

Birkenhead CBT Training

What is CBT Training in Birkenkead?

CBT Training in Birkenhead consists of typically 6-8 hours of training on one day to be road legal on two wheels. A CBT licence is the first step if you want to ride a scooter, moped or motorcycle in the UK.

The requirements for CBT training course is that you have a UK full driving licence, provisional licence or EU licence (with D9 counterpart number) along with a national insurance number.

Apart from that, being sensible is key, if it is a cold and miserable day then make sure that you wrap up warm, as shivering on two wheels is unsafe and you may be asked to stop training. RideTo recommends for you to wear as the minimum suitable clothing, sturdy trousers such as jeans and boots (without steel caps) to ride safely.

Do I Need to Take A CBT Test?

A CBT Test is in fact Compulsory Basic Training where your instructor will train you throughout the day to ensure that you are safe to ride the roads and are no danger to yourself or others whilst road riding.

Despite, often being referred to as a CBT Test, there is no test for your initial steps on to two wheels. To ride a motorcycle in the UK you will need to book your CBT and enjoy your training.

CBT Training Near Me?

Birkenhead CBT Training can be found near Birkenhead Park and can be easily accessible by rail, road and foot depending on where you are travelling from. Look to travel to Conway Park by rail or use the A552 or A554 for road access.

During your training you will complete 4 of the 5 parts of a CBT off road before taking your skills trained through the day onto the roads for a 2 hour ride around the surrounding areas; Wallasey, Bebington, West Kirby, Leasowe, Brimstage, Bromborough and Frankby.

How Do I Get My Full Licence in Birkenhead?

After completing your CBT Training in Birkenhead, you will be able to take module 1 and module 2 test to get your AM Licence, A1 licence, A2 licence or Full A Licence.

Before you take your full motorcycle training in Liverpool you will need to book your theory test, this can be booked through the gov.uk website and costs £23. With your CBT course complete and a valid theory certificate you can go ahead and book your full licence training.

What Bike Should I Get?

On a CBT licence you will be able to ride up to a 125cc moped, scooter or motorbike as long as you are above the age of 16. If you are 16 then you will be restricted to a 50cc moped until you turn 17.

After you succeed in your CBT Training you will then need to consider which moped, scooter or motorcycle to purchase. If you pass your CBT when you are 16, not to worry you will not need to retake your CBT when you turn 17, you can go out and look at the top motorcycles you can ride on a CBT Licence.

If you aren't sure which bike you want or can get then give us a call or check out our bikes guide section.

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