CBT Licence at bexhill

CBT Training Bexhill

Looking for CBT training and Full Motorcycle Licence training in Bexhill? You have a motorcycle training location right in the heart of the town, so it’s super easy for you to learn how to ride a motorcycle. You will be able to enjoy the freedom of riding after just a one day motorcycle training course! Learn more about what to prepare for a CBT test on our blog.

When taking your CBT training in Bexhill, you will have to turn up on time to your motorcycle lesson and be wearing the correct clothing for a day of motorcycle training (see more info). You will be asked to complete some basic checks such as an eye test (so remember your glasses if you need them!) and you will need to show that you can understand English to a good level. The CBT test will then start off with onsite learning where an instructor will teach you to understand how a scooter and motorbike works and the maintenance checks you need to remember to use regularly once you buy your own.

This is followed by a section of the motorcycle lesson that lets you ride the scooter or motorbike on-site, followed by a 2 hour on-road ride where you will need to show you have an excellent understanding of the Highway Code and ride on roads with other traffic around.

How to learn to ride a motorbike in Bexhill

Whether you are learning to ride for commuting purposes, for pleasure or in order to get a delivery job you will need to start by attending a one day CBT training course in Bexhill. If you pass your CBT test you can then ride a scooter or motorbike, without a passenger, on a scooter or motorbike upto 125cc if you are 17 or older or a 50cc moped if you are 16. Although it is called a test, it is actually just a day of training where you need to be able to show an instructor you are safe to ride on roads and understand the Highway Code.

If you are looking to become more experienced and want to learn to ride a larger motorbike and take a passenger on the back, you will need to take a full motorbike licence test. This is a multiple day course consisting of a number of theory and practical riding tests. Once you pass this motorcycle training course you can ride a motorbike without an L plate, with a passenger, and depending on your age, ride a larger more powerful motorbike - check out this blog post for more information on what motorbike you can ride.

Learning to ride a motorbike in Bexhill

Bexhill is an awesome location to ride a motorbike - riding along the coastal roads to other towns and cities nearby, smelling the salty air and feeling the sea breeze on your face! Nothing beats it! You won’t regret taking motorcycle lessons! Head West along the coast to Brighton or East to Kent!

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