CBT Licence at belfast

CBT Training Belfast

To pass a CBT test in Belfast you must attend a one day motorcycle training course. All you need to have before your course is an understanding of the Highway Code and be able to speak and understand English to a good level. On the day of your CBT training you must also bring with you your valid UK provisional or full drivers licence - for more details about licenses read our blog on what you need to prepare for your CBT test.

If you are renewing your CBT licence (and have therefore previously completed a CBT test within the past 2 years) and already own a motorcycle, you can bring it along to your CBT test given that it is insurance and has a MOT, valid road tax and L plates. Do check the terms and conditions of your insurance as not all insurers cover training. Learn more about CBT renewals on our blog.

What does a CBT test consist of in Northern Ireland?

Your CBT training day in Belfast, Northern Ireland, will be made up of 5 different elements to prepare you for driving safety on UK roads. It is called a ‘test’ but don’t worry, it is actually simply a motorcycle lesson where you will gain all the knowledge you need to get you on 2 wheels!

Your CBT training starts with an introduction to riding and an eye test- this is known as ‘Element A’. Please remember to bring glasses with you if you need them to see details up close or to see signs in the distance clearly.

Element B is next, consisting of onsite motorcycle training where you learn about all of the controls on a motorbike and how to use them properly. This is followed by Element C, which is based on a motorcycle. You will be taught all of the practical skills needed to ride and maneuver a motorbike or scooter.

Then you move onto Element D which is road based. Your instructor will teach you all the best practices for riding on the road safely and how to prevent any accidents from happening. Element E is the last part of your motorcycle lesson where you will drive around Belfast for a minimum of 2 hours with an instructor behind you who will be checking that you can control the bike safely and understand the rules of the road (you can purchase a Highway code through RideTo). If the instructor decides you are a safe rider, they will present you with a certificate to show you have passed your CBT training.

Riding a motorbike in Belfast

Belfast is a great place for riding a motorbike, to beat city traffic and commute easily and cheaply. You will gain plenty of experience navigating through the narrow streets of Belfast - especially in rush hour!

Northern Ireland is a wonderful place to explore during your free time - stunning scenery and often empty roads mean you can explore freely for hours! Or you could always hop on the The Stena Line ferry which will take you straight to Liverpool for a weekend trip or longer holiday - it’s cheaper than taking a car! Definitely a reason to go ahead and book your motorcycle training to get a motorbike licence now!

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