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Where Can I Do a CBT Test in Bath?

Getting your CBT test booked in Bath is easy - RideTo work with an excellent partner school-based only a few miles from the city centre called Phoenix Motorcycle Training.

Based in Walcot Rugby Club at Lansdown Racecourse, Phoenix’s one day CBT test package includes bike, gloves and jacket hire. You will need to bring your own helmet to training but if you intend on riding after passing your CBT you will need to get yourself one anyway so it’s a great way to get prepared early! See below for some more advice on what style of helmet to buy!

Book a CBT Test in Bath

To book a CBT test at Phoenix simply enter your postcode above, select the Bath training school option and then follow the simple booking process by choosing what type of bike to learn on and when you would like to do your CBT test.

Once you have done this a request will be sent to an instructor. Once they confirm you are booked in we will email you all the information you need to know about your CBT test.

We will ask for payment when the training request is sent to the instructor, however, this payment is only held at this point and no money will be taken from your account until the instructor confirms you are booked in.

Buying a Helmet for Your CBT Test

You may choose to wear your own helmet for your CBT test even if they are supplied as part of your course. This way you know it will definitely fit you well, look good and that it’s only be worn by yourself.

RideTo has a handy guide on how to measure your head to make sure you buy a helmet that is the correct size and shape for you, check out all our advice in our beginners guide.

Once you know what size should work for you, you need to decide on the style - either open face, full face or modular.

If you will be mainly riding a scooter/motorbike for longer trips on busier roads and in all weather conditions we would recommend a full-face helmet as this offers the best protection for yourself and from all types of weather conditions.

If you are doing a CBT test in order to get a courier job you might find a modular design works best for you, these are also known as flip-up helmets. You have the protection from the cold, wind and rain with a visor but it can be flipped up when needed.

An open face is really only suitable if you plan to ride only when the weather is good and if you are travelling slowly, short distances around a town or city.

We sell a full range of helmets in all styles and in many different colours and patterns at the RideTo Store.

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