RideSafe Motorcycle Training Bradford

RideSafe Motorcycle Training Bradford, Broadstone Way, Holmewood, , Bradford, BD4 9BU

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RideSafe Motorcycle Training Bradford, Broadstone Way, Holmewood, , Bradford, BD4 9BU


I completed my CBT with Ridesafe over 10 years ago but went back to renew it today as I'm considering getting a scooter again. I wouldn't choose or recommend anywhere else. Big Steve was my instructor and he has the patience of a saint. Learning was enjoyable, fun and designed to build confidence safely.
Richard Foster
I would just like to thank everyone at Ridesafe for their tuition and coaching over the last couple of months. Thanks to Big Steve for making the CBT and Mod 1 a smooth transition. Rick, thank you for the 125cc to 650cc and Mod 1 training and special mention to Cliff for his motorcycle knowledge, guidance, training and patience to get me through the Mod 2 test first time. Highly recommend and professional from start to finish. Thank you Richard.
Nikki Crust
Did my CBT with Steve, Stevie and Pete. First time on a motorbike so all very new despite driving a cars/ van for years - felt like patting head and rubbing belly but on speed! Great tuition by the Steve’s and big Steve was really helpful in offering alternative strategies to remember sequences. I didn’t feel ready for road test so did some more practice in the training area and returned for road test. Nerves and overthinking in these situations are my nemesis however Pete was bloody brilliant on the road. Calm, informative, gently reminding / prompting, strict on MSM and lifesavers. I wasn’t confident but felt encouraged. I was road safe so got my CBT. Went out the next evening and whilst nervous I loved it. The school use humour and a bit of healthy sarcasm to make the day fun and enjoyable. It wasn’t easy for me and I what o particularly like is that they will not give you your certificate if you’re not Road safe. I would highly recommend and want to thank you for your humour and your care 🙏. Nikki
Esa H
Just want to say a big thank you to the guys at Ridesafe. Very professional and polite. They fit me into their busy schedule and helped me get through all my training and tests really quick! Thanks to the team I passed with only 1 minor, which shows the level of training they give! Their prices are better than the next 10 schools that I contacted in the area which is also a bonus 👍🏼
richard north
What a fantastic bunch of guy's at this amazing riding school. Started me off with CBT course, I then did my theory before returning to the school to train for Mod 1&2. I passed all of them, first time thanks to the fantastic training I received. From day one, they made me feel totally relaxed and built on my riding experience to make sure I was ready for the two main tests. I was, obviously, very nervous before each test but the experienced trainers at Ridesafe put me totally at ease with words of encouragement and expert guidance. I would have no hesitation at all in recommending this riding school, especially for nervous riders. Any questions are answered immediately and the training is second to none. Thank you all so much for all your expertise and guidance
jamie parker
Thanks guys! Had a fantastic day yesterday doing my CBT with you. To anybody thinking of doing any training here… I highly recommend it. A very professional, yet also very friendly and down to earth training centre. A great set of people working here. You will be made to feel comfortable and cared for whilst receiving top notch instruction. A++. Thank you.
Kristian Dickinson
Recently had my CBT with Steve, cracking guy with a great sense of humour. Really helps ease your nerves up but balances this with clear instruction and demonstration where needed. 100% recommend Ridesafe to get you on the road safely for which ever path you choose. Will be booking in again soon for training for Mod1/2.
Jonathan Dale
Great place to be if your looking for a bike and cbt test, brilliant instructors, very keen to help you out and very patient, most thanks goes to the man who took me out on the road, he has a way of keeping you focused but also keeping it fun while he talks to you through the earpiece, thanks ridesafe for all your help, even though I'm far north in billingham, I WILL be coming back for my next cbt or big bike test! Good work lads!
Blayn Parkinson
I Just completed my CBT, had a great day. The lads at Ridesafe were excellent, friendly, very knowledgeable and with the patents of a saint. I would recommend them to anyone looking to do their bike training, and I’ll be going back to do my conversion and Mods 1 and 2 in the future.
Gill Fisher
Just want to say a big thanks to staff at Ridesafe, especially Pete who got me through my mod 2 yesterday..his patience and coolness is amazing...thanks guys
Jonnathan Evans
Fantastic guys at Ridesafe, had my cbt today couldn't ask for better tuition. I would highly recommend Many thanks Jon Evans
Rhys Branton
Great day with Pete and Steve completing my cbt. The instructors were clear, concise and offered excellent feedback. Professional and laid back environment.
Stefan Owen
In my honest opinion I wouldn’t recommend going anywhere else but Ridesafe. It was a great environment, laidback and main man Steve is a top bloke. Funny legend of a man. Definitely choose Ridesafe if your looking for bike training
Chris Copley
I've just spent the day here renewing my CBT. A great atmosphere, some extremely knowledgeable folk, great selection of bikes and a nice off-road practice area. Patient with new riders, full of tips for more experienced riders, I definitely got my money's worth. I've put my money where my mouth is and booked my next lesson already. I plan to pass my test here. Highly recommended.
Louis Dawson
The lads at RideSafe were great, they’re a really friendly down to earth team and put everyone at ease with the full process of learning to ride. They gave really clear instructions throughout the day and made sure everyone was comfortable and fully understood each step. I was a bit nervous was a novice rider but the lads really made me feel relaxed and built up my confidence for the full road riding, would highly recommend contacting them if you’re looking for a great team to help you get started.
Natalie Stead
I did my CBT on 1st June, it was the first time I'd rode a bike (always been a pillion) so was a little anxious but Steve and Rick were lovely. They went through everything and gave me encouragement and talked me through anything when I was feeling unsure. If I could give them more then 5 stars I certainly would. What an amazing day and great result as I passed first time but it was definitely down to the guys who were fab, helped me and gave me the confidence I needed. They were recommended to me and I will definitely be recommending them to others. Thanks again guys!!
Thomas Yates
Absolutely brilliant motorcycle school!! I recently completed my CBT on a 125cc geared motorcycle. The training was very thorough, clear and easy to take on board. I felt nervous before I got there but as soon as I arrived I felt at ease as the instructors are a great bunch of people, know their stuff and have a good laugh at the same time. I will be looking to progress to the A1 and A2 parts with this motorcycle school also in the near future because I know I’ll get the best tuition and be given the confidence to pass eventually. Massive thanks to everyone at Ridesafe, I had a great day!
Ashleigh McHale
Steve and Pete at Ride Safe were awesome at getting me through my CBT! I was a little apprehensive as I'd never ridden a bike before but they were exceptionally patient and took the time to ensure I was comfortable with each manoeuvre before moving on. The day was well structured and informative but also packed with great humour and banter throughout. If you're thinking about getting on a bike, get booked in with these guys!
Jyoti Offerings
What can I say!? Really comprehensive training with a group of professional, patient and playful guys that help you feel safe and confident. They all totally know their stuff and are sharing their passion, whilst making sure you are super safe and responsible. When I first walked in, I was panicking as I was the only woman in the space but we had such a giggle and I came out with a big smile and my CBT! GET IT BOOKED!
David Eskriett
After a break of 23 years away from motorcycles. I decided to retake my CBT with ride safe. I was welcomed back to two wheels by the friendly staff. The training was totally professional throughout and the time went quickly. Even though I have had previous experience I found the whole day informative and feel much more confident.
joseph robinson
A big thank you to all the staff at Ridesafe for making my day run smoothly and making it fun. The staff have brilliant humour as well as being safe and professional! I would 100% recommend Ridesafe!! Cheers, Martin.
Sean McManus
Really pleased with the delivery of my CBT. Everyone took their time to help me out with the bits I was struggling with, gave me some great guidance and direction and totally put me at ease throughout the whole day. I had to come back to complete the road ride section on another day as I wasn't riding at a good enough level by the afternoon of day 1, and I was really well accommodated here as well. It was good to feel like I wasn't being rushed through and I definitely really benefitted from taking a bit longer.
Aj New
Brilliant driving school! Good communication had a brilliant day! Thanks
Stacey Gabbitas
Had a conversion lesson with Rick, I'm a nervous rider! He made me feel at ease with his chatty laid back personality. Had a great lesson and will be booking my mod 1&2 with these guys.
Jameala Ahmed
I cannot praise these guys enough! They are fantastic at putting you at ease and allowing you to go at your own pace but equally when they see your potential they will encourage you further... I contacted ridesafe after having a very negative experience at another riding school in Bradford, i had lost confidence and had started to question if motor biking was for me, but right from the start when i made the call to book in they made me feel at ease giving me self belief that i could do it!!! The whole experience was positive for me, these guys have a wealth of experience but equally they don’t take themselves too seriously making you feel relaxed and comfortable. After taking my CBT today I’m happy to say I completed it and received my certificate!!! Thankyou guys for making it possible 😊
Jo Robinson
Friendly,thorough instructors and I would highly recommend them for your motorcycle training A****
it's just US
Excellent place to learn. Fun and friendly. Highly recommend!
stacy Jones
I definitely recommend ride safe as a go to, to get on two wheels. The staff are fantastic. They make you feel comfortable and welcome. I didn't get off to a great start initially, however through there patience, understanding and support I am now a fully fledged 125cc rider, after two days of learning. They have there own unique way of teaching and support you in any which way to learn, using a range of different techniques to keep you safe. They made me feel an equal as a women and very respectfull. Thank you so much guys, I will be recommending you to everyone I know 🙌👌 X
Matt Shimwell
Fantastic. Friendly and professional instructors, helpful advice and guidance, would highly recommend to anyone, whether local or further afield (I travelled from Sheffield due to local availability constraints and am glad I did). Thanks guys.
Mathew Free
Amazing place cool lads.... if you need a CBT or bike test this is the place to go
Robert Demaine
Did my CBT with these guys friendly please put you ate ease an very patient, will be back soon to do the next part . Recommend.
Andy Carney
100 % recommend these guys . I just passed my test after only 3 weeks from start to finish. Highly recommend Pete as an instructor - he offers patience and encouragement while focusing on areas you need to work on, if your good enough he will push you on. Started with the CBT > Conversion > mod 1 > mod 2 within the three week period. Rick advised me of the costs from the outset and he was bob on the money. From starting to passing both Rick and Pete set a fun chilled atmosphere highly recommended, I'll be back for a brew on the Daytona.
Elena Grecu
Really enjoyed my CBT. This is my 3rd one ( previous 2 done at a different school) and the best by far. Totally recommend it. Pete was great. Thank you!
I would absolutely recommend Ride Safe to anybody looking to pass their test. I started with no experience and with the patience and understanding of the team I left feeling more confident than i ever thought possible, also my certificate. Big thanks again to the Ride Safe team.
Aliya R
From having not knowing how to start the bike to being on the roads and obtaining my CBT in a few hours. Experienced, knowledgeable instructors that create a safe relaxed atmosphere for you to build your skill and confidence on the bike. Will be back for my mod 1+2! Thank you for making me feel comfortable, confident and encouraging me throughout!
Alex Banner
Did my CBT with these guys yesterday absolutely fantastic experience. Came in very nervous as this was my first time riding and they built my confidence so quickly. Definetly wanting to take my mod 1&2 with these guys in the future!
Christine Taylor
The training centre is brilliant and the instructors do a fabulous job. They have built my confidence on riding. Enjoyed everything at the training centre. Thanks. Christine.
Phil Grove
Honestly fantastic, cannot praise Rick and the guys enough. Not only knowledgable about the tests, but genuinely care about their students and give tips for life as a motorcyclist. Would recommend to anyone, especially to do the mod 1 and 2 tests. Passed first time with ease thanks to the excellent instruction and evaluation from caring, experienced and passionate trainers. Thanks so much, you’ve really helped me!
Chris Hellawell
Just done my CBT hear and everything was spot on and the instructors where spot on I would highly recommend
Zakary Crawford
Took my second CBT here. They dealt with me quickly and friendly. Would recommend anyone who's looking for motorcycle training to use these. Always down to earth honest guys. Happy with the service provided.
Leah Lawton
Took my cbt on Thursday. Pete was very accommodating and gave me lots of help when I needed it. Was calm and helpful when we went out on the road, and at no time did I feel like I was in danger or I didn’t know what I was doing. Was a great experience and I’ve already recommended to a few of my friends. Had no issue at all and really enjoyed the day! Thank you Pete!!!
Connor Northfield
Recently completed my cbt with Ridesafe. Very enjoyable experience with Pete, nice relaxed environment with very good instructors. Everyone there were friendly and made you feel at ease. Everything is done at your own pace and never rushed. Overall I'm very happy with how it went and will definitely be going back for my full licence
Tracy Worsnop
Thanks to Rick and his team at Ridesafe, I have successfully completed my Mod 1 and passed Mod 2 first time. Really friendly, knowledgeable and supportive team. I will recommend to anyone who wants to learn to ride a bike safely.
Mark Agar
Fantastic guys and helped me pass my test with ease
Robbie Kitchen
I'd highly recommend Ridesafe! Great bunch of instructors with lots of experience. Cheers Rick and team.
David Boynton
First I want to say a massive thank you to Rick and Ridesafe for the outstanding training provided and the calm nature in which they approach everything. I went here for my conversion lesson, MOD1 training and test and then MOD 2 test. The training given was 10/10 and I will be taking my son here to do his CBT when he gets to age in two months time. I would highly recommend Ridesafe as your place to go for bike lessons. These guys are straight down the line in that they are not out to rip you off and will advise you on what is required for you to pass your tests with minimal cost. I can't thank them, Rick especially, for everything they have done for me to get through my DAS and have a full licence. Keep up the great work and don't change the format... It works great and your all so friendly and easy to talk to. I ended up purchasing a Yamaha FZ1-S Fazer, two days after my MOD2 test and am having an awesome time out on the roads.
Philip Sharp
Huge thanks to the guys at ridesafe! Great bunch of guys all round, good laugh and great instructors. Got me through my mod1 and 2 tests nicely. Would highly recommend this school.
Peter Morgan
Best riding school around. Rick is a top bloke and will do everything to get you thru it safely and as quick as possible. Enjoyed every minute on the bike with him. I’ll be recommending people to go see Rick for years to come. Cheers lads!

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