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Top 50cc Motorcycles


Tom Baker · July 27, 2018

If you’re 16 years old, you’ve got your provisional licence and you can’t wait until your seventeenth birthday rolls around so that you can swing your leg over a 125cc, there are still a few pretty decent 50cc (and up to 28mph maximum) motorcycles that you can use to comfortably zoom around town upon.

Here are our pick of the (baby) bunch...

Rieju RS3 50 LC

Rieju RS3 50 LC

It’s Spanish, it’s sporty and it’s pretty damn sexy, so there’s a reason why it starts our list of sweet 50cc motorcycles. Rieju have dominated the smaller displacement racing scene over the past decade or so and all of that sporting heritage has filtered down into this lovely lightweight. A two-stroke, Yamaha/Minarelli motor powers the wheels, whilst suspension is handled by classy Japanese maker Showa.

It’s not cheap, but it’s certainly special - and a definite one for the list of all the budding Marquez’s, Pedrosa’s and Lorenzo’s out there!

Aprilia SX50

Aprilia SX50

There probably isn’t anything better than hooning around town on a Supermoto, and this Aprilia SX50 is probably the best in its class. It’s based upon the same frame and chassis as its older, RS4 sibling, comes with Mazocchi forks and wears its Supermoto looks with pride.

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Mash Dirt Track 50

Mash Dirt Track 50

We’ve written about Mash’s ‘Ducati Scrambler-alike’ on RideTo before, and it’s easy to see why we’re doing it again.

With its Flat Track styling taken almost directly out of the Italian firm’s design book, the Mash DIrt Track 50 comes with sparkly wire wheels, an air-cooled four-stroke engine and even a USB port for your smartphone charging whilst on the go.

Aprilia RS4 50

Aprilia RS4 50

The RS4 50 from Aprilia is exactly what it looks like - a full-sized, 50cc bike that aims to look as close as possible to its full sized RSV4 big brother.

Featuring a six-speed gearbox, Aprilia brag that the two-stoke’d, liquid-cooled engine is ‘a little pest ready to face any challenge’. But it’s not all sporty good-looks and racing pedigree, because under that saddle there’s also a storage area that the firm claim is the largest within its category.

Sports styling and practicality? What more could you want!

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