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BikeShed Show - The Best Custom Motorcycle Show


Jake T · June 21, 2022

The Bike Shed Show

Now if you’ve recently passed your CBT or DAS and you’re new to the world of motorcycles, you may have just opened the door to one of the most exciting, welcoming and just all-round awesome communities you will ever come across. There are just so many fantastic avenues to explore and we’ve recently been loving the return of motorcycle events. As you may have seen from our blog on The Best Motorcycle Events of 2022 there are a whole host of amazing events within the motorcycle world, no matter what you’re into, I guarantee there is something for you.

The Bike Shed Show

So for all of you new riders that may not have experienced the BikeShed yet. Founded in 2011 duo Dutch & Vicky created this venue in Shoreditch as a place to come together and share their passion for two wheels, whether or not they ride a motorcycle.

After a 3 year hiatus,The BikeShed Show itself takes place at the wonderful Tobacco Docks, which if we’re honest, may as well have been built for custom motorcycle shows such as this.

The team proudly boast this show as being the biggest custom motorcycle event in Europe.

One of the first things that hits you as you come through the entrance at the BikeShed Show, is the feeling of being a part of something amazing. The buzz going around made you feel welcome no matter your preference of bike or background.

The Bike Shed Show

Every year there are thousands of entrants but only the very best get chosen to feature at the show. From professionals to amateurs, the level of builds at the show was just incredible. A visit to ‘Shed Row’ to see the entrants from garage builders took you through a weird and wonderful concoction of two-wheeled glories. Such builds that have no good business being created, yet here they stand in their utterly unique stance. I would go into more detail but I don't think you’d believe me if I tried…

As you move around you will have your fair share of eateries, coffee stalls and of course bars. Not to mention a busy stage of live music throughout the entire weekend. There are plenty of brands present too, from manufacturers of the likes of BMW, Indian and Royal Enfield. With lifestyle brands such as Belstaff, Breitling, Malle London, Goldtop and Hedon to name but a few.

You never know who you’re brushing shoulders with at the Bike Shed Show. This year the likes of Jason Mamoa & Tom Hardy were seen mooching around the bikes and trying on some new garms at the variety of stalls available. You will also get a chance to meet the builders themselves so if you’ve been following someone's build from start to finish there's a good chance you can go and introduce yourself and ask any questions you may have.

The custom motorcycle scene is one of the most welcoming and respectful communities you can be a part of. As you navigate around you will hear a constant murmur of admiration and inspiring conversations as the attendees take in the fantastic feats of engineering on show.

We really do encourage you to get down to next year's show as it's such a fantastic experience for new and experienced riders alike. If you can't make the show then the team would love to welcome you to the BikeShed itself for a fantastic meal and wonderful atmosphere.

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