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The 9 Celebrities Redefining the Face of Motorcycling


Matt D · August 04, 2017

Motorcycling is making a ferocious comeback. Whether you're taking yourCBT Training or looking at your full motorcycle licence, you can still look as unique as these guys. Not everyone on our list even has a full licence! But to us just having a CBT licence and making this list shows you're a true inspiration to us beginners.

Becoming an ambassador for a motorcycle company undoubtedly means you are truly the face of the motorcycling industry. You have the most eyes on you and as a result carry a huge amount of responsibility. With motorcycling getting bad press as of late, these guys are ambassadors not just for the company they represent, but for all us motorcyclists in general. Here's our homage to the top celebrities helping to redefine the face of motorcycling.

9. John Abraham:

Yamaha Ambassador

John Abraham

With a reach of 2.02 million twitter followers, Abraham is best know as an actor, model, producer and Yamaha brand ambassador. The Hindi film star has it all, including an absolutely mind boggling bike collection. But Abraham is more than just a collector, he’s a biker through and through. In an interview for GQIndia he said “riding a bike comes to me more naturally than even walking.”

Our personal favourite from his collect is the Yamaha V-Max which he’s styling above. - He even gave one of these away as a gift!

It’s fair to say Abraham has biker in his blood. He’s been an enthusiast from a young age and has become a major influence in the motorcycle scene. He’s often seen posting motorbiking pictures on Twitter, and as he says - “Happiness is when you start the day with a bike ride!!!” For that, John Abraham has earned his way onto this list.

8. Mark Wahlberg:

Indian Motorcycle Company ambassador

Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg has built his career on the fact he's genuine guy who’s got to where he is with hard work and commitment. In a lot of respects, he’s a man of the people, he doesn’t try and make himself seem special and he doesn’t embrace being a celebrity like the Kardashians might. His laid back jeans and t-shirt attitude landed him an ambassador role for Indian Motorcycle Company. Something he admits he’s hugely honoured about.

By his own admission Wahlberg doesn’t get many opportunities to ride. (like a lot of us) He’s plagued by fretters who don’t understand the joy of riding. He's often signed to contract to promise not to ride in his free time when filming.

His solution - Force films to include him motorcycling in scenes. A clever ploy it has to be said. Check him out rocking a custom Flash Gordon motorcycle on the set of Ted 2.

7. Brad Pitt:

Lover of all things motorcycle

Brad Pitt

You know this list is going to be good when Brad Pitt is number 7.. Don’t be fooled, his commitment to motorcycling is incredible and he has the money to splash out on only the best. As far as custom motorcycles go Brad Pitt is the owner of quite simply one of the nicest custom motorbikes you’ll ever see. Brad Pitt’s Ecosse Titanium Series XX is completely unique, and should be seeing as It cost an estimated $300,000 dollars!

Brad Pitt deserves his place on this list purely for the fact that he's just as much of a fanboy as us. He's always seen at conventions admiring he bikes. For such a well-known celebrity, it's great to see him fully endorsing the motorcycle lifestyle!

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6. George Clooney:

Scooter driver and motorcycle enthusiast

George Clooney

George Clooney draws eyes whatever he does. Whether it’s cruising on yachts or riding through the streets of Italy. He's a man famed for his class. It makes sense then, that one of his huge passions is motorcycling. Whether it’s for work or play, Clooney can often be seen swapping out a suit for some leathers. Here he is in the beautiful Lake Como, Italy driving a scooter through the winding streets. His choice of bike and location perfectly matches his image it must be said..

5. Tom Cruise:

The king of Hollywood motorcyclists

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is also another big spender when it comes to motorcycles. Above he can be seen riding a Custom Vyrus 987 C3 4V thought to be worth over $100,000!

As far as motorcycle ambassadors go, no one will make you want a CBT licence more than Tom Cruise. He’s one of the faces of motorcycling. Simply put Cruise has been looking amazing on motorcycles for as long as we can remember. He's not only the face of motorcycling on the streets, but also in films. Blockbuster hits like Mission Impossible have become synonymous with Tom Cruise weaving in and out of traffic on a motorbike. What better ambassador to have than a real-life action man!

4. David Beckham:

The motorcycle adventurer

David Beckham

David Beckham could easily be number 1, but he already has everything else so we have to give this one to someone else. He can often be seen either riding his motorcycle in London or along the streets of LA. Let’s be honest, he could sit on a pink tricycle and make it look cool. Luckily, he doesn’t have to do that because he owns a collection of incredible motorcycles...

He’s also know to take the odd road trip on his motorcycle from time to time. Recently he traveled into the Amazon Rain-forest with three friends rocking a Triumph scrambler. The picture above is him posing with his friends before their journey began. He definitely isn’t a poser though, he got his motorcycle licence and is using it whenever and wherever he gets the chance.

3. Tom Hardy:

CBT licence holder in London

Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy is relatively new to the scene of motorcycling. He can often be seen around the streets of London riding his Mutt motorcycle on a CBT licence. Hardy is testament to the fact that having a CBT licence and taking your training can still be rock and roll. He was recently in the news for chasing a thief on a moped in what turned out to be almost out of a movie. He reportedly chased the thief by running through locals gardens and even a building site before taking him down. This is the face of motorcycling we need..

We’ve ranked him up the list because of his commitment to doing his training. If you book your CBT training in Richmond, you might even see him cruising around with his Ls. He’s also sure to be the future face of motorcycling with his crazy antics. Which motorcycle company in their right mind wouldn’t want Tom Hardy on their bikes?!

2. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson:

Triumph power lover

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

Forbes last year reported Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as the highest paid actor in the world earning roughly $64.5 million in one year.. This is partly because he’s managed to become the face and dominate in everything he does. Seeing as he’s the face of everything else, why not be the face of triumph too?

There’s a motorcycle for every person and personality. “The Rock” has a motorbike which matches his image of unmatched power and strength. He’s as close as you’re likely to get to a real life superhero and his motorcycle is the perfect partner in crime. Here he is above on one of the most powerful motorbikes ever produced. This Triumph Rocket III has the largest production motorcycle engine ever made. Pretty fitting right?

1. Salman Khan:

Suzuki and huge motorcycle ambassador.

Salman Khan

The “Bhai of Bollywood”, the face of Suzuki and the future of motorcycling. If Dwayne Johnson is a superstar, Salman Khan is a Mega star. With almost 25 million followers on twitter, twice that of Dwayne Johnson, Khan is the only person fit to top our list. Khan has been the face of Suzuki in India for many years and now his celebrity status is propelling the image of motorcycling across the globe.

Khan has a stunning collection of motorcycles, including a completely unique blue and white Suzuki GSX-R1000Z - The king of high speed performance motorbikes. Khan perfectly encapsulates why we all ride when Speaking on his Suzuki “I look forward to many long rides on this bike and experiencing the feeling of freedom and joy that biking always brings”.

Whether you need a CBT licence to get around London, or a high-end motorcycle, that feeling is always the same no matter what you ride. Khan’s words strike everything we believe as motorcyclists, and for that reason, he has to top our list.

Everyone has to start somewhere, even if you’re David Beckham or Salman Khan. They all took their CBT and Tom Hardy is still learning. What’s your excuse? Get learning today and you might join this list one day!

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