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Summer Riding - What To Wear When Things Heat Up


Jake T · May 26, 2022

The ever-developing world of motorcycle protective gear offers plenty of options when it comes to summer riding. Don't be tempted to ditch the jacket and ride around in non-protective gear. No matter what your style preferences there are options out there that are light-weight and breathable yet still offering plenty of protection, perfectly suited for when the days heat up.

AGV X70 MONO - £149.99

The AGV x70 Mono is a fantastic open-faced helmet perfect for summer riding. Keep cool and experience all the sensations riding has to offer. Get the full retro look with this classically styled helmet. RST


A great lightweight textile jacket, the RST pilot air provides excellent value for money.

Utilising a lightweight K300 mesh to improve ventilation while maintaining CE protection. The jacket has a removable thermal layer for cooler weather conditions.


Oxford Brisbane Air Gloves - £29.99

A particular favourite of ours here at RideTo, the Oxford Brisbane air gloves offer great protection at a very attractive price. Available in a variety of colour combinations, these are the perfect pair of summer gloves.



Oxford's Approved Denim, allows you to rock that casual look away from the bike whilst being protected on the bike. Whilst denim may not be the lightest material we just love the fact you can hop on and off the bike and be comfortable in these great bike jeans.

Oxford has introduced Armourlite™ in these slim-fit jeans. Armourlite™ is a highly durable denim that maintains a vintage look and softness; jeans you want to wear.



The TCX Dartwood offer a casual look whilst providing top-level protection. TCX introduced their ZPLATE technology in the Dartwood. This advanced shank gives the boot a more natural free feeling flex compared to typical inserts, but crucially will protect your feet from all directions should you run into trouble on the bike.

Another great feature of the Dartwood is their waterproof ‘T-Dry’ lining which will keep moisture at bay should you get caught out in a shower.

These are just a small selection of the products on offer from the RideTo store, you can see the full range of textile and summer gear here.

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