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The Snake Pass | Motorcycle Ride


Jake T · September 27, 2019

Not the longest of routes but one that's definitely worth adding to your bucket list. This twisting and the challenging road takes you from Glossop to the Ladybower Reservoir along the A57.

As you leave Glossop and head into the 50mph zone, you break free of the cover of the trees and burst into the glory of the green countryside. With the steady ascent comes an absolute beauty of a sweeping left-hander with a fairly late apex that opens out as the rolling hills fall away to your right. This section of road is truly brilliant with a natural chicane flowing into an opening right-hander. As you follow on the road continues to twist and weave as you carry on the accent. As you reach the summit you're met with a glorious straight over the top of the dale. Remember it's a 50mph zone!

You then descend into the belly of the dale, take care as you approach a tricky section which will involve some tight twisties whilst under heavy braking on an incline. Time it right and there's no better feeling but do proceed with caution.

As the road levels out there is a small pull-in parking bay on your left with a beautiful waterfall adjacent to it which feeds into the river opposite.

You quickly find yourself enveloped by a forest of fur trees as you head on past Snake Woodlands. Be mindful of pedestrians crossing from the car park to the woodland.

The road continues on and brings you alongside the beautiful Ladybower Reservoir. Take a right over the bridge towards Bamford on the A6187, as you pass the Ladybower damn you will soon see the Yorkshire Bridge Inn, where we highly recommend stopping in for a spot to eat.

If you're in the mood for a walk they head up to Bamford Edge for some of the most stunning views you will see. There are plenty of wonderful places to explore in this area so why not park up and have a mooch around.

Snake Pass Map

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